DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack Album Review

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DAEMON X MACHINA is a brand-new, fast-paced mech action game from Kenichiro Tsukuda for the Nintendo Switch system. The trial version of “DAEMON X MACHINA Prototype Orders” was downloaded 1 million times worldwide.

Players can take their Arsenal, a fully customizable powered suit, out for an array of missions to defeat the enemy at all costs. You can also choose and equip your Arsenal with a multitude of weapons, obtain more from downed enemy Arsenals, and swap them on the fly to suit your strategy in the face of ever-changing threats that may bring about the end of the world.

When the moon fell, mankind harnessed advanced AI to rebuild the world. However, the same disaster saw the arrival of the Immortals, an evil machine race who turned that AI against its masters. Hope for the future became a bitter battle for survival.

Now, an endless war rages between powerful consortiums and the Immortals to determine the fate of humanity. Join the ranks of the Reclaimers – an elite group of mercenaries – and search for the secret of the Immortals before it’s too late.

About DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack

The album was released on September 25th by U/M/A/A. The limited first edition of the CD comes with a clear sleeve featuring the “X” logo from DAEMON X MACHINA. This massive 45-song original soundtrack includes the tracks “DAEMON X MACHINA”, “Grief”, “Mercenary Life”, and “Bravery”. Samples of these songs were previously available on the official website, but now you can listen to the full versions.

[Product Information]
Release date: September 25, 2019
Title: DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack
Price: ¥3,700 (excluding tax)
Catalog no.: UMA-1123-1125
Specifications: 3 CDs containing 45 songs. Comes with limited first edition bonus: clear sleeve.

DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack
© 2019 U/M/A/A Inc.
© 2019 Marvelous Inc.
(Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo)
ll want this album too.

On the Outside

H1_DaemonXMachina_RGB_3000x3000-500x500 DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack Album Review

The cover was illustrated by Kenichiro Tsukuda. It depicts a mercenary piloting an Arsenal mech in combat and conveys the sense of tension and suspense as clearly as if you were next to the character.

On the Inside

H1_DaemonXMachina_RGB_3000x3000-500x500 DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack Album Review

The booklet includes comments from the BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc. team, Kenichiro Tsukuda, Ken Awata, Ken Karube, and all the composers involved.

DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack Review

H1_DaemonXMachina_RGB_3000x3000-500x500 DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack Album Review

The soundtrack is massive in length but also in the number of composers. 10 music producers from BANDAI NAMCO studios participated in this album, while 22 musicians including vocal arrangements took part in recording the songs.

This album has it all, piano and synths, acoustic and electric strings, wind instruments, programmed and acoustic percussion, samples, female and male vocals, a children's choir, and lyrics in Italian and English. There is a well-rounded variety of genres in this album; we have pure orchestral tracks, proggressive rock, digital rock, symphonic rock and metal, industrial metal, hardcore, deathcore, electro-goth, noisecore and even a couple of chiptune tracks.

Outstanding tracks of CD 1

The first track titled “DAEMON X MACHINA” is the epic introduction to the realm of the game. Here, the orchestra takes the stage and the children’s choir makes their first appearance. The track titled “Ice Cream” is a chiptune song, so expect it to be playful, happy and giggly. “Battle Dance”, which is the perfect song to keep you moving deeper into the fight, is a fast-paced industrial goth song. “Destiny” is a symphonic hard rock track with English lyrics from a male vocalist, but there is also a female soprano in the background, which makes the song sound more eerie and haunting. “Arms of Immortal” is the industrial metal song, the perfect sound for a mecha action video game. The vocals are brutal growls, in English as well. The last track, “DAEMON X MACHINA Resolve” is a breath of fresh air. It’s the most calming song of CD 1, but it ends with a repetitive beat which means “to be continued”…

Outstanding tracks of CD 2

The first track is “Open Fire”, a digital hardcore song with a lot of tempo changes, which makes it unique. I wonder if the drums were programmed? If not, that double bass pedal drummer is a beast. The third track “Grief” is mainly hardcore with intelligible English lyrics and very catchy guitar riffs. If you have a song called “Terrors” you can predict it is going to be a massive noisecore track. This song catches the technology and dark landscapes of the videogame. “Artist” is a song with a cool rockabilly vibe, but mixed with electronic beats. “Panzer Crown” is an excellent metalcore song with clean voices. Track 11 “Shell(Vocals)” is a symphonic metal song with female vocals in Italian (a bit like early Lacuna Coil). “Metalfacer” is not metal but a great progressive rock track. The guitar solos are all over the place.

Outstanding tracks of CD 3

The opening tracks of the 3 CDs are always the greatest in their composition. Track 1 “Fate” is grand in its sounds and atmosphere, like the song for the climax of the adventure. “The First Day” and its dark ambiance keeps you in suspense. You never know what is coming, the song keeps you floating in the unknown. “Brothers in Arms” is the most beautiful song of CD 3. It has Arabian music vibes, including the sound of traditional Arabian strings instruments (a lute? A qitara?) and female vocals. It’s very dramatic. “Inherit the Stars” sounds like a celebration song. It’s fast, danceable, and it has Spanish guitars, and trumpets, victory trumpets, so definitely this is the song of the party after winning a battle.

This album stands on its own. If you’re not only a gamer but also a music fan, you should definitely get this album. It’s the type of music to listen to on repeat while driving, skating, working out, or just chilling in your living room a sunday afternoon.

H1_DaemonXMachina_RGB_3000x3000-500x500 DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack Album Review


2. Hangar

3. Testing Ground

4. Lab

5. Ice Cream

6. Distant Memory

7. Briefing

8. Overkill

9. Battle Dance

10. Destiny

11. Grand War

12. Mercenary Life

13. Treasure Hunt! Part 2

14. Vow

15. Arms of Immortal


H1_DaemonXMachina_RGB_3000x3000-500x500 DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack Album Review

1. Open Fire

2. From Beyond

3. Grief

4. Terrors

5. Bulletworks

6. Artist

7. West VII

8. Panzer Crown

9. Messing Around

10. Shell (Vocals)

11. Metalfacern

12. Innocence

13. Solomon

14. Bravery

15. Full-on Assault

H1_DaemonXMachina_RGB_3000x3000-500x500 DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack Album Review

1. Fate

2. Move Out

3. The First Day

4. Memories of War

5. Oval Mystery

6. Soldier's Dilemma

7. Burning Sky

8. Hope for Tomorrow

9. Live for Today

10. Brothers in Arms

11. Inherit the Stars

12. Life's Journey

13. Credits

For more details about this soundtrack, visit: http://www.umaa.net/what/daemonxmachina.html

For the digital version on iTunes Store, Apple Music and other major music streaming sites, click here: https://linkco.re/2dyuev98

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H1_DaemonXMachina_RGB_3000x3000-500x500 DAEMON X MACHINA Original Soundtrack Album Review


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