Dreamfall Chapters - PlayStation 4 Review

Dreamfall-Chapters-game-300x376 Dreamfall Chapters - PlayStation 4 Review

A Very Unique but Dull Dream

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Developer: Red Thread Games
  • Release Date: Oct 21, 2014

Who it Caters to

Dreamfall-Chapters-game-300x376 Dreamfall Chapters - PlayStation 4 Review
Fans rejoice as Dreamfall Chapters concludes the story acting as a sequel to Red Thread Games previous Dreamfall The Longest Journey. Once again taking the role of Zoe Castillo, players will have to try and solve the various issues going on in a future version of Earth. Players will use their exploration skills to learn the full plot of what is happening to Zoe’s world while she was in a coma. Dreamfall Chapters also focuses on Kian Alvane who must escape his confinement which seems to be a death sentence. If you love adventure games with branching paths, a deep story, and a unique concept, you’ll be in love with Dreamfall Chapters.

What to Expect

Dreamfall-Chapters-game-300x376 Dreamfall Chapters - PlayStation 4 Review
Dreamfall Chapters is split into several episodic chapters but thankfully come in a bundle to avoid having to wait for each chapter’s individual release. Meant to be a conclusion to the The Longest Journey series, players will finally get some much deserved answers. Once again returning are the series’ known exploration gameplay mechanics. Taking a third person perspective, players will interact with items and people. At times the player will have to make one of several narrative choices that alter the story in terms of how others react to them, however these choices do not affect the ending. If you were a fan of The Longest Journey series, then you’ll be happy to return in this episodic conclusion in Dreamfall Chapters.


Dreamfall-Chapters-game-300x376 Dreamfall Chapters - PlayStation 4 Review
Taking place directly after the events of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Zoe has been in a coma after finding out several secrets her enemies didn’t wish for her to know. While her body may be comatose in the living world, within the Storytime dream machine, Zoe is fully aware of her current situation. As she struggles with helping those trapped in the Storytime world, another man is struggling with his own capture. Kian is to be executed because he may confess The Prophet’s actions in terms of the dream eating machines he has been making. While their stories may run parallel, both of these figures will find their fates converging as they attempt to show the world what is really going on with the Dream machines and the Stark world as a whole.


Dreamfall-Chapters-game-300x376 Dreamfall Chapters - PlayStation 4 Review
Dreamfall Chapters is very much your typical third person adventure game and in many ways that is both the positive and negative aspect of it. Running around as the various playable characters, players will have to make use of in game items to solve puzzles and to navigate the various settings. While these mechanics work at a technical level, Dreamfall Chapters begins to wane thanks to the mechanics never changing even after several hours. Puzzles are usually very easy to solve only ever requiring players to search every nook and cranny to find items occasionally, but none of the puzzles ever felt unfair. While anyone can easily play Dreamfall Chapters, those who want a little bit more meat with their navigation and exploration will find Dreamfall Chapters comes up a bit short unfortunately. Also if you’re new to The Longest Journey story, there is a nice story recap available in the extras menu that will catch you up to Zoe and Kian’s plot so far.

Another issue with Dreamfall Chapters is the narrative moments. Players can talk to loads of characters and make choices that they feel are fitting to their style of play. There is even the ability to see what other players of Dreamfall Chapters choose to do in their respective games. However, as clever as the narrative is and the cool effects the story gets from the choices the player makes, it never really amounts to much. The conclusion will always be the same and that is really a shame as it makes choices feel meaningless in the end game, even when some of those choices lead to some huge altercations in the story.

Graphically, Dreamfall Chapters isn’t bad to look at by any means. The world of 2220 looks futuristic all while having a unique spin to the concepts of the future. The same can be said of the fantasy like areas that the player will have to go through such as the Storytime plane of existence and the Arcadia world. Dreamfall Chapters suffers in some of the character animations and designs. While Zoe, Kain, and several others look solid, others sometimes fall flat in both the way they look and their movements as a whole. It isn’t a deal breaker by any means as overall Dreamfall Chapters is quite nice to look at for such a large adventure game.

In terms of the audio for Dreamfall Chapters, the music and voice acting are both solid. While some tracks are better than others, the same can be said about some of the voice acting. Fans of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey may be a bit disappointed that the original voice actresses for Zoe, Ellie Conrad- Leigh, was unable to reprise her role once again. Luckily, the new voice actresses Charlotte Ritchie, does a fine job. Thankfully even when the voice acting is at its weakest, the story isn’t affected much. Overall, we have no complaints with any of the audio from Dreamfall Chapters, something a lot of adventure games falter with.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Dreamfall-Chapters-game-300x376 Dreamfall Chapters - PlayStation 4 Review
Dreamfall Chapters isn’t the best adventure game we here at Honey’s Anime have ever played, that much can be said. However, while the conclusion isn’t that great and the gameplay suffers an overly repetitious feel, there is a lot to love about Red Thread Games’ work. The story at times can be quite amazing thanks to some clever dialogue and the events that transpire from choices made from the player lead to some cool set sequences later in the game. However, again because the ending isn’t affected truly by choices it makes a lot of the narrative input from players seem almost unwarranted and that is a shame. Dreamfall Chapters does a lot right but as many great elements that do exist, there are a lot of unfortunate missed opportunities and weaker elements that keep Dreamfall Chapters from being just amazing. While the game can take easily up to 25+ hours to beat, that depends on whether you are a fan of The Longest Journey series or are just someone entering for the first time.

Honey's Pros:

  • Well written Dialogue
  • Strong Art Style
  • Great soundtrack
  • Clever Gameplay Mechanics
  • Simple Controls

Honey's Cons:

  • Weak Conclusion
  • Character Models
  • Repetitive Gameplay
  • No real Risk in Choices

Honey's Final Verdict:

Dreamfall-Chapters-game-300x376 Dreamfall Chapters - PlayStation 4 Review
We believe that making an adventure game is indeed a difficult feat. While Red Thread Games didn’t hit a homerun in terms of Dreamfall Chapters, they sure made a game that we feel will please fans and those who are looking for a simple adventure game with some unique elements. There is a lot to love in a game like Dreamfall Chapters and while one can be super critical of it, we here at Honey’s Anime feel that overall the game is still enjoyable enough to give a recommendation to try it out. As always folks, if you love our reviews here at Honey’s Anime make sure to comment your thoughts down below. Stick around for more great reviews and articles to come.

Dreamfall-Chapters-game-300x376 Dreamfall Chapters - PlayStation 4 Review


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