Dolls' Frontline

Dolls' Frontline

Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Drama

Airing Date:
January 7, 2022

Asahi Production

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The year is 2045, and the entire world has been contaminated by Collapse Fluid.
A lack of the most primitive needs, housing and food, led to the outbreak of World War III. By the end of the war, the world was completely devastated.

While civilization was on the brink of collapse, war and the resulting labor shortages drove the advancement of robotics technology, resulting in the creation of “dolls.” These dolls look no different from ordinary human girls, but they are mechanical lifeforms whose abilities far exceed those of humans. Their purpose is to provide various services to humanity.
As the technology developed further, Tactical Dolls, which come equipped with matching guns, were adopted by military organizations.

In the midst of all this, the main AI of the weapons manufacturer Sangvis Ferri Manufacturing suddenly turns on humanity, triggering a battle with the T-Dolls of the PMC Griffin, who were trying to investigate and stop it.

The members of the AR Platoon, made up of the finest T-Dolls in Griffin, work with their human commanders to restore order to various regions, protect humanity, and unravel the huge mystery behind the war.

What awaits them at the end of this fierce conflict?

Characters & Voice Actors

Dolls-Frontline-KV Dolls' Frontline
M4A1: Haruka Tomatsu

The leader of the PMC Griffin’s AR Platoon. A top-grade T-Doll created by 16LAB, a research institute under the I.O.P. Corporation. It can direct the operational actions of other dolls in the absence of a human commander. She has a gentle, calm personality with a strong sense of responsibility. However, she worries about her lack of battlefield experience.
Dolls-Frontline-KV Dolls' Frontline
M16A1: Nozomi Yamane

A member of the PMC Griffin’s AR Platoon. She plays the role of a big sister on the team. A veteran of many battles, she is highly dependable in combat. On the other hand, she is lax in her personal life and drinks heavily. She is very protective of her younger sister, M4A1, and always looks out for her during battle. Rumor has it that she was once assigned to the National Security Bureau. For reasons unknown, she has a scar on her face that hasn’t been repaired.
Dolls-Frontline-KV Dolls' Frontline
ST AR-15: Emiri Katou

A member of the PMC Griffin’s AR Platoon. She has a strong sense of responsibility and appears calm and collected. She has an inferiority complex about the fact that she is a modified civilian unit and not a genuine military doll. She has a strong affection for her fellow AR Platoon members and is willing to put herself in harm’s way for their sake.
Dolls-Frontline-KV Dolls' Frontline
M4 SOPMOD II: Yukari Tamura

A member of the PMC Griffin’s AR Platoon and something of a team mascot. She has a childish, cheerful, and friendly personality. However, in battle, she shows an almost insane cruelty. In particular, when fighting Sangvis Ferri T-Dolls, she always destroys them in the most brutal way possible and is sometimes scolded by her companions for playing with the remains. She stands in strong contrast to the collected STAR15.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "BAD CANDY" by yukaDD(;´∀`)
  • Ending Song: "HORIZON" by TEAM SHACHI
"Dolls' Frontline" (Game)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: SUNBORN Network Technology, Mica Team
  • Director: Shigeru Ueda
  • Script: Hideyuki Kurata
  • Series Composition: Hideyuki Kurata
  • Character Design: Masaki Yamada
  • Music: Takashi Watanabe

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