Reimei no Arcana (Dawn of the Arcana) Vol. 3 Manga Review

There’s More to the Arcana of Time Than Meets the Eye
  • Mangaka : Toma, Rei
  • Publisher : VIZ
  • Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
  • Published : June 2012

Reimei no Arcana (Dawn of the Arcana) Manga Vol. 3 Introduction

Nakaba’s growing affections for Caesar don’t make her question her loyalty to Loki’s ambitions, but her feelings of guilt are unshakable. Caesar is unaware as to why Nakaba seems so distant one second and so concerned the next but resolves to become powerful enough to change his country to one where Nakaba can be happy. The wheels of fate begin to turn as our characters set in motion plans to create for themselves and others a better future.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Nakaba is torn between wanting to support Caesar who she knows is a good person but unwilling to betray Loki who has been her oldest companion. It’s not enough that she has to fight this inner battle; the king orders Nakaba to dye her hair or be beheaded. Caesar demands she be left alone but knows his father doesn’t care for him enough to not kill Nakaba. At this moment, when Caesar is faced with his own weakness, he vows to become a ruler that can bring reason to this crazy world he lives in. Caesar’s devastated that he couldn’t protect Nakaba, but her simple happiness at having someone else in her corner overwhelms him.

The ambassadors from Belquat’s allied country, Lithuanel, arrive and congratulate the king on his peace with Sedan, noting how many metal resources the king has requested from them in the past. While this meeting goes on, Caesar visits Nakaba in her room and attempts to seduce her before he’s interrupted by Loki. Nakaba runs away and happens upon the 5th prince of Lithuanel. Despite his aversion to women, Nakaba’s foreign clothes intrigue him. He recounts the story he heard of a secret village with a race of people who had the power of the Arcana of Time. Nakaba attempts to keep her origins a secret, but her eyes glow red as the Arcana activates against her will. Caesar arrives on the scene as prince Akhil bars Nakaba’s exit. While it seems he has ill intentions for the Sedan princess, Akhil just hopes to utilize the Arcana’s power for his own country and keeps his discovery to himself.

As Caesar and Nakaba leave after Akhil excuses himself, they’re both overcome with embarrassment from their last encounter. Nakaba assures Caesar that she doesn’t hate him, and she’s just not ready yet. Feeling like there’s hope for a more romantic future, Caesar acts like a giddy boy. He bars Nakaba from seeing Akhil again but Nakaba sneaks out to meet with him alone to learn more about the past Loki refuses to share with her. She is caught by both Loki and a very jealous Caesar. Caesar has to leave for a few days and leaves Nakaba begrudgingly in Loki’s care and the latter chastises her for both her meeting Akhil and her increasing affection for Caesar. Nakaba remarks on the profound distance between them now and how much it hurts her and, surprisingly, Loki reveals he feels the same way towards her.

After her mere presence annoys one of the Belquat princesses, she’s thrown into the dungeon with Loki, who acts much like his former kind self. A spot of blood activates Nakaba’s Arcana again but this time shows her how much Loki endured on his own to bring Nakaba safely to the Sedan castle. After her vision passes, they find a small opening in the wall of their cell that opens to a looming passage with mercenaries. Thankfully, Caesar arrives in time to help Loki fight them off and Akhil suddenly makes an appearance. Together, they reach the end to find Belquat has found a way to use Lithuanel’s resources not for building, but for impossibly powerful swords. The threat of a looming war brings Nakaba to Caesar’s room to beg for help, and though he cares only for Nakaba’s feelings, he assures her he will help create a peaceful future.

Why You Should Read Reimei no Arcana Vol. 3

1. There are Multiple Political Powers at Play

Instead of just the simplified Belquat and Sedan dynamic, the new country of Lithuanel is added to the mix as Belquat’s ally. This serves not only to make the world of Reimei no Arcana more vast and colorful but to show how the two countries interact and illuminates Belquats evil intentions.

Why You Should Skip Reimei no Arcana Vol. 3

1. Evil People Get Away With Incredibly Cruel Acts

It’s so frustrating to see Nakaba continuously treated like scum by horrible people. She is by birthright and marriage a princess but her life is constantly being threatened and she is physically and verbally accosted by almost everyone in the royal family. Even though Caesar and Loki desperately want to protect her, they know taking too much of a stand will result in her death because that’s how little the king cares about her.

Final Thoughts

The difference between Loki’s cold stares and his broken smiles are shocking, showcasing the myriad of feelings he conceals as Nakaba’s lone caretaker. We get to learn a little more about Nakaba’s powers and even the Arcana of Time as a separate thing from just Nakaba’s experience with it. Akhil seems suspicious and there’s no doubt he’ll play an interesting role in the coming volumes, especially with the knowledge of superweapons in Belquat’s armory.

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