CyberCell: Flux - Evolutionary Strategy Game for Android [Game Review]

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Game Info:

  • System: Android, iOS
  • Publisher: uBeeJoy
  • Developer: uBeeJoy
  • Release Date: Sept 20, 2018

Who it Caters to

CY-1-CyberCell-Flux-capture-244x500 CyberCell: Flux - Evolutionary Strategy Game for Android [Game Review]
Are you growing weary of the same old Android or iOS games that dub themselves as SRPGs? We feel your pain here at Honey’s Anime. Thankfully we might have a solution for you all in the form of a new SRPG created by uBeeJoy! Titled CyberCell: Flux, this SRPG comes with some familiar themes as other games but utilizes its materials in ways quite different than what you might think. Ready to continue reading about this new—and free—SRPG? Continue below to see what you can expect from CyberCell: Flux and why you should download it today!

What to Expect

CY-1-CyberCell-Flux-capture-244x500 CyberCell: Flux - Evolutionary Strategy Game for Android [Game Review]
CyberCell: Flux takes matching colored tiles and the luck/stratagem of card games to a whole new level. Players will engage in various battles that require thinking two steps ahead to not only beat the AI but also fellow human opponents. Similar to most mobile games, you can summon new units to create stronger teams by utilizing in game currency or with extended play! CyberCell: Flux also has several modes to enjoy—such as story mode and challenge mode—to keep players busy for some time to come. Did we also mention that CyberCell: Flux is completely free to play so there’s no risk in even giving it a try? If you love SRPGs but want a different spin to the usual themes seen in almost all of them—and we mean almost all of them—then download CyberCell: Flux!


CY-1-CyberCell-Flux-capture-244x500 CyberCell: Flux - Evolutionary Strategy Game for Android [Game Review]
Imagine a world with two very different realities. In one setting, a land of peace and tranquility reigns supreme with technology and science growing daily to help the people live in joy. Then there is the wasteland, a place where people must struggle to survive and hate the kingdom for its happiness at the expense of their livelihoods. Those from the wasteland have grown tired of their lives and finally form a renegade team hellbent on taking down the kingdom and its so-called princess. However, little do the renegades realize that the princess isn’t so weak and easy of a target…she will fight back and she will protect her home from all who dare to bring harm to it. Welcome to the world of CyberCell: Flux where a battle for the future begins in a school where an invasion happened and the princess’ live changed forever…


CY-1-CyberCell-Flux-capture-244x500 CyberCell: Flux - Evolutionary Strategy Game for Android [Game Review]
Usually we here at Honey’s Anime know what to expect from any game that dubs itself as a SRPG. Place units here, take turns, win or lose and repeat the cycle all over again. It can grow tiresome but with a new game by developers uBeeJoy called CyberCell: Flux, the SRPG might be saved. Does CyberCell: Flux change the expectations we have of SRPGs or does it fall in line with the rest? Let us find out in our review of CyberCell: Flux for the Android!

CyberCell: Flux is a pretty simple game to explain to most. Players enter a technology driven world where war has begun due to two different sides having been given two very different looks on life. Thus, each side has begun to unleash war and you’re aim is to survive by any means necessary. CyberCell: Flux stops being common here though as once you begin the game you understand there’s a bit of uniqueness to this otherwise simple SRPG set up.

Players aim for one thing in battle: to take down the enemy’s health bar on two opposing sides. In order to achieve this, players place colored squares onto a grid-like map and fuse three or more together to summon different units. Units themselves range from several classes such as marksman, assassins and guardians—with variants that can be created through larger fusions but more on that in a minute—all of which serve vital purposes in battle. However, summoning units doesn’t mean they can’t be used in ways against you ironically. CyberCell: Flux has some neat tricks up its sleeves and we’ll dive into that starting now.

When you summon a unit—of which each represents a color—these units can be fused together to create more powerful ones for yourself or equally help an enemy create a super strong ally for themselves. To better explain, imagine you have two yellow units—assassins, in this case—and the enemy summons another yellow unit. If these units all are within a block of each other, they will be fused into the enemy’s unit thus causing you to lose your summoned warrior and be left defenseless or one unit weaker. CyberCell: Flux often makes players really think about placement and when to summon as the wrong move can cause a battle to change in the blink of an eye. This style of gameplay makes every battle in CyberCell: Flux feeling fresh and constantly engaging even when you might be up against only an AI rather than a real player. Though we will say CyberCell: Flux shines when you’re playing against a fellow human as battles tend to last longer and more often are truly intense.

