Enmusubi no Youko-chan (Fox Spirit Matchmaker) Ep #12 Preview and Still Cuts Are Here!

What You Need to Know:

  • Check out the preview for episode 12 as well as still cuts from the upcoming episode of Fox Spirit Matchmaker!
  • Episode 12: Southern Princess
    When Yaya Tosan and company try to set up the conditions to see “that person” once more who appeared in that time, they catch Susu Tosan and Haku Gesshou and make the exact same situation again.
    However, due to a plot by the princess of the southern country, Haku Gesshou is turned into an apparition and begins to start attacking Suusu. Yaya Tosan however is able to reverse Haku Gesshou’s transformation into an apparition, but... not all is as it seems...

  • honeys anime character
    This is starting to get really serious!

    honeys anime character
    I agree!