Deemo the Movie

Deemo the Movie

Music, Drama, Fantasy

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Production I.G, Signal. MD

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"Never left without saying goodbye---"

Deemo is a mysterious creature which lives alone in a castle and continuously plays the piano...
Then one day, a young girl who has lost her memory falls down from the sky...
This is a fleeting but gentle love story between the inhabitants of the castle, the trees that grow thanks to the tunes of the piano, the girl without any memory, and Deemo.
The popular music video game DEEMO has become a hit worldwide and is now turning into an animated movie project.

Characters & Voice Actors

DEEMO-THE-MOVIE--e1605746228128 Deemo the Movie

A figure shrouded in mystery who resides in a strange castle. His entire body is black as night, except for his shiny, bluish white eyes.
DEEMO-THE-MOVIE--e1605746228128 Deemo the Movie
"The Girl" Alice: Ayana Taketatsu

A mysterious girl with no memory who falls from a window high in Deemo’s strange castle.
DEEMO-THE-MOVIE--e1605746228128 Deemo the Movie

A stuffed cat that lives in the strange castle. He’s always full of energy and is quite the jokester. He’s the leader among Nutcracker and Fragrant Sachets.
DEEMO-THE-MOVIE--e1605746228128 Deemo the Movie

A nutcracker doll that lives in the strange castle. He gives off airs of being an old man. His corny jokes are often cringeworthy. He does everything at a leisurely pace.
DEEMO-THE-MOVIE--e1605746228128 Deemo the Movie
Fragrant Sachets:

A fragrant sachet that lives in the strange castle. Real fragrant sachets are placed near pillows on a bed and other such places, but she floats in the air, drifting about. She’s stylish and is more level-headed than Mirai and Nutcracker.
DEEMO-THE-MOVIE--e1605746228128 Deemo the Movie
Masked Lady: Akari Nibu

One of the residents of the strange castle whose behavior is enigmatic, to say the least.
DEEMO-THE-MOVIE--e1605746228128 Deemo the Movie
Sania: Kito Akari

A vivacious high school girl in the class next to Alice’s. She is captivated by Alice's piano performance during a joint lesson and tries to become friends with her. She carries a doll-shaped fragrant sachet around with her as a good-luck charm. She helps Alice search for her music.
DEEMO-THE-MOVIE--e1605746228128 Deemo the Movie

A piano prodigy. Hans and his little sister lost their parents and live with their aunt, who now takes care of them.

Other TitleDEEMO Memorial Keys
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: by Yuki Kajiura
”DEEMO" (Game)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: "DEEMO" by Rayark Inc.
  • Director: Shuhei Matsushita
  • Assistant Director: Yoshihiro Hiramine
  • Script: Junichi Fujisaki / Buno Fujisawa
  • Character Design: Mebachi
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Music: Magic Capsule (Sound Work)
  • Art: Hiromasa Ogura

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