Clione no Akari - Summer 2017 Anime

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Clione no Akari

Slice of Life

Airing Date:
July 12 2017


Honey’s Highlights

bee-happy1 Clione no Akari - Summer 2017 Anime
So, this is made by studio drop. They are a brand-new studio from the looks of things, but they have worked on parts of Boruto.
bee-happy1 Clione no Akari - Summer 2017 Anime
Ahhhh That explains why this is the debut for most of the seiyuu. Only one of the main three has been in other shows.
bee-happy1 Clione no Akari - Summer 2017 Anime
There is a lot riding on this then. I hope that the anime does well!
bee-happy1 Clione no Akari - Summer 2017 Anime
You know, this almost seems like Dennou Coil. A kid goes missing etc. But of course, no technology. I wonder how it will do as slice of life...

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Minori has always been labeled as a child who is bullied. Takashi and Kyouko wish to see Minori’s smile. So, one afternoon on a rainy day, they call out to her with all of their might. However, not only are they unable to see her true smile, her health deteriorates and she stops coming to school.

Two months have passed and one day, a mysterious letter is delivered to Takashi and Kyouko. With no returnee address and no way to respond, the letter invites them to a summer festival in the next town over…

Three Episode Impression

Clione no Akari is an anime that I just couldn’t help but be put off by. Why? Well, first off, the animation for this anime is horrible. It feels really outdated and the plot is about children. Not chibis, but children. Then the actual plot rolls in and I realized that this anime is about the problem about bullying in schools. Minori is bullied just because she’s ill and it’s really frustrating. What’s even more frustrating are the mediocre attempts Kyouko and Takashi put in to stop the bullying: NONE. Yeah, they stand by and watch as Minori gets bullied and feel bad about it, but they can only stop it in their minds. By this time my blood is boiling and I just want to drop this anime, but for me, I can tell that there is more to be seen in this anime. I feel like an anime about bullying is important to stop bullying in schools so I’m more than willing to continue watching this anime, even if Takashi and Kyouko decide to be friends with Minori (something I don’t support considering how cowardly they both are). I won’t say that Clione is the anime to watch this season, but it’s 9 minutes and it seems to have an important message so why not?

Characters & Voice Actors List

 Minori Amamiya (Minori)

Voice Actor:  Sayuri Matsumura

Minori is a girl who is prone to becoming ill. She is pure and sensitive.
Minori does feel some sort of way towards Takashi and Kyouko.

 Takashi Aoi (Takashi)

Voice Actor:  Shunya Oohira

Takashi is a quiet, gentle young boy. He wants to help Minori but has a hard time taking action.
Takashi is the close childhood friend of Kyouko.

 Kyouko Tsukihashi (Kyouko)

Voice Actor:  Natsuko Hara

Kyouko is a refreshing young girl who is considerate. She is interested in Minori.
Kyouko is the close childhood friend of Kyouko.

 Nanami Yukine (Nanami)

Voice Actor:  Rico Sasaki

Nanami is a young girl with a good upbringing who is delicate and mature. She does have her timid moments too.

 Yuna Nagino (Yuna)

Voice Actor:  Rie Iida

Yuna is one of the Taiyaki sisters.
She has twin pigtails, is a bit childish, and likes to tease others. She is often wearing a sun visor.

 Kaho Ichinose (Kaho)

Voice Actor:  Aina Suzuki

Kaho is one of the Taiyaki sisters.
Kaho is upbeat, lively, and is brimming with curiosity. She has many friends. Her signature look is the starfish hairclip she wears.

 Sayaka Hama (Sayaka)

Voice Actor:  Akari Kageyama

Sayaka is the third of the Taiyaki sisters.
She has a calm personality and is mature. Her trademark is her glasses and her scrunchie.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Clione no Hikari by aki
  • Ending Song: Sora wo Tobu Kaze by aki

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Natural Rain
  • Director: Pro Ishikawa
  • Character Design: Natural Rain
  • Animation Director: Kazuhiko Izu

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