de Blob - Xbox One Review

Spread color to this bland world!

Game Info:

  • System: Xbox One, PS4. PC
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Developer: BlitWorks
  • Release Date: Nov 14, 2017

Who it Caters to

de-Blob-game-300x423 de Blob - Xbox One Review
In de Blob, players will discover a bland world and must ink it up with various colors via their blob-like hero. Those who love platformers and puzzle games in equal measure will love the gameplay found in de Blob by developer THQ Nordic. Prepare to enter a world of sound and color as you explore various cityscapes within de Blob. Use a mixture of timing and smarts to avoid hazards and solve various challenges and puzzles. If you adore simple but fun to play games with beautiful color and art, then you’re going to love de Blob.

What to Expect

de-Blob-game-300x423 de Blob - Xbox One Review
The main theme of de Blob is to color bland and grey worlds to restore order to the Chroma City. Players will need to jump on buildings to infuse them with color all while avoiding hazards in the form of water/ink that removes the current color of your blob hero. de Blob puts you on a constant timer so you must hurry and color areas as fast as possible! Luckily, there are challenges you can take to increase your time. Frantic and fun platforming are just a few of the things you can expect once you play de Blob.


de-Blob-game-300x423 de Blob - Xbox One Review
Chroma City has always been considered a beautiful city filled with color and life. However, one day, without warning, the INKT Corporation invades Chroma City and declares that color must be eradicated which officially begins the “war on color”. Led by Comrade Black, the INKT Corporation begins their movements and removes color from the city. Meanwhile, Blob immediately rushes in to save a pocket resistance known as Color Underground and stands with them to save the citizens of Chroma City and restore color! However, can Blob pull off such a tremendous task? Find out in de Blob!


de-Blob-game-300x423 de Blob - Xbox One Review
Back in 2008 an iOS game released called de Blob and was met with some love by those who played it. However, the true moment of fame for de Blob came when it released later on the Nintendo Wii. With a sequel releasing 3 years later in 2011, the series became silent until de Blob 2 re-released in 2017 thanks to THQ Nordic. Well, THQ Nordic is back again re-releasing the original de Blob for the Xbox One and PS4. Does it offer gamers anything new and or is it worth picking up? Let us discover those answers together in our review of de Blob!
In case you’ve never played de Blob when it came out back on the Nintendo Wii, we’ll go through our review with that in mind. The main idea of de Blob is to control Blob and hit various objects and buildings with colors. You gain said colors as you roll or hit on various color items/objects that change Blob’s color depending on what you hit. Simple colors like yellow and blue make green and blue and red makes purple. There’s a reason you might need to know this—though it is explained in the de Blob—as some challenges and areas require specific colors to use. It’s not very complicated but that’s the beauty of de Blob and we’ll explain what we mean by that.
Quite literally, de Blob is a game that requires very little skill to play. You’ll very rarely need to ever do much more than what we described above. Roll around, color objects and do it again in a game that will take you roughly 7-8 hours to beat. However, despite de Blob being so repetitive it’s never not fun. We could almost compare de Blob to a coloring book where you’re free to color buildings whatever color you wish—unless the challenge says otherwise—and that makes the game just enjoyable and pleasant. You can even play with friends if you decide to do so with various game modes all via a split screen for up to 4 players. It may not add much to the experience of de Blob but it makes it good for a family game and/or friends to just goof around with.
Graphically, de Blob is so vibrant and colorful. Each area starts off grey and lifeless but once you begin to gain color and Blob rolls around splashing around various colors on the map, de Blob shows off an impressive amount of detail. This was seen back on Nintendo Wii’s version of de Blob but now on the stronger Xbox One, the game looks wonderful. Our major issue though in the graphics department hands down is the terrible pre-rendered cutscenes which look grainy and old. Honestly, we wish they would have been remastered or changed but it’s not a big deal and doesn’t ruin de Blob thankfully.
Finally, de Blob has one other great element and that’s the OST, which is in one word amazing. You can actually change the musical theme that accompanies you in each stage and as you beat levels and challenges you’ll gain more songs to use. What’s even cooler is that the music is attached to your movements in de Blob so as you color in rapid succession, you’ll hear the music take tunes that mirror your movements. In many ways, besides coloring things in de Blob, you’re also making music which is just something that adds to the charms of the game as a whole.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

de-Blob-game-300x423 de Blob - Xbox One Review
While de Blob might be just another port title from the past—in this case the iOS and Nintendo Wii—de Blob is still a lot of fun and looks pretty great on the Xbox One. While the pre-rendered cutscenes look terrible and the gameplay can be a bit too simple, de Blob was always meant for a wider audience than just adults and thus plays quite well. Solid platforming and vibrant graphics are just a few elements that make de Blob great. Seeing as how de Blob also only costs $19.99, we here at Honey’s Anime say it’s worth it if you haven’t played the original versions and or the sequel. Speaking of de Blob 2, we hope that also re releases for the Xbox One as we wouldn’t mind seeing the whole series being ported to the newer consoles.

Honey's Pros:

  • Beautiful and vibrant colors
    Split Screen for 4 playersy
  • Impressive OST
  • Simple but fun gameplay
  • Tons of challenges to do and reasons to replay missions
  • Nice price tag

Honey's Cons:

  • Pre-rendered cutscenes are terrible looking
  • Can be a bit too simple for those who enjoy hard platformers
  • No reason to replay it if you have played it on the older consoles

Honey's Final Verdict:

de-Blob-game-300x423 de Blob - Xbox One Review
Even though de Blob is essentially just a port, it’s still an incredibly fun and colorful game. We here at Honey’s Anime fully recommend downloading it if you missed out on it when it came out years ago. Though, don’t expect a challenging game as de Blob is rated E for everyone. Have you ever played the original de Blob? Are you happy it’s now available for the Xbox One and PS4? Tell us in the comments down below and for more game reviews and articles stay tuned to our site here at Honey’s Anime!
de-Blob-game-300x423 de Blob - Xbox One Review


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