Chivalry II - Did You Know You Can Still Laugh After Decapitation?

chivalry_2_splash-scaled Chivalry II - Did You Know You Can Still Laugh After Decapitation?

MMO games have always been popular. The early 2000s was the golden era of MMORPGs, and nowadays we have dozens of battle royale shooters. Still, not many of these can top the epicness of a massive melee battle between two groups of medieval soldiers in shiny armor, right? Maybe that's why Chivalry felt so unique when it came out... but it's been almost a decade since then, so it's time for a sequel!

Ready, Set, Gore!

Chivalry II, just like its predecessor, is a multiplayer-only game that puts you in the shoes of a medieval knight. In other warfare games, you control a whole army and must design the best strategy to defeat the enemy; Chivalry II is a bit different since you can only control your character, and the only strategy tends to be to stay alive.

As you can imagine, Chivalry II is all about chaos, but it's also about violence and primal instincts. If you're new to it, you'll notice that learning how to play is a gory experience because, in this game, you don't just die; you get dismembered by someone who will rejoice as you splash liters and liters of blood on his face. Don't worry, though. There's so much humor in Chivalry II that you'll probably laugh about it... or scream at the screen. Who knows?

It's Blue vs Red, but Red Always Wins... We Mean Blood

chivalry_2_splash-scaled Chivalry II - Did You Know You Can Still Laugh After Decapitation?

There's something invigorating about running towards an enemy with a morningstar in your hand, especially if it's covered in blood from your previous victim. But morningstars are not the only weapons available. Chivalry II features almost 30 primary weapons (javelins, mauls, axes, swords, etc.) and several secondary weapons you can throw or use as traps—shields are considered secondary weapons, in case you want to defend yourself. With such variety and 4 available classes (footman, knight, archer and vanguard), each of them with 3 subclasses, there has to be a combination that fits your playstyle and needs.

You can play how you want, but Chivalry II is not an arcade game, and there's a lot of small details to care about. Yes, you can just hide and look for easy targets or maybe kill those who are already hurt, but the more experienced players will be able to annihilate a horde singlehandedly. That's because timing and positioning are key, and knowing how to better use a weapon or how to parry an attack will always be more effective than just mashing buttons and hoping for the best. Whatever the case, be prepared for a bloodbath!

Artificial Intelligence? What's That?

The best thing about Chivalry II is that all 64 players in a skirmish are controlled by humans, so all matches are unique in their own way, it doesn't matter if it's a team deathmatch, an objective-based map, or a free-for-all battle. The only bots you'll find are those you fight in practice mode... who can also butcher you if you let your guard down. Sadly, all this means there's no single-player campaign, which probably disappoints some of you.

After 100+ hours with Chivalry II, we can't but recommend it to all of you looking for a good laugh and a place to channel your inner knight. There's nothing better than a medieval fight between 64 crazy chaps screaming and cutting off each other's limbs!

Final Thoughts

Chivalry II not only is better than the first one in terms of graphics, but it also refines the combat mechanics and expands the number of combatants! If you feel like taking part in this chaotic medieval experience, you can find Chivalry II on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

chivalry_2_splash-scaled Chivalry II - Did You Know You Can Still Laugh After Decapitation?


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