Dragon Quest Heroes II Cast Revealed

What You Need to Know:

  • Dragon Quest Heroes II drops in a few days, and to commemorate the release, Square Enix has release a 15 minute trailer which introduces the cast behind the beloved series.
  • The video also showcases fan-favorites and returning heroes from Dragon Quest IV, Alena, the vivacious martial artist, and Kiryl, her steadfast defender.
  • To check out all the character videos, be sure to check out the official Dragon Quest Youtube Channel, but for now we'll show you The “Meet the Heroes, Part VII: Alena, Kiryl & Torneko” trailer. Enjoy!

Source: Official Square Enix Press Release

Dragon Quest Heroes II is releasing for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and STEAM® on April 25, 2017. Players who pre-order the Day One Explorer’s Edition will receive 15 in-game bonus weapons, and those who preorder through the PlayStation®Store will receive exclusive items including a PlayStation®4 theme, Dragon Quest 1 Hero Costume and a special “Healix the Hero” recipe for Dragon Quest Builders™.

Dragon Quest Heroes II – Meet the Heroes, Part VII: Alena, Kiryl & Torneko

honeys anime character
While many fans in the west flock to the Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest is actually a lot more popular. I truly enjoy the DQ series more because of its really great story and characters.

honeys anime character
I totally enjoy the characters too, and they stand out in their own way because of Toriyama's contribution to the series.

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