ClassicaLoid - Fall 2016 & Winter 2017

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Classicaloid-DVD-Image-300x426 ClassicaLoid - Fall 2016 & Winter 2017

Classicaloid-DVD-Image-300x426 ClassicaLoid - Fall 2016 & Winter 2017


Comedy, Music

Airing Date:
October 8, 2016

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Honey’s Highlights

Classicaloid-DVD-Image-300x426 ClassicaLoid - Fall 2016 & Winter 2017
What is going on with the characters? Why is Mozart pink and Beethoven looking like a crazy person?
Classicaloid-DVD-Image-300x426 ClassicaLoid - Fall 2016 & Winter 2017
Music and time travel? This looks pretty good! Oh wait…. I am seeing that this has mecha elements too? Maybe this isn’t my thing after all.
Classicaloid-DVD-Image-300x426 ClassicaLoid - Fall 2016 & Winter 2017
The trailer is super confusing. Ugh what am I even looking at? It looks good but the art makes me feel very confused…
Classicaloid-DVD-Image-300x426 ClassicaLoid - Fall 2016 & Winter 2017
Oh wait no, they also do something with mecha!? I am down for this! It’s like Rah-Xephon or Eureka Seven now!

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Kanae and Sousuke live in a suburban city which is being revitalised by music. One day, Beethoven and Mozart appear before their eyes!

These two sketchy characters, who call themselves 'ClassicaLoids', play music - or 'Musik', as they call it - which has a strange power... With stars falling from the sky and giant robots appearing out of nowhere, every day is chaotic!

More ClassicaLoids such as Bach, Chopin, and Schubert begin appearing one after the other. But what is the huge hidden secret behind their power? Are the ClassicaLoids friends or foes to humanity, or maybe something completely different?

This Musik comedy has battles, music, slapstick, heartwarming stories, and maybe even some hints of love...?

Three Episode Impression

With a name like Classicaloid, what can you even assume the anime is about? Well, if you only watch the first few episodes, you won’t be able to tell right away. However, now that we are in the second cours of the season, we are getting a better idea of what Classicaloid is all about. Using the same elements as magical girl anime, Classicaloid uses the power of music in a rather grand way, although what use it has is really beyond us. The use of music as a magical power is similar to Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch and Full Moon wo Sagashite, although Classicaloid takes on a more comedic nature. The animation style is very western looking, which is no surprise since the characters are western in nature. The music is classical, which is yet again, not surprising. The cast of characters are rather odd and goofy. The anime definitely does not take on a serious note at all making Classicaloid a rather casual watch if it sounds like it may strike your fancy.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Tomokazu Sugita

Beethoven is eccentric and arrogant, but a musical genius. He is also stubborn and questions everything. Hidden behind his strong front is a naive side that holds his pure intentions.


Voice Actor: Yuki Kaji

Mozart is also a musical genius, but is free-spirited and childish. He is innocent, and lacks common sense in a way that he doesn’t realize what is happening around him.

Sousuke Kagura

Voice Actor: Nobunaga Shimazaki

Raised in a musical environment, Sousuke seems like an ordinary high school freshman. Even though he aspires to become a famous musician, he doesn’t like to practice, so he cannot go beyond the mediocre level. He easily gets swayed with flattery but leans on the others.

Kanae Otowa

Voice Actor: Mikako Komatsu

Kanae is high school freshman and a landlord of an apartment complex she inherited from her grandmother. While she was raised as a proper lady in a good family, her family became poor and she had to work hard since then. She has a strong and serious mindset and wants to accept the Classicaloids among the other people.


Voice Actor: Kousuke Toriumi

An extremely sensitive and negative person. He’s introverted and scared of strangers, so he’s always alone and surfing the internet in secret. He relies on Liszt a lot and often goes with her when he goes outside.


Voice Actor: Mamiko Noto

A philanthropist who thinks love is everything. In his original time, Liszt was a man but for some reason is now enjoying being a woman. She calls Kanae ‘kitten’ and dotes on her, and is the only one who actually pays rent.


Voice Actor: Tomoaki Maeno

Adores Beethoven as an upperclassman. Beethoven is his life! He’s always earnest, but can be too serious and inflexible, so he comes off as a bit weird. It seems that he hates Mozart for some reason.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Classicaloid by Hotei Tomoyasu and Steve Lipson
  • Ending Song: Jounetsu ni Tsuite Kataru Beki 2, 3, no Shinjitsu ~Denen yori~ by Daisuke Hasegawa
    Ainekuraine Yoru no Music by tofubeat feat. Kana Hoshizaki
    Ai no Ya no Yume by Daisuke Asakura feat. Yoko Ishida
    Lullaby by Franz Schubert
    Koutei no Bigaku by Tomoyasu Kotei feat. Masato Takeuchi
    Yatterannai Kibun by CLASKEY:KLASKY (Kita Yatta & Shiori Satou)
    Honoo no Requiem by tofubeats feat. Nanase Matsuoka
    Fool Love Rhapsody ~Hungarian Rhapsodies~ by Daisuke Hasegawa feat. Chihiro Yonekura
    Rokugen no Monster ~From Kreutzer Sonata~ by Tomoyasu Kotei feat. Kenji Urai
    Yowa no Tsuki ~From Fantaisie-Impromptu~ by EHAMIC feat. Galaco
    Shalala Nayandetemo Kaiketsusen ~From The Nutcracker~ by Merumo Hisaoka, Kaori Horiuchi, Reiko Kubota & The Icchoume Choir
    How to Win! ~From Toccata und Fuge in d-Moll~ by Tsunku♂ feat Yukoh Kusunoki
    Masu by Franz Peter Schubert
    Aah, Endless Dream ~ From A Maiden's Prayer~ by Tsunku♂ feat Miwa Kominato
    Boku wa Sousuke by Sousuke Kagura (Nobunaga Shimazaki)
    4.A.M. Nocturne by EHAMIC
    Mikan Zombie March ~From Marcia Alla Turca~ by tofubeats feat. Amatsuki

Main Staff
  • Director: Youichi Fujita
  • Script: Shuu Matsubara, Kyou Kogure, Tsuyoshi Kida, Miya Asakawa
  • Series Composition: Ichiro Sakaki, Michihiro Tsuchiya
  • Character Design: Seiichi Hashimoto
  • Original Illustrator: Makoto Tsuchibayashi
  • Music: Masashi Hamauzu

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