CYTUS α - Nintendo Switch Review

CYTUS_alpha_1-560x315 CYTUS α - Nintendo Switch Review

Rhythm is a dancer, it’s a source of passion. You can play this anywhere!

  • System: Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: PM Studios
  • Developer: Rayark
  • Release Date: May 14, 2019

CYTUS Alpha for Nintendo Switch - Gameplay Trailer

Who it Caters to

CYTUS_alpha_1-560x315 CYTUS α - Nintendo Switch Review
The more we scour the large catalogue of titles on the Switch, the more we realize that this powerful handheld is becoming the go-to console for rhythm games. It makes sense because it can be carried with you just about anywhere, which allows you to enjoy the experience at any time. CYTUS α is the latest rhythm game from the awesome team at Rayark, who have brought us various fantastic titles such as Musynx and Deemo. This company knows what’s up when it comes to providing fans with exciting rhythmic experiences, and CYTUS α is no exception. Anyone who craves a challenge and charming melodies will be thrilled to know that CYTUS α is full of content, with an eclectic selection of music that’s sure to bring electricity to your ears.
CYTUS_alpha_1-560x315 CYTUS α - Nintendo Switch Review

What to Expect

CYTUS_alpha_1-560x315 CYTUS α - Nintendo Switch Review
Unlike most rhythm games that tend to focus less on the visuals and more on the impact that each music track will provide, CYTUS α features a very distinct and attractive futuristic presentation that’s not only appealing but easy on the eyes as well. It’s a very minimalistic approach that allows players to feel immersed in their experience while still being enveloped in a futuristic world. CYTUS α features a total of 400 songs, 200 more than its original counterpart, along with over 400 charts and various additional unreleased songs that are sure to appease any rhythm game junkie. These exclusive songs are from Cytus Ω, so be sure to take advantage of these perks! Difficulty settings are also available so that new players can jump straight in and have fun, while veterans can shift to the harder modes to really spice things up. With so many genres of music to choose from such as jazz, trance, hardcore, and more, CYTUS α is the quintessential rhythm game experience for any fan of the genre


CYTUS_alpha_1-560x315 CYTUS α - Nintendo Switch Review
As mentioned before, CYTUS α features a fresh new presentation for rhythm game fans, providing a visually stimulating experience while still captivating you with its large catalogue of music. Specifically designed for the Switch, players will be mesmerized by all of the unique animations and vibrant colors that fly across the screen as you tap away, trying to aim for that high score. It’s a nice step away from the norm, which is always a great thing because well, change is important as it brings about new opportunities!

Sound, Music

The large library of tracks to choose from, plus the charts that will be of great challenge even to the most experienced players, is enough of a selling point to encourage players to pick up this game. CYTUS α is full of content, which is totally unprecedented for a rhythm game since a lot of the time, songs are quite limited and the options available don’t provide a sustainable amount of excitement for players. CYTUS α provides all of that plus more, and we highly encourage fans to really dive into the game and experience what it has to offer.


CYTUS_alpha_1-560x315 CYTUS α - Nintendo Switch Review
The gameplay can be a bit overwhelming at first for those unfamiliar with the original, but CYTUS α does a decent job of providing you with a tutorial that’s straightforward and understanding. There really isn’t much to absorb as far as specific techniques or mechanics, since the game will challenge you more on the overall execution as you progress further into the harder difficulties. You have the option of playing with the controller or the touch screen of the Switch, both of which provide their own unique experience. With the controller, everything is mapped to specific buttons and will require a little more practice to get used to; in contrast, using the touch screen is a lot more accessible and really easy to jump into, as you’re required to use your fingers as opposed to memorizing button layouts. Both are challenging in their own way, but if we had to recommend a way of playing CYTUS α, we’d definitely suggest using the touch screen for the most immersive experience.

Those who have dabbled with arcade games like Love Live! Arcade! or Maimai will know that your hands are the weapon of choice, and really test your abilities to the highest degree. Learning how to adapt on the fly and mastering hand-eye coordination is something that many rhythm game enthusiasts will understand, but for newcomers to the scene it’s something that will certainly require some practice. Once mastered, the fun factor reaches an entirely new level and the immersion grows even deeper, since you’re now putting your cognitive abilities to the test. Catchy tunes will have you bobbing your head and singing along, while other tracks will charm you with its harmonious energy, and you’ll need to flow along with it to grab the high score.

CYTUS_alpha_1-560x315 CYTUS α - Nintendo Switch Review

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

In the end, CYTUS α is a highly rewarding experience that’s well executed not only on a gameplay level, but on a visual level as well. Those who pick up the game will be immediately enchanted by the wonderful array of music, and for $49.99 you’re receiving an ipod full of content that’s sure to provide an endless amount of replay value. Every chart not only puts your skills to the ultimate test, but it does so with grace and beauty that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Honey's Pros:

  • Over 400 charts to master, which is insane for a rhythm game.
  • 400 songs to jam to both offline and online!
  • Visually breathtaking game.
  • Endless replay value!

Honey's Cons:

  • For newcomers, it may be a bit overwhelming at first.

Honey's Final Verdict:

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We hope you enjoyed our review! And as always, for all things gaming, be sure to keep it locked right here on Honey’s Anime.

CYTUS_alpha_1-560x315 CYTUS α - Nintendo Switch Review


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