Crimvael vs Gabriel: Who is the Ultimate Earth-Bound Angel?

In terms of supernatural characters, angels aren’t usually the go-tos but there have been a number of anime angels to catch our interest. With a certain image of what an angel should be, it’s no surprise there might be some similarities between characters other than halos and white wings. We’ll rate 2 such angels, Crim and Gabriel, in 5 different areas and each angel will receive a score out of 10 for every question. The one with the highest score wins!

Crimvael (Crim) - Ishuzoku Reviewers (Interspecies Reviewers):

Despite his broken halo and thus powers being greatly weakened, Crimvael manages to hold down a job and assist his scandalous friends in their sexcapades. While still pious, he’s gotten to looking forward to his next naughty night out.

Gabriel - Gabriel DropOut

Gabriel, a once mission-driven favorite of God came to Earth to save people only to give in to Earthly vices. Gab’s only wish is to play video games undisturbed. If it weren’t for her demon friend Vigne, Gabriel would probably never go to school and learn about humanity like she’s supposed to.

Crimvael vs. Gabriel (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

Combat Abilities

Crimvael: While being powerful (assumedly) in Heaven, Crim isn’t able to fight anything with his halo being damaged. He does get points for durability as he has resistance to lightning, fire, cold, and pretty much anything but darkness which he’s especially weak to. Best used as a shield against elemental attacks as he can’t even defend against physical attacks, Crim gets a 2.

Gabriel: Gabriel seems too lazy to be any sort of threat, but as the great Sun Tsu would say “To win 100 battles is not the height of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is.” Gabriel is a master manipulator and can somehow charm or confuse her opponents to the point that they stop fighting her. She threatens to turn Satanichia’s body into blood when her game is threatened but she doesn’t seem exactly prone to violence. We give 6 bonus points for her gaming skills.


Crimvael: If you know anything about Crim, it’s that he’s probably been with more people than any of us have. He may be reluctant to initiate or go out looking for sex but that has more to do with embarrassment than not wanting to bang. As long as his partner is excited and willing, Crim is down for just about anything. Having both parts, there’s also no need to worry about sexual compatibility. He gets an 8.

Gabriel: Don’t even try it, don’t even look at her, she’ll turn you into blood. Score 0.

Ability to Mingle with Earthlings

Crimvael: Crim is kind, understanding, and able to do his job with grace and proficiency. Crim can get along with and treat every species respectfully, so we’ll give him an 8 as he does sometimes overdo it and make them uncomfortable with his politeness.

Gabriel: While it would seem criminal to give Gabriel anything close to Crim with her being such a brusk, selfish angel, hear us out. She knows how to go through human life completely undetected as an angel and without drawing much attention to herself. While she’s not particularly gracious, she can navigate the human world like a pro. She does prefer the company of angels and demons, but we’ll give her a 6 for being able to act so very human, albeit not a great one.

Sticking to Their Angelic Natures

Crimvael: Aside from his hobby of frequenting brothels, Crim is a textbook perfect angel. He helps those in need, he’s not prone to excess, he doesn’t covet. He DID lie about being a male so as not to expose being a hermaphrodite and risk his pervy friends trying something but, can you blame him? His overflowing goodness let you know immediately you are beholding an angel; 9 points.

Gabriel: Aside from part of the first episode, Gabriel is a failure of an angel. She has fallen from God’s grace and cares little for the plans laid out for her. She doesn’t care about helping humanity but she does stay loyal to the friends she’s reluctantly made. Despite mostly sleeping and gaming, we’ll give Gab a 3 for the glimmer of hope we felt in episode 12.

Gaming Abilities

Crimvael: Crim didn’t really get the chance to prove whether or not he’d be good at video games but if his propensity to get flustered at new experiences is any indicator, it seems unlikely he could hold a candle to Gab. Maybe he’d enjoy something simple like Cooking Mama, or a Tamagotchi. He’d like something where it was slower paced and he could make someone/something happy. He gets a 2.

Gabriel: We already know the winner for this one. Gabriel has vast experience with gaming, especially MMOs. She’s passionate about it and has grown more powerful in-game the longer she is on Earth. The only reason she’ll never go pro is cause Vignette would never let her skip school to do so, resulting in an 8.

Final Thoughts

And when it comes down to it, our number one angel is… Crim! With 29 points to Gab’s 23, he is the angel of the people. Crim really gives you a sense of ‘wow I’m in the presence of an angel’ but still has some earthly desires that make him relatable. Gabriel is a pretty good angel in her own right but you’d probably like her more when stuff goes down rather than just enjoying her presence. Let us know in the comments what other angels you’d like to see face-off!

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