Deliverance Of The Counterattack Certifies That Revenge Is a Dish Better Served Cold

deliverance-of-the-counterattack Deliverance Of The Counterattack Certifies That Revenge Is a Dish Better Served Cold

If there’s something we can’t complain about is the amount of BL stories that get illustrated and serialized every year. Of course, not all of them are good, but the vast majority manages to earn a special place within the BL fandom.

As the genre became more popular, several artists decided to try their hand at this type of stories, not only in Japan but in several other countries, and that’s how Deliverance Of The Counterattack (Ni Xi Zhi Hao Yun Ren Sheng), a Chinese manhua, came to exist.

Little Brothers Are Annoying…

Everything seems to be going just fine for Xu Ci Nian: he’s the oldest son of a wealthy family about to inherit the family business, he has a loving boyfriend and a caring grandfather who raised him. However, things start going downhill when Ci Nian finds his little brother, Xin Nian, kissing his boyfriend, Dong Feng. Xin Nian plays the victim, saying that it was Dong Feng who seduced him, but as the story progresses he starts showing his true colors.

It doesn’t take long for the readers to hate Xin Nian. The man’s complete trash! What’s even worse, he kills Ci Nian’s grandfather and frames him for the crime. With no one to turn to, Ci Nian ends in prison with a charge of murder and no relatives to look after him. What Xin Nian does is enough to make our blood boil, and we want justice for poor Ci Nian. How annoying and manipulative can this little brother be? The only good thing is that Ci Nian is about to meet someone really ‘interesting’ inside that prison…

Don’t Drop The Soap!

Everyone knows what they say about showers in jail, but in case you’re one of the very few that don’t know what we mean, we can tell you this: people are not eager to pick up the soap once it falls on the floor in the showers… Another thing that’s pretty common in prison is fights breaking out quite often. Ci Nian knows he’s not a murderer or an evildoer, so he tries his best to stay away from other inmates, but he finds it hard when he’s always being followed around by one of the most dangerous gang leaders inside that prison.

The day before he’s released from jail, the gang leader surrounds him with his underlings and tries to rape Ci Nian. Luckily, Qu Cheng comes to his rescue and beats everyone to a pulp, taking Ci Nian somewhere safe with him. These two had a previous encounter in the showers, where Qu Cheng had a glimpse of Ci Nian’s body and decided to take him no matter what. After rescuing him, Qu Cheng’s dream comes true and they share a moment of passion on the rooftop. However, when Qu Cheng wakes up the next morning, Ci Nian is already gone.

Let’s Talk About Revenge

Ci Nian has a very important mission: to avenge his grandfather’s death and take revenge on Xin Nian and Dong Feng. He knows that no one in the family would care about him being dead, so the only thing that Ci Nian needs to do is pretend to be dead and hide from the family until every piece of his plan is in place. But Ci Nian has to put his plan on hold due to an unexpected twist: his night with Qu Cheng resulted in him being pregnant!

Not letting that get in his way, Ci Nian raises Wo Wo with a lot of love and affection while finishing up the last touches of his revenge plan. First, he’ll make Dong Feng and Xin Nian split up, and then he’ll make his pesky little brother confess his crimes. Everything changes when Qu Cheng finds him and tries to win Ci Nian’s heart. Knowing how powerful Qu Cheng is, Ci Nian decides to rely on him and tells him almost everything about his plan. Eager to help his lovely peacock, Qu Cheng offers to help, and Ci Nian’s revenge plan officially begins.

Final Thoughts

We can’t wait to see if Ci Nian’s revenge plan works, and we’re really hoping that Xin Nian gets what he deserves.

Deliverance Of The Counterattack is a manhua that keeps us begging for more. Even though it’s Shounen Ai, it still makes us fangirl with every interaction between Ci Nian and Qu Cheng. And if that is not enough, Wo Wo is the cutest little baby you’ll ever see!

deliverance-of-the-counterattack Deliverance Of The Counterattack Certifies That Revenge Is a Dish Better Served Cold

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