Chobitto Zukan Anime Adaptation Announced!

chobitto zukan
chobitto zukan

Chobitto Zukan

Kids, Surreal, Fantasy

Airing Date:
July 3 2016

Kachidoki Studio
  • It has been announced that Kobito Zukan, a children's picture book, will be getting an anime series.
  • Unlike the original, the character design for the anime has made the characters look quite a bit cuter, but the storyline will be aptly surreal.
  • Not much is known about the anime yet, but we've collected all available information below, and will be updating as soon as new information is revealed!
  • Synopsis

    A spin-out anime of the picture book Kobito Zukan.

    Characters & Voice Actors List

    Kakure Momojiri

    chobitto zukan

    Voice Actor: Sumi Shimamoto

    The protagonist of the story.

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    Theme Songs
    • Opening Song: TBA by TEMPURA KIDZ
    Main Staff
    • Original Creator: Toshitaka Nabata
    • Director: Jun Kanzaki
    • Script: Motoichi Adachi

    For more information: Official Website

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