Courage Is All You Need to Change for the Better – Kiniro Japanesque (Golden Japanesque), Vol. 2 [Manga]

Just Who Is She?
  • Mangaka : Miyasaka, Kaho
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Romance, Shoujo
  • Published : February 2021- Ongoing

Maria couldn’t believe it herself. Rintarou invited her to accompany him to his family’s next party. It feels like a dream, but part of her feels hesitant because of her social status. Being the daughter of his family’s servant, she wonders does she even have the right to join such a grand event? Even so, Maria’s feelings for him seem to grow stronger as ever, and there is a romantic rival who reminds her of their class differences.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Ahhh, love. You love to see and read the innocent development between Rintarou and Maria. Maria was excited to experience a fancy party Rintarou’s family had arranged. There comes her romantic rival, who also wants to accompany Rintarou. Feeling discouraged, she begins to doubt her worth whether she should be there with Rintarou. As for the rest, let’s cover that in the later section, shall we?

Why You Should Read Kiniro Japanesque (Golden Japanesque)

1. Equality

Most of us probably know from the previous volume that Maria was seen as an alien to most Japanese people, which creates low self-esteem for the poor girl. That is until she meets Rintarou, who sees beauty in her. It wasn’t just her appearance that attracts him, but also the quiet and straightforward personalities he couldn’t find in any other girls.

Rintarou experienced a lot of difficulties in his position as a son of a wealthy family. He grew tired of it and always wanted to be himself for once. Of course, he couldn’t be like that to anyone that easily, that is why he chose to be with Maria. His existence and actions remind Maria that someone outside of her family like him is willing to be open, accept and treat her with respect and equality.

2. You Love To See It

You know why you are interested in this series, and that would be the innocent romance aspect of it. The concept of this story reminded us of Cinderella, where there will be other people who are willing to impede the romantic progression between these two love birds. Even so, they took these challenges head-on to understand each other further and soon realize their feelings regarding one another.

The suits and dresses Miyasaka Kaho had portrayed in the story gave readers a sense of understanding the traditions, history and culture they carry, including the occasions they used for. Some scenes pulled some strings in our hearts that informed us of the appreciation we should be giving to those who took care of us.

3. Mystery

Maria was half Japanese, half foreigner, which we have no idea where her father comes from. That has been established in the previous volume. When Yuriko, her love rival, prompted her to perform in the middle of Rintarou’s party, she somehow activates her Sharingan or something and sings an English song perfectly. Yes, she wasn’t supposed to know English due to the lack of education so far, but the music itself unlocks some memories about her father, and she is now able to speak fluent English.

Final Thoughts

Kiniro Japanesque (Golden Japanesque) has shed some light on Maria’s background and solidifying the romantic feelings between her and Rintarou. No matter what social status they possess, Rintarou isn’t going to hide his true feelings toward Maria and will always be there to give her a push to gain the confidence she needs to accept who she is. The traditional kimono, suits and accessories Maria and Rintarou wore are beautiful, and you could sense how delicate they are when it comes to arrangements. If you are interested in a historical, innocent romance where social hierarchy exists, you may want to give this series a chance.

Konjiki-Japanesque-Yokohama-Hanakoi-Tan-manga-346x500 Courage Is All You Need to Change for the Better – Kiniro Japanesque (Golden Japanesque), Vol. 2 [Manga]


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