D4DJ: First Mix

D4DJ-Fruit-Mix-KV-e1601515408545 D4DJ: First Mix

D4DJ-Fruit-Mix-KV-e1601515408545 D4DJ: First Mix

D4DJ: First Mix


Airing Date:
Fall 2020


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Rinku Aimoto returns to Japan and transfers to Yoba Academy, a school with a popular DJing culture. She is deeply moved by an unforgettable DJ concert she sees at the school, where she quickly becomes acquainted with Maho, Muni, and Rei one after the other. After spending some time together, the four of them eventually decide to form their own DJ unit called Happy Around. Through collaborating with Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden and other DJ units at the school, Rinku and her friends make their way to the big stage! “All together now! Happy Around!”

Characters & Voice Actors

Link Aimoto: Yuka Nishio

Due to her parents’ work, she grew up abroad. She uses high school as an opportunity to return to Japan alone and is now living with her grandmother. She is always optimistic and her cheerfulness knows no bounds. Calling even nature her friend, she can sometimes be seen as an oddball, too. After meeting Maho she becomes interested in DJing.
Maho Akashi: Karin Kagami

A DJ performance she saw in the past left a strong impression on her and is the reason she is so passionate about DJing. Recently she has been trying her hand at making tracks. She is persuaded by Rinku to form a DJ unit. Though she is sometimes bewildered by Rinku’s simple-minded behavior, she continues to improve her skill as a DJ.
Muni Oonaruto: Haruka Mimura

Rinku praised the drawing she did when she was little, and ever since then she has taken drawing seriously. Now she has attracted attention on the Internet as a renowned illustrator. She is friendly with people who acknowledge her, but is guarded towards those who don’t.
Rei Togetsu: Kanon Shizaki

Born into a wealthy family, Rei did all sorts of activities outside of school but piano is where she showed the most promise. She feels oppressed living the life her parents have laid out for her, but she doesn’t have the courage to break away from it. After meeting Rinku unexpectedly, she starts to see small changes within herself.
Kyoko Yamate: Aimi

The extremely popular and charismatic leader of Yoba Academy's DJ unit, Peaky P-key. She comes from a musical family and although she has a natural talent for music, she never stops trying to improve. She finds herself strangely attracted to Happy Around’s cheerful and energetic performances.
Shinobu Inuyose: Miyu Takagi

The DJ and brains of Peaky P-key. She’s a skilled DJ and is also talented at making remixes and tracks. Her hobby is online games, where she has also made a name for herself. She is a very picky eater with a sweet tooth. She is arrogant, but has the most common sense in her unit.
Yuka Sasago Jennifer: Moeka Koizumi

The moodmaker of Peaky P-key. Her hobby is photography and she happens to meet Kyoko while she is searching for the "perfect shot." She decides to join the unit as a VJ. Raised by parents who work as gym trainers, she is very cheerful and kind to everyone.
Esora Shimizu: Reo Kurachi

The self-proclaimed "lovely" member of Peaky P-key. Being an entertainer at heart, she joins the unit to bring joy to everyone; even using her own money to do so. She has a gift for getting people to let their guards down and open up.
Saki Izumo: Risa Tsumugi

A talented girl who excels in both academics and sports. Having a rare condition known as "synesthesia", she can see color in music. She is profoundly struck by a DJ concert she happens to attend and decides that she wants to become a DJ herself. She is a person of few words, but performs outstandingly well on stage.
Ibuki Niijima: Ami Maejima

She loves to move her body and has played many different sports since childhood. In middle school she became hooked on the joy of singing and dancing, and started attending a performing arts school. She is always considerate to those around her and demonstrates leadership in both name and action.
Towa Hanamaki: Hatuki Iwata

Her family belongs to the local youth organization, so she actively attends festivals in her area. A photo once taken of her at a local event was posted on social media and went viral. As a huge idol enthusiast, she still goes to idol concerts and tries to learn from their performances.
Noa Fukushima: Sato Hinata

A girl who develops an interest in theater through her love of literature. After going to a theater workshop and receiving praise there, she decides to pursue performing. She’s a very inquisitive person full of knowledge, who becomes a chatterbox when it comes to things she’s interested in. She’s a sucker for cute things.
Airi Amano: Nana Mizuki
Shano Himegami: Raychell
Ryujin Kobune: Tetsu Furuya

Other TitleD4DJ First Mix
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Guru Guru DJ TURN!" by Happy Around
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Bushiroad
  • Director: Takaaki Kitani
  • Script: Wataru Nakamura
  • Series Composition: Go Zappa
  • Character Design: Yache
  • Animation Director: Kenta Tsuboi
  • Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
  • Music: Ryouhei Sataka

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