iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Gekijou - Spring 2017

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iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Gekijou

Idol, Slice of Life, Comedy

Airing Date:
April 4, 2017

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Honey’s Highlights

bee-jerk iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Gekijou - Spring 2017
Ah okay! So this is a spinoff of the iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls series. I see that the app, games, and albums are doing quite well, and now we get this.
bee-jerk iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Gekijou - Spring 2017
Ah okay so this is just like AKB0048, Love Live! and Kaleido Star? yesssssss
bee-jerk iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Gekijou - Spring 2017
Well, maybe not. This is a spinoff, and the series is going to be a short anime.
bee-jerk iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Gekijou - Spring 2017
This shows life behind the scenes of concerts, shows, and what not. So it will have a story, but it will be more lighthearted. Kinda like that Chou Shounen Tanteidan NEO or Kaijuu Girls.

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“Sorry to keep you waiting, Producer-san ♪”

This anime will cover the “Cinderella Girls Gekijou” from the popular game iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls.

The idols we all know and love are once again causing a commotion?!

So begins this hyper, short anime where you can see the other side of idol life - how they spend their days off, comical shows between idols, and much, much more!

Three Episode Impression

This next anime is available in two versions, TV and the Web series, both of which have differently themed episodes with its counterpart. Cinderella Girls Gekijou is a short series about the lives of idol girls and their day to day lives. This anime is something to be considered if you want to get a quick fix of anime.

It has decent animation graphics, and if you’re into moe and cute girls, then this anime is perfect for you. The chibi depiction of the characters every now and then also adds appeal to this anime. So definitely check this out!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Uzuki Shimamura

Voice Actor: Ayaka Ohashi

Uzuki is a cute idol and a second-year high school student. She is serious and fairly ordinary. When compared to other idols, she does not seem to have much individuality, but she has an extremely rare form of luck in that she always draws average Good Luck in fortune-tellings for the last 17 years. She tries her hardest in everything that she does and she never lets her smile fade. Her nickname is ‘Shimamuu’.

Rin Shibuya

Voice Actor: Ayaka Fukuhara

Rin is a cool idol. She has a relaxed personality and just like her name, Rin, her movements are dignified. She is full of ambition and if she is not satisfied with a situation, then she will continue to give it her all until she is. On the other hand, she is referred to as a shrinking violet by Mio Honda, and Mio and Uzuki Shimamura often tease her over her shyness. Rin was the winner of the third general election for Cinderella girls and her nickname is ‘Shiburin’.

Mio Honda

Voice Actor: Sayuri Hara

Mio is a first-year high school student and is an upbeat girl. She is a member of the passion idols. For the most part, she only refers to other idols by their nicknames so Uzuki Shimamura →Shimamuu, Rin Shibuya→Shiburin, Mika Jougasaki→Mikanee and so on. She is the middle of three children and she believes that she is great at reading the atmosphere. When it comes to performing, she handles breaking the ice as well as pumping everyone up.

Riina Tada

Voice Actor: Ruriko Aoi

Riina is the brightest and most upbeat idol among the cool idols. Of all the various forms of music, she loves rock the most and wants to be a rock idol. However she really does not know the first thing about it and often comes across as a poser. She does own a guitar, but she cannot play it that well. (She has however demonstrated her air guitar abilities.) Riina also does not really have the essential skills to play the guitar either. On the other hand, she is very confident when it comes to her sense of rhythm and pitch. She gets along well with Natsuki Kimura and they playfully refer to each other as ‘Natsukichi’ and ‘Darii’.

Anzu Futaba

Voice Actor: Hitomi Igarashi

Anzu is an idol who appears to be exhausted all the time saying lazy things like ‘it’s fine to lose because I want to go home already’, ‘Is our next vacation today?’, and more. She is extremely lazy, and is a lazybones to the point that even if everyone can see up her skirt, she does not care in the least. Anzu can be serious and positive sometimes and is thankful for the producers. She can strictly learn all of the choreography on her first try and also MC in front of very large crowds not being uneasy in the slightest. Anzu appears to be a cheeky and brash genius when it came to her work, but when it comes to her private life, her creed is “Sleep, Wake up, Sleep!” She often wears T-shirts that say ‘If you work, you lose’, ‘However I refuse!’ etc.


Voice Actor: Sumire Uesaka

Anastasia is half Russian and her nickname is ‘Aanya’. She has a peculiar way of speaking in that she will often start speaking in Russian, catch herself, and correct herself in Japanese. She is often found hanging out with Rinko Kanzaki and Miku Maegawa.

Ranko Kanzaki

Voice Actor: Maaya Uchida

Ranko is a silver-haired girl who is completely obsessed with gothic Lolita fashion. She loves fantasy and has a strong yearning to be fictitious. Thus, she claims to have powers of “the eye” and her way of speaking is incredibly exaggerated and fanciful. For example, she will say ‘savour the darkness!’ when she really should be saying ‘great job everyone!’ Thus, it can be bit difficult to talk to her, but in reality, she only says sensible things and understands how to act appropriately for her age.

Theme Songs
Mobile Game

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Director: Mankyuu
  • Series Composition: Mankyuu
  • Character Design: Tomoko Takatsu
  • Sound Director: Akiko Fujita
  • Music: Nippon Colombia

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