Dimension Jump - Steam/PC Review

logo-Dimension-Jump-capture-500x286 Dimension Jump - Steam/PC Review

Game Info

Hop, skip and Dimension Jump!

  • System: Steam
  • System: Redpoint Games
  • Developer: Redpoint Games
  • Release Date: March 15, 2017

Dimension Jump Trailer

Who it Caters to

logo-Dimension-Jump-capture-500x286 Dimension Jump - Steam/PC Review
Dimension Jump is an indie puzzle platformer from Redpoint Games, and anyone who’s a true admirer of extremely challenging gameplay then we suggest giving this one a go. As of late, the puzzle genre hasn’t had a lot of titles that really help to stimulate the mind, but the minute you dive into Dimension Jump there’s this sense of accomplishment each time a stage is cleared successfully. There will be a lot to think about when playing through Dimension Jump as each time you progress there’s something new to learn and become familiar with, but in the end, it all feels remarkably fun. If you enjoy games like the classic Super Meat Boy or N++, Dimension Jump shares similarities to them and can be extremely addicting after playing for long periods of time. Have fun playing on stage Infinity!

What to Expect

logo-Dimension-Jump-capture-500x286 Dimension Jump - Steam/PC Review
Expect to experience something totally fresh and innovative, as Redpoint Games have created a game that’s unlike any other typical puzzle title. As the name suggests, Dimension Jump requires you to take advantage of the dimension gap within each stage in order to reach the green goal and to do that you’ll need to ensure your hand-eye coordination is concise. The task at first isn’t too hard since much of the opening levels are more or less warm ups for what’s to come, but as you progress further into the game you’ll need to make sure that you’re attentive at all times. Adaptation is also imperative as gravity switching and teleporting also come into play, and so being able to determine a concrete strategy will garner you more success in the end. With over 90 levels to jump through, each providing you with a nice shiny bonus star, Dimension Jump is a title that’s rewarding both emotionally and psychologically.


Dimensions Everywhere!

logo-Dimension-Jump-capture-500x286 Dimension Jump - Steam/PC Review
Dimension Jump isn’t your typical AAA title with flashy graphics and an unfathomable budget behind it, it’s a simple concept that comes with a nice supply of depth to keep you coming back. As we stated earlier, much of your experience early on will be trying to get a hang of all the basic mechanics to ensure your journey is smooth and less daunting. We breezed through the first 20 levels no problem but once we got further into it all, we started to reel back in our chair a little bit to think things through. It really does put you in check at times because even for a confident puzzle player, the game can really get to you.

Your patience will surely be tested after a long bout, but again that satisfaction, when you've successfully completed the task, is spot on. Don’t think you can go on autopilot and come out a winner because the minute your brain shuts off the game becomes an uphill battle. We recommend if you’re willing to play this game, then it’s best to invest just as much effort into it as you did to buy the title because everything will honestly feel gratifying.

Most of your time will be used jumping onto various platforms while switching between dimensions to reach your goal, but this is precisely where your attentiveness needs to be at an all-time high. Switching dimensions is as simple as pressing the trigger button your controller, but it’s doing so at the right time is what you’ll have to master. We’ve died so many times trying to quickly swap dimensions only to run into a red platform and start over again. Dimension Jump requires a slow and meticulous type of style because if you try to rush in over confidently, the game will slap your ego back into shape immediately.

We’re not trying to paint a picture that Dimension Jump is extremely unforgiving or anything because it’s quite the opposite. While you do often succumb to your fate a number of times, there’s an infinite amount of times to retry since there’s no character life to keep count of. Every attempt you commit to gradually starts to improve in strategy because now you start to get a true feel for the approach, and sooner than later you’ve overcome a hurdle. Will it be easy? Most certainly not, but it will definitely prepare you for later stages where there will be a plethora of other things to consider.

logo-Dimension-Jump-capture-500x286 Dimension Jump - Steam/PC Review
One of those other things that we already chimed on was teleporting and gravity switching, since those will make an appearance at some point and those add an extra element of depth to the challenge. Not only do you now have to consider each dimension and whether they’ll lock you out, teleporting correctly and switching the gravity at the right moment is imperative. We’re not sure if this is a bug or not, but there were times when we’d swap dimensions and get stuck on a platform then immediately swap back out and have our character jump high in the air. Mind you we used it to our advantage because after the character is airborne, you have enough time (that is if you react fast enough) to swap again and clear a stage.

We’ve discussed a lot about the rich and rewarding gameplay but there are some minor setbacks that we’d like to flush out. This is, of course, an indie title so it’s to be expected that not a lot of perks will be added in, but we would’ve liked a better variety of music in the game. Personally, as I played through each stage it felt like someone was just hitting the replay button and while the music isn’t meant to be the primary focus it would’ve certainly helped to make things a little more exciting in terms of variety.

The option to choose resolutions was a bit limited, as there were only two to select, one of which gave us a pretty small screen to work with which didn’t help much. Aside from these little quibbles, Dimension Jump is a truly fun experience especially when you can challenge other people on the leaderboards for the fastest clear time, or being able to create your own stage and have your friends writhe in agony as they try to beat your cleverly designed puzzles.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

logo-Dimension-Jump-capture-500x286 Dimension Jump - Steam/PC Review
In closing, we leave you with some advice to better your experience while playing Dimension Jump. Firstly, pay very close attention to how certain things are positioned because your positioning is so important. We’ve fallen to our death so many times because we failed to make sure our position was on point. Be very patient and don’t be afraid to fail. The most successful people in life have failed so many times that it now is more second nature, and it becomes more of a fuel than a poison. The more you’re willing to think things through with careful consideration, the more Dimension Jump gives back to you in terms of bonus stars, challenge times and other achievements. The game is relatively cheap when compared to other titles that don’t really provide a sense of self-accomplishment, so at 10 dollars this is surely worth every penny.

Honey's Pros:

  • Great price point for an entertaining puzzle platformer.
  • Very challenging levels with a lot of depth.
  • Create a stage is an interesting addition.
  • Leaderboard system is great.

Honey's Cons:

  • Would’ve liked more variety in terms of music.
  • It may be too overwhelming for some people.

Honey's Final Verdict:

logo-Dimension-Jump-capture-500x286 Dimension Jump - Steam/PC Review
Dimension Jump, while it does come with some cons it certainly makes up for them in the gameplay department. It’s by no means a perfect game, but it’s certainly a far cry away from being a terrible one. It provides a stimulating challenge for anyone who’s willing to take everything on full swing while supplying a nice reward for completing tasks. Is it worth the buy?

Well, that would certainly depend on whether you’re a fan of puzzle platformers or not. If you are then, of course, this is a must buy for the thrilling experience, but if you’re just window shopping and are not sure then it may be something to ponder. We, of course, encourage everyone to try this game out for its rewarding experience, but if puzzles aren’t your cup of tea then it’s understandable. For those that have dabbled with Dimension Jump or are looking to buy it, let us know what you think about it in the comments below! We’d love to know your highest scores and maybe check out your custom stage.

As always, for all things sweet, with news straight from Japan, be sure to keep it locked here on Honey’s Anime.

logo-Dimension-Jump-capture-500x286 Dimension Jump - Steam/PC Review


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