Deji Meets Girl ("Deji" Meets Girl)

Deji Meets Girl

Fantasy, Slice of Life

Airing Date:
October 1, 2021


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Okinawa, summertime. A summer of “deji” (translator’s note: “deji” is Okinawan dialect for “trouble” or “incidents”). This is a weekly series of 90-second, slightly mysterious stories. Maise Higa, a first year high school student, spends a lazy summer helping out as a receptionist at her family’s hotel. One day, a guest arrives from Tokyo. This guest is a carefree man named Ichiro Suzuki (?). After Suzuki’s arrival, strange things begin happening at the hotel. Fish swimming around in the rooms. A giant banyan tree breaking through the ceiling. What kind of mysterious events have the two of them gotten dragged into?

Characters & Voice Actors

deji-meets-girl-kv-scaled Deji Meets Girl ("Deji" Meets Girl)
Maise Higa: Kiyono Yasuno

A 16-year old high school student. She was on the handball team but gave up after an injury. Over the summer vacation, she reluctantly agrees to help her father with the family’s hotel business. She’s cheerful and not shy about speaking with strangers.
deji-meets-girl-kv-scaled Deji Meets Girl ("Deji" Meets Girl)
Suzuki Ichirou: Tatsuyuki Kobayashi

A tourist from the mainland who has come to stay at Hotel Higa. He has handsome features but is always brusque and never smiles. What is his true identity?
deji-meets-girl-kv-scaled Deji Meets Girl ("Deji" Meets Girl)
Kaisei Higa: Kenta Miyake

Maise’s father. 38 years old. He runs Hotel Higa, which has been in the family for three generations. He has an easygoing personality, and his hobby is playing the sanshin while drinking sake.
deji-meets-girl-kv-scaled Deji Meets Girl ("Deji" Meets Girl)
Teruko Higa: Ikuko Tani

Maise’s grandmother. Age unknown. She is an Okinawan yuta (spiritualist). She seems to know something about the strange phenomena that are occurring...

Other Title"Deji" Meets Girl
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Otogi Banashi Noyou na Kiseki" by Aoi Kubo
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Hanoue Youth Group
  • Director: Ushio Tazawa
  • Series Composition: Akane Malbeni
  • Character Design: Ushio Tazawa
  • Sound Director: Ryousuke Naya
  • Music: Hiroshi Nakamura

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