Concrete Revolutio 2nd Season - Anime Spring 2016

Concrete Revolutio Season 2 spring 2016
Concrete Revolutio Season 2 spring 2016

Concrete Revolutio 2nd Season


Action, Supernatural, Drama

Airing Date:
April 3, 2016



(This is the second season of Concrete Revolutio)

‘Another Japan’ is where the stage is set for this diverse symposium of superhumans.

Set in the ‘age of the gods,’ the stage is of a Japan set 20 years after a war where exponential growth has occurred.

Imagine what were to happen if all superhumans who have been created across time existed at the same time? Superhumans that all have different birthdays, characteristics, and all are unique. There are titans from outer space, Life-forms from a fantasy world, beings that were designated as spirits from olden times, Cyborgs that were created in scientific environments, forgotten relics of great civilizations long past, etc.

Some have made no effort to hide that they are superhuman and have become quite popular in everyday society, while others fight in the shadows while concealing their identities. There are those who oppose the superhumans as well; organizations that conduct their activities in secret.

The government of Japan though, has taken various steps in order to maintain peace and order. Thus, the ‘Superhuman Population Research Institute’ was established by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare as an auxiliary organization. It’s nickname is the ‘Superhuman Bureau,’ and its job is to discover and preserve the existence of new superhumans while providing care and safety for them. One member of the organization, Jirou Hitoyoshi is the protagonist of this story.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Jirou Hitoyoshi

concrete revolutio 2nd hitoyoshi jirou

Voice Actor: Kaito Ishikawa

Jirou is a young man in his early twenties who is an ordinary human, but is part of the Superhuman Bureau. With a firm belief in good will and justice, he fights to protect the superhumans in society. The details surrounding his birth are unknown as he was an orphan. Dr. Magotake Hitoyoshi raised him as an adopted son. He was born in the 20th year of the Shinka era, and between the 41st and 45th years of Shinka, his moral code of conduct underwent changes. Now in the current era, the secrets of the superhumans are protected by him as he goes about his daily life.

Kikko Hoshino

concrete revolutio 2nd kikko hoshino

Voice Actor: Sumire Uesaka

Kikko is a middle school student in the middle of her teen years. She works was a waitress but in reality, she is actually a sorceress. She displays powers able to defy even the most basic laws of physics as she deals with a difficult situation. She has feelings for Jirou.

Emi Kino

concrete revolutio 2nd emi kino

Voice Actor: Aki Toyosaki

Emi is a core member of the Superhuman Bureau. She is a fully grown adult woman who wanders with a mysterious mood. Emi has the sophisticated ability of tracking enemies, a peculiar amount of knowledge, and she displays mysterious powers. Emi is Jirou’s childhood friend and they have been friends since elementary school. Together, they share a deep bond of fate. Her real form is that of something born between not quite human nor phantasm, but an interracial species from an ancient society. Her dream is that her species and humans can live together in harmony, which she hides behind a somber expression.


concrete revolutio 2nd fuurouta

Voice Actor: Eriko Nakamura

Fuurouta appears innocent at first, but his age is actually unknown. Due to some certain circumstances, he was captured by Jirou and he has joined the Superhuman Bureau. He can transform into a beast as well as float in mid-air. He would be what is referred to as a “ghost.” Before Fuurota joined the Superhuman Bureau, he played with children and used his powers to play light-hearted pranks. He has feelings for Kikko.

Hyouma Yoshimura

concrete revolutio 2nd hyouma yoshimura

Voice Actor: Tokuyoshi Kawashima

Hyouma is a member of the Superhuman Bureau in his late 30’s with a bountiful amount of experience under his belt. He is a senpai to the other younger members of the bureau, and he plays a support role within the Bureau itself. He is a man of few words, and while he is handsome, he has a bit of a nihilistic side to himself. Hyouma can transform into a beast with arms and legs that resemble a leopard, but where he received that power from is unknown. In addition to all of that, he also manipulates time being able to either turn it back, or stop it altogether.

Daishi Akita

concrete revolutio 2nd daishi akita

Voice Actor: Tetsuo Kaneo

Daishi is the head of the ‘Superhuman Population Research Institute’ established by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare as an auxiliary organization nicknamed ‘The Superhuman Bureau.’ He handles the tactics of the group as well as doling out commands. His main focus is the care and protection of the superhumans that are easily misunderstood by society. Daishi’s primary source of information is Jirou’s adoptive parent, Dr. Magotake Hitoyoshi, and Daishi is well versed in the origins of superhumans. His own past though, remains a mystery to even the members of the Superhuman Bureau.

Raito Shiba

concrete revolutio 2nd raito shiba

Voice Actor: Kenichi Suzumura

Raito is a police detective for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Riot Squad. Raito’s unit was created in secret and as such, he works on superhuman cases separate from the Superhuman Bureau. He is Jirou’s default rival. It’s kept under absolute secrecy at the Police office, but he is actually a cyborg. For some reason, he is unable to comprehend Jirou’s thoughts and actions when it comes to protecting superhumans.

Magotake Hitoyoshi

concrete revolutio 2nd hitoyoshi magotake

Voice Actor: Shinichirou Miki

Dr. Magotake Hitoyoshi is the father of the main character Jirou. He is a brilliant scientist with a keen mind. Dr. Magotake is a doctor who is well versed in various fields including Paleontology and Archeology and works for the Superhuman Bureau. Quite the adventurer, Dr. Magotake has been to various historical ruins and studied legends; he has studied various fossils; and he researches superhumans. Before the war, Dr. Magotake already had connections with the Superhuman Bureau. In the year of Shinka 29, he met Jirou at 9 years old and brought him into his family.


concrete revolutio 2nd ullr

Voice Actor: Tooru Ookawa

Ullr is the supporting mascot for Kikko and its existence is completely hidden from everyone else. For the most part, Ullr is hidden underneath Kikko’s clothes and whispers advice.

Promotional Videos / PV

Other Titleコンクリート•レボルティオ〜超人幻想〜
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Wareru Doukoku by ZAQ
  • Ending Song: ALL-WAYS by Yohske Yamamoto feat. Nami Tamaki

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: BONES, Sho Aikawa
  • Director: Seiji Mizushima
  • Script: Seiji Mizushima
  • Character Design: Yoshiyuki Itou
  • Animation Director: Yoshiyuki Itou
  • Sound Director: Masafumi Mima

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