Check out Still Cuts & The Story Preview for Enmusubi no Youko-chan (Fox Spirit Matchmaker) Ep #18: Koko's Secret

What You Need to Know:

  • The story for episode 18 of Fox Spirit Matchmaker, as well as screenshots for it are ready! Check them out below!
  • Epsiode 18: Koko's Secret
  • After being picked up by the Black Youkai, the Tosan younger brother is coerced by the Black Youkai Boss to join them. He becomes Sashi and he has returned for one very specific reason: to bring ruin to the Tosan family. With him, he has brought the Hokusan Youkai as well as the Nightmare Foxes, and they begin to attack the Tosan Youkai. However, before they get the chance to, Yaya appears and swiftly defeats them all. It is then, that Sashi announces to Yaya, Koko’s secret that not even she herself knew of...

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honeys anime character
Danggggggg this dude is hot. Can we get him to work at the HA hive for a few weeks? It sure would be nice.

honeys anime character
I bet you whatever he has, it's good. That secret is going to be some dirt on Koko for sure.