Divine Gate - Anime Winter 2016

Divine-Gate-DVD-1-300x403 Divine Gate - Anime Winter 2016

Divine-Gate-DVD-1-300x403 Divine Gate - Anime Winter 2016

Divine Gate

Action, Sci-fi, Futuristic

Airing Date:
January 8, 2016

Studio Pierrot

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No one knows when, where, or how the door appeared. No one has even seen what’s on the other side, made it to the gate, or even touched it. What has happened since the door opened is that three planes of existence came crashing together; the living, the dead, and heaven. The Earth as we knew it fell into a period of darkness.

However, one day a light shone through the darkness and the World Council was formed to help regulate everything and get everyone back in order. Peace finally was created, but at the cost of forgetting about the cost of the Divine Gate. How quick humans are to forget their history.

Now, the gate assembles what boys and girls it deeps necessary to approach the gate and find out what is on the other side. However, every single expedition set there has failed. Now a new team has been assembled and they are sent off in hopes of reaching the gate and opening it.

These children are now plagued with questions. What should be protected? Who is to blame? Who should change? All these and more wait on the other side of the Divine Gate. They move forward to find out the truth behind everything.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Tetsuya Kakihara

The boy who lights flames. Age:16. Akane is straightforward and direct. He lives with his mother as his father was a researcher for the World Council and died in service. He firmly believes that if he goes to the Divine Gate, he can meet his father again.


Voice Actor: Souma Saitou

The boy who controls water. Age: 16. Aoto Distances himself from others and does not show emotions often. He prefers solitarity. He caused the death of both of his parents long ago so he is referred to sometimes as Aoto the parent killer.


Voice Actor: Kanae Itou

The girl who tames wind. Age: 16. She is lighthearted, sweet and pure. However her pureness can lead her to being careless and hurt others. Her surroundings are bright and upbeat however, it is due to the great pain that she caused her best friend to experience. In order to understand more about her past and the truth, she moves towards the Divine Gate.


Voice Actor: Ayana Taketatsu

The girl who carries light. Age: 16. Hikari is innocent with an unending smile on her face. She always determines her actions by reading the emotions of the group. She is moving towards the Divine Gate to learn more about where she is from and where her parents are from.


Voice Actor: Sora Amamiya

The girl who carries darkness. Age: 16. Yukari loves the night and is a quite individual. She has lost all memories of her childhood. At first she did not have any interest in the Divine Gate. However, she wants to know the truth behind the world and the fragments of her memories so she moves towards the Divine Gate.


Voice Actor: Hiroyuki Yoshino

The boy who loves nothingness. Age: 16. Ginji has no goals or ambitions. He would prefer if everything was reduced to nothingness, however, he has his own reasons and motivation for going to the Divine Gate. When asked about it, he just says that he doesn’t have anything as it is here in this world.


Voice Actor: Yuri Yoshida

The strange helper. Metabon is a strange genious-type living creature from the World Council. It follows around Akane and friends as they move towards the Divine Gate but it’s got a bit of a mouth and it tends to split hairs about things as well.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: one-Me two-Hearts by Hitorie
  • Ending Song: Contrust by vistlip
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Main Staff
  • Director: Noriyuki Abe
  • Series Composition: Natsuko Takahashi
  • Character Design: Ichirou Uno
  • Music: Takumi Ozawa

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