Comet Lucifer New Information

640-362x500 Comet Lucifer New Information

What You Need to Know:

  • As announced a few days ago, more information have been unveiled about Bandai Visual’s new original anime “Comet Lucifer” during the Wonder Festival 2015 Summer convention held in Tokyo this week-end.
  • The official website was actualised as well with many information added including the cast, an introduction to the story, some character designs and the staff working on this new project.
  • The anime will premiere in October, 2015. While waiting for it, here is the first official music video revealed.


Gift, a world covered in glittering blue crystals called gifdium. Sougo Amagi is a boy who lives in the town of Garden Indigo, which has prospered from the mining of these crystals. Sougo, whose hobby is collecting rare crystals, one day becomes involved in a dispute between classmates Kaon, Roman, and Otto. He wanders deep into the ruins of a mine and discovers an underground lake. There, Sougo meets a mysterious girl with blue hair and red eyes. Who is this girl, and what will their meeting bring? The door to an adventure opens with their newly formed bond.
(Source: MyAnimeList)


  • Kobayashi Yuusuke as Amagi Sougo
  • Ohashi Ayaka as Felia
  • Takahashi Rie as Lanchester Kaon
  • Terashima Takuma as Valov Roman
  • Suwa Ayaka as Motou Otto


  • Kikuchi Yasuhito (Director)
  • Nakayama Atsushi (Series Production Director)
  • Nomura Yuuichi (Script, Series Composition)
  • Fhána (Opening Theme Song Performance)
  • Ohashi Ayaka (Ending Theme Song Performance)
  • Takahashi Yuuichi (Character Design, Chief Animation Director)
  • Yanase Takayuki (Mechanical Design)
  • Katou Tatsuya (Music Composer)


640-362x500 Comet Lucifer New Information
Maybe our expectations were too low, it doesn't look so bad!
640-362x500 Comet Lucifer New Information
I told you so! And now the website is even cooler!

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