Digimon Ghost Game

Digimon Ghost Game

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Airing Date:
October 3, 2021

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A brand-new technology is making waves in the not-so-distant future. Rumors about a “Hologram Ghost,” a phenomenon shrouded in mystery, are popping up everywhere on social media.

Hiro Amanokawa, a first-year junior high student, activates a puzzling device left behind by his father: a Digivice. Now, he can see unidentified creatures that normal people cannot... Digimon.

Ever since the day he met Ganmamon, the boisterous Digimon his father left him, unexplainable phenomena seem to follow Hiro wherever he goes.

A man with a sewn mouth who steals time from human beings and a mummy who roams the streets at night, kidnapping whomever they please...

The Hologram Ghost is coming for us from right under our nose.

The following is a story from the underbelly of a world no one knows. With Ganmamon and his friends at his side, Hiro takes his first step into the wondrous world of Digimon.

Characters & Voice Actors

digimon-ghost-game-kv Digimon Ghost Game
Hiro Amanokawa: Mutsumi Tamura

A first-year student at Futaba Academy, 13. He prefers to handle most things on his own. However, others often come to him for help because he doesn’t know how to turn them down. Naturally curious, meeting Ganmamon sparks his interest in Digimon.
digimon-ghost-game-kv Digimon Ghost Game
Ganmamon: Miyuki Sawashiro

A Digimon who appeared before Hiro thanks to his father, Hokuto. Interested in everything, he has a tendency to bite things out of curiosity. While a bit mischievous, he listens to Hiro and his friends first and foremost. Ganmamon loves chocolate to the point he calls it the “best thing ever.”
digimon-ghost-game-kv Digimon Ghost Game
Ruri Tsukiyono: Yu Kobayashi

A first-year student at a private girls’ school, 13. She is an influencer on social media. Her account “Rirurun” is immensely popular. She has many friends and connections. Ruri actively seeks out new experiences to find what is right for her.
digimon-ghost-game-kv Digimon Ghost Game
Angoramon: Kazuya Nakai

A large-bodied Digimon who loves to leisurely soar through the air on its long ears. Its keen sense of hearing can distinguish sounds over great distances. Ever-calm, it has a mature personality. It’s very familiar with the Digital World and loves listening to Ruri’s piano.
digimon-ghost-game-kv Digimon Ghost Game
Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai: Akira Ishida

A second-year student working as the manager for Futaba Academy’s boy’s dormitory, 14. Though a prodigy who graduated from university in the United States after skipping many grades, he has decided to live as a student in Japan for some reason. His pompous demonear hides how timid he truly is, but what happens when the switch gets flipped...?
digimon-ghost-game-kv Digimon Ghost Game
Jellymon: Yu Shimamura

A soft-bodied Digimon with a squishy head. She has no problem squeezing through cracks in walls and floors. Personality-wise, she acts high and mighty like a queen and hates to lose. Human activities interest her, and she tries to participate as if they are playing a game. Spooking Kiyoshiro is her favorite pastime.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "FACTION" by Wienners
  • Ending Song: "Pedal" by Aiiro Apollo
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Akiyoshi Hongou
  • Series Composition: Seiji Tokawa
  • Character Design: Mariko itou
  • Original Illustrator: Tenya Yabuno
  • Music: Kou Otani

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