What Do the Students Learn at Dimension High School? Find Out What With a Three Episode Impression!

Sentai-News_-Dimension-Hisghschool-300x179 What Do the Students Learn at Dimension High School? Find Out What With a Three Episode Impression!

Sentai-News_-Dimension-Hisghschool-300x179 What Do the Students Learn at Dimension High School? Find Out What With a Three Episode Impression!

Dimension High School

Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Bishounen

Airing Date:
January 10 2019

Asmik Ace, Polygon Magic

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The year is 2019. Humanity is on the verge of being annihilated. This is the story of a ground of heroes who risk their lives to fight in a classroom after school! … at least it was supposed to be.

Junpei Shirayama is a student attending Jigen high school when he picks up a rock in the school garden one day. He along with Ryuusei Midorigaoka, Tsuyoshi Kikawada, and Yurio Mizukami are all to receive remedial lessons from their teacher Souji Momotani. It is there that the rock Junpei picked up begins to move… and speak!

‘You boys are the prophesied heroes! Please help exterminate the genie of destruction!’ is what this mysterious rock who claims to be named Spudio the 22nd says. Naturally, his out-of-this-world claim befuddles them and they aren’t following. Tired of waiting, Spudio begins to emit a light! When the boys open their eyes, they are now in an anime world…!?

Now, according to the random Spudio, these boys must train themselves by solving riddles and puzzles… But the real question is, will they be able to get home safely to the real world at the end!?

Three Episode Impression

A rather strange incident befell a group of high school boys one afternoon that forever changed their lives. Junpei Shiroyama finds a weird rock and takes it with him as he joins his fellow students in a study session at school. The rock comes to life and claims these students are prophesied heroes! After dismissing the rock as a prank, the class is transported into an anime world! If they thought becoming anime characters was bizarre little do the boys realize how strange things will get as they try and save this two-dimensional world!

It’s not unheard of for an anime to make references to the real world or have occasional wall breaking moments. Dimension High School however, uses live action actors and mixes in anime for a rather different experience. While the animation itself in Dimension High School might be a bit...old school, we are still enjoying the different story and these comical characters being forced into an anime world to solve puzzles and other weird games of trivia. Dimension High School won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and many might barely consider it anime but we think an episode or two is worth giving it.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Junpei Shirayama

Voice Actor: Takahide Ishii

Junpei is a third-year student at Jigen High. He has no special skill nor clear path for the future and lives an average everyday life. His only hobby per se, is his vegetable garden on his veranda at home. He is the type to avoid anything with others and he tends to overstate the obvious, but he does have this ability to provide simple insight.

Ryuusei Midorigaoka

Voice Actor: Takeo Ootsuka

Ryuusei is a third-year student at Jigen High. He is normally at the top of his class. He is obsessed with Souji, and so is participating in the remedial lessons for his own personal desire. He is high-strung, proud, and takes a high hand against anyone other than Souji. His childhood friend is Junpei and they were good friends when they were little, but now…

Yurio Mizukami

Voice Actor: Shouhei Hashimoto

Yurio is a third-year student at Jigen High. He has fair skin and is sickly. At school, he gives off a strong, gloomy vibe of someone who likes anime, and he uses pre-pubescent looks to his advantage as a magazine model. Yurio is very popular and has over 20k followers on Instagram. His type varies, but for some reason, he is close with Tsuyoshi.

Tsuyoshi Kikawada

Voice Actor: Takuma Saiki

Tsuyoshi is a third-year student at Jigen High. Two years ago, he was in a motorcycle accident where he was seriously injured and is now repeating this year. He has studying and is the type to act before thinking about the situation. He’s labeled as a troublemaker at school, but he is actually kind at his core and is quite emotional. Tsuyoshi will always listen carefully to whatever Yurio says.

Souji Momotani

Voice Actor: Toshiyuki Someya

Souji is the science teacher taking care of the remedial lessons for the four boys. He has a serious amount of knowledge, an effective way of teaching, and due to the fact that he is polite to everyone, he is very popular at school. He is kind but easily pushed around at school and is no good with money.

Spudio the 22nd

Voice Actor: Takuya Eguchi

Spudio is a talking meteorite who suddenly appeared at Jigen High School one day. He invites the boys in the classroom to another world. He claims that he used to be a good-looking guy, but he used up all his energy and became a rock.


Voice Actor: Junichi Suwabe

Sphinx is a being who appears in front of the boys in the anime world. Following the ‘absolute rule’, the boys must answer his riddles and puzzles that he presents. Those who fail or are incorrect will be eaten. He plots to conquer the 3D world.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Here we go! by 4 Dimensions (Junpei Shirayama, Ryuusei Midorigaoka, Yurio Mizukami, Tsuyoshi Kikawada) (Takahide Ishii, Takeo Ootsuka, Shouhei Hashimoto, Takuma Saiki)
Stage Play

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yuu Asumi
  • Director: Yuuichi Abe
  • Script: Yuuichi Abe
  • Character Design: Izumi
  • Music: Kenichirou Ooishi

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