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Airing Date:
January 8, 2022

Yumeta Company, Graphinica

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Characters & Voice Actors

Haruna Mutsuishi: Yurina Uchiyama

“There’s a sky for everyone to spread their wings.” She aspires to be a voice actress and while attending a voice training school, she is selected to join the unit AiRBLUE. She’s a kind-hearted and serious person who puts others before herself, but she also happens to have a surprisingly stubborn side too.
Maika Takatori: Nene Hieda

“You’re here because you have a dream, right?” A very energetic high school student who dreams of becoming a voice actress so she can voice act in the games that her younger brothers play. She speaks her mind without much consideration for those around her, but she’s actually just an awkward girl who cares about her friends.
Shiho Kano: Kyouka Moriya

“Well, it comes down to talent.” She’s often aloof and can’t express her feelings well, but from time to time she says something strange that throws everyone off. Her parents run a temple. In the past she didn’t like her own voice, but she’s interested in becoming a voice actress who can turn her voice into an advantage.
Honoka Tsukii: Yuna Ogata

“Heroes are always strong and save the weak.” She’s friendly, has a strong sense of responsibility and is a rock to those around her, but sometimes she can be a little inflexible. She likes sports and does training. A hero movie she watched when she was a small child is what made her want to become a voice actress.
Yuuki Tendo: Ayaka Takamura

“Excuse me! When is the next audition?” With her optimistic attitude and endless energy, she’s the perfect mood maker. She likes robot anime and hopes to become a voice actress one day. Her parents own a restaurant in the downtown area of the city. Her father is only allowing her to pursue voice acting until a certain age, so she wants to stand on her own two feet as soon as possible.
Chisa Akagawa: Satsuki Miyahara

“Becoming a voice actress has been my dream ever since I was a kid!” A young girl who, in order to be a voice actress, moved to Tokyo all by herself right after graduating high school. She’s serious-minded and is good at looking after others. On the other hand however, she doesn’t like to appear weak, so she often bottles up all of her feelings.
Airi Eniwa: Mayu Iizuka

“I hope meeting all of you was fate.” She has a negative attitude and lacks self-confidence, but she occasionally says unexpectedly positive things that surprise the other members. She likes fortune-telling and even plans her entire day around the daily horoscopes she reads in the morning?
Yuzuha Kujou: Manatsu Murakami

“I’m shocked! That’s amazing!” A young girl who grew up in Singapore and became interested in becoming a voice actress after watching anime. Having grown up overseas, she values individualism and doesn’t sugarcoat her words, which although it surprises others, isn’t done to be offensive. Since she’s lived so long overseas, sometimes she changes languages mid-sentence.

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Liber Entertainment
  • Director: Shin Katagai
  • Series Composition: Tatsuhiko Urahata
  • Character Design: Motohiro Taniguchi
  • Original Illustrator: Shiso
  • Music: Ryosuke Nakanishi

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