Units themselves in CyberCell: Flux are pretty cool, too. Rather than have hundreds of types of units, CyberCell: Flux focuses on classes of only a handful but each can be upgraded mid battle by fusing cards together or unlocking new variants as you play the game. It’s important to also learn how each unit works to really survive engagements and not find a quick loss due to poor unit choice. Assassins—for example—are reliant on moving through the enemy’s field but equally, are susceptible to being used as summon material or fused to two other enemies of the same color. Marksman can be great for long range damage but are stuck to one position and can be blocked by both guardians—the defensive tanks of the game—or other units. CyberCell: Flux has a bit of a learning curve that isn’t fully realized in the tutorial missions—which is why we recommend playing the story mode before diving too far into the challenge mode—but once you begin to understand, CyberCell: Flux becomes a truly awesome experience.

Graphically and musically, CyberCell: Flux is pretty solid. While battles won’t have tons of characters on screen or sprites often showing—which we think works in the favor of a more focused experience—cutscenes and some visual effects show off some rather slick character designs with a lot of cool anime-like themes. The music though is where CyberCell: Flux really shines. We loved the electronica themed music in CyberCell: Flux and often it paired with battles perfectly. We do wish there was some voice acting but we understand that voice actors don’t come cheap and CyberCell: Flux does the best it can with what it has.

Lastly, let’s return to the different modes of play you’ll find in CyberCell: Flux. There are three modes to enjoy such as story mode, challenge mode and multiplayer. Story mode is self-explanatory, you’ll use predetermined units—so no using your own characters—to engage in fights that progress a rather cool story along. There are currently 5 chapters available to play with more coming as CyberCell: Flux states. Challenge mode is simple enough too with your created team going through various battles that increase in difficulty and occasionally provide handicaps or special rules that make for some rather interesting fights. Then there’s multiplayer where CyberCell: Flux truly rocks as players rank up as they beat other real players and must deal with luck and strategy in perfect unison. Multiplayer mode is where we think CyberCell: Flux will get the most play time, but we’re digging the story mode as well and wondering what will happen to the princess and her motley crew as they try to survive against the renegades.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

CY-1-CyberCell-Flux-capture-244x500 CyberCell: Flux - Evolutionary Strategy Game for Android [Game Review]
CyberCell: Flux truly is an interesting SRPG that tries to break the norms of most strategy games and succeeds in most of its ventures. The gameplay for CyberCell: Flux fuses luck-based card games and tactful color matching games together to create a truly unique experience. Never have we felt a game truly pushed us into taking chance all while really debating if placing a square in one area or a unit in another might lead to our swift victory or a brutal defeat all in one turn. CyberCell: Flux does suffer from some learning curves and the occasional reliance on luck to win a battle but more often than not, CyberCell: Flux works to create a truly awesome title that is worthy of being tried out…especially since it’s free to play. We fully recommend downloading CyberCell: Flux to give it a shot as many SRPG fans might find this title to be a breath of fresh air in many respects.

Honey's Pros:

  • Tactful SRPG elements that make no battle feel too far gone or too easy
  • Simple designs that keep battles from being overly cluttered with character art or other distractions
  • Great music that fits CyberCell: Flux’s themes
  • Multiplayer really tests your skills
  • Free to play

Honey's Cons:

  • Battles can sometimes come down to sheer luck
  • Definitely will take several games to understand all the little complexities in CyberCell: Flux

Honey's Final Verdict:

CY-1-CyberCell-Flux-capture-244x500 CyberCell: Flux - Evolutionary Strategy Game for Android [Game Review]
CyberCell: Flux wasn’t a game we thought we’d enjoy as much as we did, but it quickly grew on us and we’re sure many of you will feel the same way. CyberCell: Flux doesn’t change up everything seen in the SRPG formula but instead tweaks things for the better. We can only hope that CyberCell: Flux continues to grow as uBeeJoy pushes to keep adding on new story chapters and new content for this solid—and free—SRPG title. Are you planning to play CyberCell: Flux or already are? Let us know in the comments below as we always love hearing from you folks out there in the world! For even more game reviews and gaming news, be sure to keep stuck to our lovely hive here at Honey’s Anime!

CY-1-CyberCell-Flux-capture-244x500 CyberCell: Flux - Evolutionary Strategy Game for Android [Game Review]


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