Chou Shounen Tantei-dan NEO - Winter 2017

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Chou Shounen Tantei-dan NEO

Mystery, Detective

Airing Date:
January 2 2017


Honey’s Highlights

honey-confused Chou Shounen Tantei-dan NEO - Winter 2017
So..... this is not Trickster? Or is this Trickster? Wait isn't this on air at the same time as the 2nd cours of Trickster?!
honey-confused Chou Shounen Tantei-dan NEO - Winter 2017
Well the art is very... unique. It's not like Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. We have something that kinda looks like Space Patrol Luluco and Trickster had a baby.
honey-confused Chou Shounen Tantei-dan NEO - Winter 2017
Hmm.... what about Bungou Stray Dogs? Overall this is a detective anime with a villian that is hard to figure out. Oh and this is a short anime btw!
honey-confused Chou Shounen Tantei-dan NEO - Winter 2017
The art is still a bit... not weird... just very very different. This looks like something that would be on western television almost.

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The year is 2117, this is future Tokyo.

The battle between the Fiend with Twenty Faces and Detective Akechi is ongoing to this day. It has continued for seven generations. Led by the 7th Kobayashi, the Boy Detectives Club spend their days relaxing, with just the right amount of thrilling adventure and action thrown in.

However, there lurks a terrifying plot, created by a certain individual - the Fiend with Twenty Faces. Will the 7th Kobayashi and the 7th Kogorou Akechi be able to stop them..?!

Three Episode Impression

Chou Shounen Tanteidan NEO is supposed to follow some of the greatest detectives in future Tokyo. At least it seems like that is the story. However the first episode featured the worst nightmare ever, talking cockroaches that are strong, so who really knows what direction this show is heading. There is humor nonstop, but it seems to be a very random. It feels a lot like some western cartoons, which shall not be named. The OP is cute and the episodes are short. Thank goodness because we find ourselves ready for the end when it comes. It is not to say that it is bad, but the stupid humor makes make plot a bit more difficult to enjoy. It is not a bad series, but it is in your best interest not to take the series at face value. Oh! It is also littered with Japanese language jokes which are slightly untranslatable since there is underlying cultural aspects that you need to understand to get it. So if you do get them, kudos to you.

Characters & Voice Actors List

The 7th Kobayashi

Voice Actor: Ryouhei Kimura

The leader of the Boy Detectives Club and Detective Akechi’s number one disciple. He’s honest through and through, and really respects Akechi.

The 7th Kogorou Akechi

Voice Actor: Yoshimasa Hosoya

Clear-headed. Calm, yet bold. A demon of knowledge. Tends to be kind of vain and is very prideful. He’s so shrewd that he often makes cool-headed judgements that completely ignore the feelings of others.

The 7th Fiend with Twenty Faces

Voice Actor: Takuya Eguchi

Age unknown. Appearance unknown. Personality unknown. There’s so little known about him that you can’t even introduce him.

Mayumi Hanasaki

Voice Actor: Sumire Uesaka

She may be the one and only girl in the Boy Detectives Club, but she has more physical strength and is a better fighter than any of the boys. She eats a lot, sleeps a lot, and makes harsh comebacks a lot.

Other TitleSuper Boy Detectives Club NEO
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Cookie JamJam Biscuit by Yui Nakachi
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Edogawa Ranpo
  • Director: Kazuhito Oomiya
  • Series Composition: Kazuhito Oomiya
  • Character Design: Yoshitaka Amano

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