Crunchyroll Panel at Anime Expo

crunchroll-anime-expo-2015 Crunchyroll Panel at Anime Expo

Brief History

Since its founding in 2006, Crunchyroll has risen to be the top anime streaming website. Crunchyroll was founded by University of California Berkley students. As of right now, the website is currently available in 180 countries! Aside from anime, Crunchyroll also has manga, music videos, dramas, and so much more. Do you remember when it was first founded when all it showed were anime, dramas, and music videos? I do!
Crunchyroll has evolved a great deal since it was first established. It started off as a streaming site with anime from fansub groups to a streaming website with legitimate licenses for Japanese and English anime available. Oh, how it has changed!

Crunchyroll Presents

You are probably wondering what Crunchyroll had in store for its fans at the Anime Expo this year. The days when watching for free without worries on Crunchyroll are long gone. Crunchyroll had introduced the premium account a few years ago with some added bonuses for paying members. At Anime Expo 2015, Crunchyroll announced its new premium plus membership. At a higher cost than the premium account, members have access to all manga and drama, as well as anime and instant access to the simulcast. If this sounds familiar, it is because it is the new title for what was considered the “all access” membership. A really nice feature of the premium plus membership is that members have a chance every quarter to win a trip to Japan. What otaku does not want that?

What the Premium Plus Membership Includes

As for summer anime, there were 18 continuing titles added to Crunchyroll’s collection including anime like Durara!!x2. You can also get censored and uncensored versions of My Wife is the Student Council President, although that is a feature of the premium plus membership only, so make note! Now, just how much do you want to see the uncensored version? Also, while this is not technically anime related, Crunchyroll will be streaming episodes of great series like the Death Note drama!

Onto the anime that they will be showing this summer! There are many anime to anticipate on Crunchyroll’s simulcast which is available right now for Premium Plus members. The highly anticipated anime Monster Musume will be streaming on Crunchyroll as it airs this summer. Do not forget Teekyu 5, Non Non Biyori Repet, Million Doll, To Love Ru Darkness 2, Gatchaman Crowd Insight, and many more titles.

What will you watch first? Oh, do not forget The Perfect Insider, which will begin airing this fall!

Additional Announcements

Now, what else is new? There are a few new catalog titles including all subbed episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Anohana, and Wagnaria 1. While a majority of Crunchyroll’s announcements were related to anime, there are still other things to look forward to including collaborations, great deals on the net at their store, and thousands of manga titles available for reading.
Now, there was a lot of exciting news this year, but there were a few things that could not be discussed at the panel. There are many surprises in store, which the panel emcees said would keep Crunchyroll as the number 1 anime streaming site. With so many features and titles available legally, what otaku would not love Crunchyroll? There is still so much to look forward to!

crunchroll-anime-expo-2015 Crunchyroll Panel at Anime Expo


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