Comiket to Find a New Home After 2018

tokyo-big-sight-500x333 Comiket to Find a New Home After 2018

What You Need to Know:

  • As Japan's largest exhibition grounds, Tokyo Big Sight will be reserved for use by the Tokyo Olympics, which are coming up in 2020.
  • Even though the Olympic and Paralympic Games will only span roughly a month, preparations will see the venue blocked off from public use from July 2019.
  • All this means that events such as Comiket and the Tokyo Motor Show will likely need to be held elsewhere for at least 2 years.
Why is Tokyo Big Sight off-limits for the Olyimpics? What'll it be used for?

The venue is set to be used as the international press hub for the entire span of the Games, and likely several months before so. The IOC has made this clear, and construction of various studios at the location will begin in July 2019.

What are the current relocation plans?

While this problem is still almost 4 years away, people are understandably concerned about where an event the size of Comiket will be held with Big Sight out of the question. Makuhari Messe, the home of Tokyo Game Show seems like a likely contender, but because it will also be used for Olympic events (such as fencing), it might also be unavailable.
PACIFICO Yokohama might also be in the cards, but if it were used, the event would almost certainly need to be downsized.

Overall, it seems that organizers have yet to arrive at a solid plan for what is sure to be a big problem for Japan's biggest otaku event.

Source: Yahoo News Japan

Reactions Around the Web

I'm guessing the countryside is a no-go?
No matter what happens, anyone who can't adapt well is gonna throw a fit.
Just give up the Olympics, man.

tokyo-big-sight-500x333 Comiket to Find a New Home After 2018
If attendance keeps growing, they might just have to split Comiket between two places, even without the Olympics going on.
tokyo-big-sight-500x333 Comiket to Find a New Home After 2018
I don't really see any other way. Even with Tokyo Big Sight, it's still jam-packed every year!

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