Common Manga Story Themes

Have you noticed that manga can sometimes feel…repetitive? That’s not uncommon if you realize that no matter how weird, unique or crazy a story might be the theme it has will always fall into a specific genre or category. This is because manga always follows a common theme to help keep readers interested if that’s the concept they want to read. What do we mean by this exactly? Let us explain in our Common Manga Story Themes article!

Romance, school and comedy

Probably the easiest way for us to explain what we mean by Common Manga Story Themes is to explain one of the most used concepts and that is school rom coms or romance with school as a factor. These stories usually have a young couple falling in love—or in the process of falling in love—all while dealing with their growing adolescence and various environmental issues. These themes can usually be seen in genres such as romance comedies—rom coms—and or anything romance that isn’t with adults. The reason you will often see more teenager romance stories though is because you need to realize that the majority of manga readers aren’t adults but are teens.

Sci-fi with mechs and or aliens

Gundam, mecha and aliens are another genre you will see in the manga world. Neon Genesis Evangelion, Psycho-Pass and Legend of the Galactic Heroes are some perfect examples of manga that you can see their themes in other works or similar material. Sci-fi always has advanced technology that humanity has created—or discovered—while mech-based manga has giant robots fighting robots and aliens. As probably any mangaka will admit, you can’t go wrong with robots beating down other robots.


Need some fanservice? Yes, yes you do. That’s why you need an ecchi manga! We could name a dozen manga that are ecchi themed and it’s because it’s one of the most overused—but needed—manga themes. But that’s okay with us here at Honey’s Anime. At least we get to see oppai for days in manga form and that’s never a bad thing.

Uniqueness at its peak

There are some lesser used themes in the manga world but even these concepts are found if you look hard enough. 4-Koma is a good example of a unique manga theme that, while it once was rare, it’s seen more than it was a decade ago. New Game!—which is a hilarious 4-Koma—goes for a rather unused perspective of seeing girls create games and dealing with rather silly incidents at work. This might seem like a contradiction to say uniqueness in manga is a common theme, but there are plenty of manga themes that are rather strange and different being used in a multitude of works.

Final Thoughts

We don’t think using common themes for manga stories is a bad thing, folks. On the contrary, it allows us readers to keep finding manga the fit our likes and tastes. Imagine if you had to eat different food every single day of your life. While that would create an adventure on a daily basis, it would also make eating a risk. That same ideal applies to literature where sometimes you want a good romance comedy or need that ecchi story to fill your eyes with joy in more ways than one. Now let us ask you this, reader; what are some of your favorite stories that you see repeated in multiple manga works? Comment below and we’ll answer back with our thoughts as quickly as we can! If you enjoyed this article be sure to keep stuck to our hive for even more great articles curtsey of us here at Honey’s Anime.

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Mobile-Suit-Gundam-The-Origin-Wallpaper-700x493 Common Manga Story Themes

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