Don’t Let Others' Judgement of Your Appearance Dictate Your Worth - Beauty and the Beast of Lost Paradise Vol.1, [Manga]

Stand Up For Yourself!
  • Mangaka : Yuki, Kaori
  • Publisher : Kodansha Comics
  • Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Psychological
  • Published : August 2021 - Ongoing

Young and adventurous Belle took a stroll in the forbidden woods with her mother, ignoring the dangers of a beast known for kidnapping beautiful women. Her ignorance has resulted in her mother being kidnapped instead of her by the Beast. Because of Belle’s violet hair and the loss of her mother, her father decides to lock her up in a room for five years to “protect” her from others. She eventually finds her resolve to leave and she goes back to the same woods to search for her mother and encounters the Beast once more.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

So you live in a world where humans, beasts and witches exist. A little magic is all that it take for humas to be afraid of these supernatural citizens of the forests. Belle isn’t like your Disney princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This Belle has more of a tomboyish personality and had a decent life of her own until her mother got kidnapped by a beast. That incident had plummeted her confidence and caused her to hesitate to make decisions and even communicate for fear of saying the wrong thing. The loss of her mother even caused her to spiral in to depression creating a lack of a will to live. This series shows how one’s complex can hinder their life.

Why You Should Read Beauty and the Beast of Lost Paradise

1. Something Different

As we have already mentioned in the Discussion, this series is a variant of the original Beauty and the Beast. After locking up in her room for five years by her alcoholic father, she went to face the same Beast who kidnapped her mother. That is because the body they found does not belong to her mother due to the absence of a red rose mark.

The Beast’s objective is to search for beautiful women so that Madame La Médium, the witch of this story, could take their face away and sell them. Such action could turn these faceless victims into faceless idoles that will wander around on Earth searching for new faces.

You may think that this is the “beast” of the story, but they’re not. The original Beast is none other than Prince Cyril. He has a rather brute personality and makes it hard for Belle to communicate with him, but his actions show kindness and intend to help Belle think of herself instead of being trapped in her parents’ words.

2. They Don’t Hold Back

To those who have heard of the Grimm Brothers of the original Beauty and the Beast, you probably know how dark the original story should be. This series has every intention to go in that direction, but that will be subjective for everyone. Belle’s father did try to kill her as she faces the Beast. The royal army didn’t even stop to think about NOT killing Belle and focus on Prince Cyril when her father, who got possessed by La Médium’s Beast. For a royal army in this world, they sure do have a trigger finger.

3. A Castle Filled With Wonders

Our impression of reading this volume is that we expect cute little teacup, a candle holder, a tiny grandfather clock, etc. Of course, we have to remind ourselves that everyone could be taking a different approach. There are way a lot more servants in the beast castle. The look of their faces is deemed ugly in human’s point of view in their world. However, the way Kaori portrayed these characters are more like demi-humans. They have lizardman, clock man, goat-man, catgirls, dogman, and birdman, for now. They mainly show their features facially. The MVP of these servants is the goat-man, Lucas, who is pretty much the head of the servants and the Beast’s right-hand man.

Why You Should Skip Beauty and the Beast of Lost Paradise

1. Medium Dark Fantasy

Some scenes can be a little disturbing in terms of experience to some readers. Like having a parent who tries to kill you and thinks you belong in their birdcage, a La Médium’s Beast tries to kidnap you so that they can steal your face. What could go wrong? But these are just the heads up to anyone who is not into these kinds of encounters.

Final Thoughts

Beauty and the Beast of Lost Paradise is a variant of the original Beauty and the Beast with a twist of its own. The main spotlight of the story is Belle, who finds herself ugly and has difficulty accepting herself for her appearance and personality. The beast castle has nostalgia for Alice in Wonderland and Beastars. However, the dark aspects of this story may not be suitable to some readers who are not into dark fantasy and psychological genres. Overall, the series is a nice change of pace for readers into Beauty and the Beast. Out of all the servants in this series, except Belle, who is your favourite character?

Rakuen-no-Bijiyo-to-Yajiyu-manga Don’t Let Others' Judgement of Your Appearance Dictate Your Worth - Beauty and the Beast of Lost Paradise Vol.1, [Manga]


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