Did You Think I Forgot About That? - Parable of the Renegades Vol. 1 [Honeyfeed Novel]

But… Why Am I the Victim?!
  • Mangaka : Kurenai, Jio
  • Publisher : Honeyfeed
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Philosophical, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Published : Dec 2016 - Ongoing

Parable of the Renegades Introduction (No Spoilers)

In a society, there is a handful of rare subspecies of humans called “Renegades.” Information regarding them is limited and the entire population remained cautious ever since that revelation. Lucas Thorne is a 15-year old high school student who always wanted to experience something different and amazing away from his boring life.

The opportunity to escape the humdrum arises when he is ambushed and kidnapped by Rio Kiyodera, an assassin he encountered in a back alley. In exchange for sparing his life, Lucas must take one of Rio’s assignments and hunt down seven Renegades. Lucas is quickly forced to join a life-changing adventure and finding his fate intertwined with others.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Have you ever felt bored by your high-school life? Or feeling anxiety because of the existence of Renegades who might come and take your life? You find on the bright side that you will also get harsh treatments from your hot female assassin friend who wants you to put your life at risk instead of hers for her contracts. Oh, don’t worry about the wounds, they might be life-threatening as we can see all the blood loss you’ve been having from these dangerous encounters, but they will be treated and you will walk them off, right?

Why You Should Read Parable of the Renegades

1. Characters

You may be thinking, is Lucas just a shy character and Rio being a sadist? Not really. These characters have at least two or three personalities that make you think they are bipolar. Lucas is usually shy when it comes to women and he is a bit of a lone wolf and not interested in getting into unnecessary troubles for others. Rio loves to tease Lucas, but deep down she always wanted to have a friend due to her circumstances and she is shy in her own way. You can sense of the weird combination of personalities that somehow don't make sense, but that’s what makes them interesting.

2. Cultures

The interesting part of this web novel is that it was written about how both characters who have Eastern and Western cultural backgrounds interact with each other and point out their knowledge of specific actions. In short, you will get to understand how an eastern character reacts or thinks about a westerner’s view of things to their culture. This is more of a way to learn and experience some of the Japanese cultures, which in this world Jio called the Nihanese Culture, to a certain extent. Not only that, but these cultural views are also implemented in their interactions, story, character development, and food.

3. Scenes

The descriptions of the scenes are extremely detailed, and you could almost grasp the scenario as if you are watching a show frame by frame, all-be-it smoother. The action scenes made use of similar and practical techniques that are used in reality and a bit of fiction. Of course, please do not re-enact the same actions written in the story without professional supervision. Safety first.

Why You Should Skip Parable of the Renegades

1. Slow Pace

There were some chapters that gave us mixed feelings. The content of these chapters and made us question whether they are part of the main story. We also think occasionally the chapters went overboard on the details or went off on tangents. But if you’re the type of reader who really gets invested or is curious about the characters, that’s a different story.

Final Thoughts

After reading this web novel, we highly encourage readers to be fully prepared, in terms of patience and mental fortitude, and ready to read it. It is a fun and enjoyable experience when it comes to the character developments and actions, but we just wish there is a bit more of a “main story progression” element into it. If you’re curious about Japanese culture and how they feel toward foreigners’ perspective to their culture, this web novel might help, but please don’t just fully accept the information the way they represent as they are correct to a certain extent, so please do your research and respect other cultures. Also, who is your favorite character and why?

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