Dislyte, the Stylish Urban Mythological RPG from Lilith Games, Prepares for USA & UK Open Beta Launch on iOS and Android in May 2022

Dislyte-Logo-Image-560x277 Dislyte, the Stylish Urban Mythological RPG from Lilith Games, Prepares for USA & UK Open Beta Launch on iOS and Android in May 2022

Pre-Registration Now Open; Prepare Your Esper for a One-of-a-Kind Audiovisual Odyssey Where Diverse Pop-Fantasy Aesthetics Know No Bounds

What You Need to Know:

  • Lilith Games, developer of popular titles AFK Arena and Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, is thrilled to announce today that Dislyte, an all-new pop-fantasy RPG, is preparing for its next Open Beta launch on iOS and Android mobile devices on May 10, 2022. Dislyte is currently accepting pre-registrations for USA and UK-based participants. Dislyte features a roster of characters called “Espers,” all of whom are inspired by various ancient mythic deities, including Greek, Chinese, Norse, and Egyptian. Marrying the game’s diverse range of characters and culturally-influenced aesthetics and fashion, Dislyte’s classic turn-based gameplay is enhanced by a pulse-pounding techno-pop soundtrack.
  • The year is 2027, and evil freely roams the streets in the realm of Dislyte. Danger lurks in the shadows, shying away from the bright city lights. Our heroes, who obtain divine power from Gods across the world’s various mythologies, must rise and answer the call to defend humanity from its greatest threat.
  • It didn’t begin that way, though; civilization in 2027 ushered in a new lifestyle after humanity faced the reality of Miracles. These Miracles blinked into existence across the world, their arrival awakening Miramon, an ancient and malevolent God whose only goal is to wreak havoc and usher destruction. Certain individuals sensitive to the Miracles absorbed their power, developing new god-like abilities based on deities like Odin, Anubis, Medusa, and more. These individuals, known as Espers, are the only ones capable of defeating the great tyrant Miramon.
  • Dislyte’s trendy, urban setting and interwoven storyline make the tactical in-game combat that much more exciting; players build a team of five beautifully 3D rendered heroes, each of whom possesses their own abilities and powers. Using turn-based gameplay, players engage enemies and other threats to the beat of trance-inducing tunes, creating battles that are not only fiendishly difficult but also smooth and immersive. With the in-game arena, players are able to practice their skills by competing against fellow Espers. For those looking for a more relaxed gameplayer experience, Dislyte features an automated battle sequence, meaning the game screen can be minimized during this time, allowing players to do other things on their mobile devices.
  • Watch the latest Dislyte teaser trailer:
  • Watch the full-length Dislyte announcement trailer:
  • Key Features of Dislyte:

  • Battle to the Beat: The combat and various story elements in Dislyte are injected with distinctive pulse-pounding beats across EDM, techno, and pop genre
  • Espers Worldwide: Explore and battle it out in an urban playground inspired by cities across the globe via spectacular, vibrant backdrops and scenes
  • Fashionable Gods: Dislyte merges deep mythological themes with an engaging storyline where every character is dressed to impress
  • Musical Rewards: Uncover new sounds, implement different moods and drop the beat with Dislyte’s music-based “Gacha” gameplay system where you’ll unlock your rewards by “scratching” the turntable like a real DJ
  • Pre-Register for Dislyte on the App Store and Google Play:
  • [iOS App Store] https://uberstrategist.link/dislyte-app-store-iOS
    [Android Google Play] https://uberstrategist.link/dislyte-google-play

Source: Official Press Release