Exhilarating Parkour Platformer Super Cloudbuilt Now Available On PS4, PC

What You Need to Know:

  • Coilworks and Double Eleven are thrilled to announce that Super Cloudbuilt, the parkour platformer with an enthralling sense of speed and gorgeous crosshatch visuals, is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam ahead of its launch on Xbox One on July 28th. Super Cloudbuilt is $19.99, though fans will receive a 10 percent discount if they pick it up during launch week.
  • We did a pretty in depth review on Super Cloudbuilt, so if you want to know our take on the game be sure to click here to check it out!
  • Super Cloudbuilt includes a total of 177 challenges throughout its Story, Ranked and Rush modes, offering ample opportunities for players to master their techniques and shave seconds off their best leaderboard times. There's plenty in store for anyone who decides to grab it, but we assure you it'll be a blast to play.

Source: Official Press Release

Official Trailer

Super Cloudbuilt Trailer - OUT NOW

honeys anime character
This was such an incredible experience for me, it felt like a dream the way everything was presented.

honeys anime character
The fast paced action made the game thrilling but also challenging at the same time. So rewarding!