Disney Tsum Tsum Festival – Nintendo Switch Review

Tsum-Tsum-Disney-Logo-560x448 Disney Tsum Tsum Festival – Nintendo Switch Review

Disney Mini Games at Their Cutest

  • System: Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
  • Developer: B.B. Studio
  • Release Date: November 8, 2019

Who it Caters to

Tsum-Tsum-Disney-Logo-560x448 Disney Tsum Tsum Festival – Nintendo Switch Review
If you’ve never heard of tsum tsum then you’re missing out on the cutest thing ever. From the Japanese word “tsumu” tsum tsum is usually the idea of taking characters from a franchise and making them round and cute looking. Disney a while back took its most famous of characters and tsumu-fied them to create a slew of toys and products in this cute form. Finally, a game has also been made called—simply enough—Disney Tsum Tsum Festival. Acting as a collection of mini-games with tsumu themed characters, Disney Tsum Tsum Festival almost flew past us here at Honey’s Anime seeing as a slew of recent games have taken some priority over this niche title. Nevertheless, we booted up our Nintendo Switch console and started up Disney Tsum Tsum Festival! Is this adorable looking game worth your time and cash? We find out in our review of Disney Tsum Tsum Festival for the Nintendo Switch! Roll down further to see our full review in its entirety!

What to Expect

Tsum-Tsum-Disney-Logo-560x448 Disney Tsum Tsum Festival – Nintendo Switch Review
What do you get when you take your favorite Disney stars and make them into tsum? You get a festival…a Disney Festival! Disney Tsum Tsum Festival has players choose their favorite characters and engage in a plethora of mini-games like rhythm games, pong, stacking ice cream tops and maze-like puzzles! Compete against the AI or play with friends to see who can win in these exciting and silly Disney themed mini-games! What are you waiting for Disney fan? An exciting world of tsumu-fied Disney stars await in Disney Tsum Tsum Festival!


Tsum-Tsum-Disney-Logo-560x448 Disney Tsum Tsum Festival – Nintendo Switch Review
There’s no main story to Disney Tsum Tsum Festival. The idea is simply to have our favorite Disney characters—like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy—transformed into tsumu characters and play party games with one another. Play alone against the AI or play with several friends in a slew of mini games! In Disney Tsum Tsum Festival the goal is simple! Have fun and try not to die from cuteness overload!


Tsum-Tsum-Disney-Logo-560x448 Disney Tsum Tsum Festival – Nintendo Switch Review
Any gamer will tell you that a collection of mini-games succeeds—and fails—on one merit and one merit only, fun. If a mini-game collection fails to be fun then the entirety of the game suffers no matter what. While Disney Tsum Tsum Festival might be a bit of a pricey title--$49.99 is a bit much for what you get—the collection of mini-games within is solid and quite fun. If though, you’re of the right age. Let’s dig deeper into Disney Tsum Tsum Festival and get our review started properly!

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is based on Disney’s Tsum Tsum collection of toys and collectibles. Now infused into a gaming world, you can choose your favorite tsum version of Disney character and engage in a multitude of kid-friendly mini-games. There are several to choose from and while we could go through all of them, we’ll keep some of them a secret and focus on the mini-games we liked the best. Let’s begin with the maze mini-game aka Tsum Chase or simpler Pac-Man. Also, no matter what game you choose, they all incorporate a single joy con controller held either horizontally or vertically.

Tsum Chase is basically Pac-Man but with a versus element. Players aim to nibble all the pellets and try to nab as many as they can in a minute. Beware though, ghosts are active and if they eat you, you’ll lose 100 points and be forced to wait several seconds to recover. The one with the most points wins and it can be quite frantic to earn that victory. We loved playing against friends or the AI as they was easily one of the most fun and exciting mini-games in the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival collection.

Bubble Hockey plays out akin to air hockey. Use the joy con’s analog stick to move the paddle and hit the puck back at the opponent’s goal in a 2 vs 2 battle. While the idea is very simple, Disney Tsum Tsum Festival does a good job of adding two elements to shake things up a bit. Players can use their tsum character and unleash special hits to create some interesting moments of panic as the opponent scrambles to protect their goal! There’s also a fever moment where several pucks fly out and trying to hit/guard against them all is pretty exhilarating.

One of the last games we’ll focus on is Tsum Rhythm which we guarantee Disney fans will enjoy the most. Several Disney tunes have been remixed with some original songs added too and you must hit the notes on screen with the motion of the joy con to nail the tempo. We loved the several songs and wished there were more but it was fun to just hit beats on screen without a million icons flying around to hit. The only downside to Tsum Rhythm is that we did notice of all the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival games, this one had the most issues with the motion controls. We missed numerous notes yet were shaking the controller perfectly. We tried several joy cons and found no matter what, this was always an issue to be had. It won’t stop you from enjoying Tsum Rhythm but it can annoy those who try to perfect any and all rhythm games.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival has several other games on here—such as Spinner Battle and Round ‘n’ Run—and these games are fun as well but ultimately play out like all the rest. That’s where the biggest issue with Disney Tsum Tsum Festival lies. Most mini-game collections have mini-games that differ in controls or playstyle. Most of the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival games aren’t that complicated and often can be quite…simple. This is where we warn older players that Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is definitely geared for kids or Disney fans of the younger age. Older gamers will want a more mature title to play and we can understand that Disney Tsum Tsum Festival won’t be for everyone.

The one element that Disney Tsum Tsum Festival nails flawlessly is the visuals. Never have we ever played a Disney game and wanted to constantly hug our screens in sheer delight. The tsum versions of Disney characters never gets old to see and we were almost tempted to buy some tsum tsum characters to replicate our favorites from Disney Tsum Tsum Festival! Our wallets probably would hate us though…

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Tsum-Tsum-Disney-Logo-560x448 Disney Tsum Tsum Festival – Nintendo Switch Review
Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is a fun game that’s only weakness is the high price tag, due to obviously the branding. With several mini-games to play—geared heavily towards children to young kids—Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is a truly fun and simple good time. We loved how the single joy-con set up made every game feel slightly different and equally was very responsive, more often than not. The rhythm game was the only title where controls felt a bit off but other than that, Disney Tsum Tsum Festival plays quite well and looks absolutely adorable. Seeing Buzz Lightyear or Tigger as tsumu-like characters makes us want to buy all the tsum tsum Disney characters to just own for our own pleasure! If you have kids or are a die-hard fan of all things Walt Disney, then Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is aimed for you. Hardcore mini-game fans will no doubt find Disney Tsum Tsum Festival a bit too simple and we’d recommend Mario Party-like games for older audiences.

Honey's Pros:

  • Extremely adorable character models in the tsumu form
  • Several fun mini-games that can be played with up to several people
  • Perfect for kids or younger audiences and/or fans of Disney
  • Tons of Disney content that will warm your heart

Honey's Cons:

  • The rhythm game feels a bit off with the joy con
  • Price tag is a bit high for the collection of games

Honey's Final Verdict:

While Disney Tsum Tsum Festival won’t appeal to everyone, there’s a lot to love about this cute assortment of mini-games. Disney fans will no doubt love seeing their favorite character in their tsum tsum state and will love the homages found in Disney Tsum Tsum Festival. Older audiences that prefer more serious mini-games will probably pass on Disney Tsum Tsum Festival as these games are truly simple to the core and that won’t warrant the price of admission. Are you one of those who plans on buying—if you haven’t already—Disney Tsum Tsum Festival? Sound off in the comments below! For even more game reviews be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!
Tsum-Tsum-Disney-Logo-560x448 Disney Tsum Tsum Festival – Nintendo Switch Review


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