"Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen" Movie Releases November 13th!

Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen

Action, Sci-Fi

Airing Date:
November 13th, 2020


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A vicious battle royale has erupted in Malkuth, the Tenth Region of the Neighboring World.
Quasi-Spirits disappear one after another as they fight down to the last.

Meanwhile, the White Queen is on the move...
This deadly banquet, in which only the strong survive, is about to reach its climax.

With the aid of a collaborator named Hibiki Higoromo, Kurumi traverses the chaotic battlefield. There, she lays eyes on the cat that she first encountered upon arriving in the Neighboring World. Following this cat, she learns of a secret that was never meant to be uncovered...

At the conclusion of the battle royale, the Nightmare (Kurumi) faces off against the Queen...
What lies beyond Kurumi Tokisaki’s battlefield “date”?

Characters & Voice Actors

Kurumi Tokisaki: Asami Sanada

A spirit who wandered into the Neighboring World for unknown reasons. She was known as the “Worst Spirit” in her previous world due to her cold and callous nature. However, there is a definite purpose behind all her actions... Through the mighty angel Zafkiel, she wields a flintlock pistol with 12 bullets that control time. None of the Quasi-Spirits of the Neighboring World are able to match her prowess in battle.
Shiro no Joou: Saori Oonishi

A mysterious girl known as the White Queen. Nothing is known about her, save that she wears a white military dress and has two mismatching eyes. Although her participation in the battle royale is not confirmed, there is no doubt that she is different to the other Quasi-Spirits in the Tenth Region of Malkuth. It seems that she has some connection to Kurumi Tokisaki...
Hibiki Higoromo: Kaede Hondo

A Quasi-Spirit who became Kurumi’s collaborator after she saved her life. She doesn’t seem to have much power, and Panie Ibusuki mockingly refers to her as “small fry.” She has a cheerful disposition and a tendency to play dumb. However, she is motivated to risk her life in the battle royale. She takes on the role of Kurumi’s navigator in the Neighboring World.
Twan: Mariya Ise

A Quasi-Spirit who carries a huge halberd. Her physical abilities are unparalleled among Quasi-Spirits, and she is sometimes called the “Biscuit Smasher” for the way that she crushes her opponents like biscuits. She’s usually quiet, and it’s hard to tell what she’s thinking, but one thing is for sure: she loves to fight.
Panie Ibusuki: Rina Hidaka

A Quasi-Spirit who appears as a young, upper-class girl. However, despite her appearance, she is known and feared as the “Doll Master.” She is able to control over 100 dolls, which she uses like a well-disciplined army. Perhaps due to this unique ability, she is a cunning strategist.
Yui Sagakure: Masami Seto

A Quasi-Spirit that uses ninjutsu. Her main weapons are kunai, and she is also able to perform the utsusemi technique. Stealth, misdirection, surprise... Although powerful in close combat, what makes her truly fearsome is her ability to outwit her opponents and eliminate them from the shadows.
Isami Hijikata: Natsumi Fujiwara

A Quasi-Spirit armed with a Japanese sword as long as she is tall. She always rushes headlong into battle and uses her superior physical abilities to cut down her enemies. She is acknowledged as one of the most powerful warriors in the Tenth Region of Malkuth.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”Precious" by RinamooN
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yuichiro Higaside / Koushi Tachibana
  • Director: Atsushi Nakagawa
  • Script: Yuchiro Higashide
  • Character Design: Naoto Nakamura
  • Animation Director: Junki Nakada
  • Sound Director: Yasunori Ebina
  • Original Illustrator: NOCO
  • Music: Gou Sakabe

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