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Fable in a whole new way

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  • System: PC, Xbox One
  • Publisher: Mediatonic
  • Developer: Mediatonic, Flaming Fowl Studios
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Who it Caters to

FA-1-Fable-Fortune-capture-560x315 Fable Fortune - PC Review
Are you a fan of card games like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering? Equally, do you love the aesthetic of Fable with its mixture of fantasy and adventure themes? Then you’re going to find Fable Fortune to be right up your alley! Build a deck from concepts and systems straight from the world of Fable and use them to obliterate your foes. Become a good hero or an evil villain and see where each path takes your powers in Fable Fortune!

What to Expect

FA-1-Fable-Fortune-capture-560x315 Fable Fortune - PC Review
Fable Fortune melds the fantasy themes from the Fable franchise with card-based gameplay. Launch various troops and card types to whittle away your opponent’s HP. Battles in Fable Fortune will test your strategy and luck equally. Will you play a slew of cards that have low health/defense but can be quickly used or save up gold to summon giant warriors to hit with major damage? Add to this the evil/good alignment system found in the Fable world and you will see that Fable Fortune is a card game with a slew of tricks up its sleeve.


FA-1-Fable-Fortune-capture-560x315 Fable Fortune - PC Review
Unlike proper Fable games in the franchise, Fable Franchise isn’t story focused. Players assume the role of various classes as they engage in randomized events either alone or with friends online. Fable Fortune also allows for quests to be taken during a match to enhance your skills mid battle and to gain an upper hand on your opponent. Fable Fortune also keeps true to the franchise roots by having a good and evil system that changes your cards and the powers you can utilize. What will be the right card to play? Find out for yourself as you enter the world of Fable Fortune!


FA-1-Fable-Fortune-capture-560x315 Fable Fortune - PC Review
Last year in 2017, we here at Honey’s Anime reviewed Fable Fortune for the Xbox One. We honestly loved the gameplay themes found in Fable Fortune and gave it a very solid recommendation to pick it up. Since then, Fable Fortune has become free to play on the PC and we got our hands on it to see if much has changed. We’re going to review Fable Fortune in the guise that you out there might not have read our previous review and need to know more about it. Now join us here at Honey’s Anime HQ as we review Fable Fortune for the PC.

Fable Fortune isn’t a game Fable fans should go into without some proper research. Unlike the traditional adventure gameplay of the series proper, Fable Fortune is a card-based game with ideas similar to that in other card games like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. Though we don’t want people hating on Fable Fortune because of this switch in gameplay format. Fable Fortune is a lot of fun for those familiar with Fable and for those who aren’t.

In Fable Fortune, players are given cards to use in lieu of swords, magic and guns. This is where Fable Fortune plays out similar to Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone—promise we won’t keep saying this any further—where players have a HP number and must eliminate the opponent’s HP before losing their own. Players must use cards to summon warriors and other beats straight from Fable’s lore to win. It might sound cliché in design but Fable Fortune has some rather unique gameplay elements that fans of the Fable games will come to love.

Before a match begins, players must choose from several classes to play as. Each class—examples are Gravedigger, Knight and Merchant as well as several more—has different skills and talents that players can utilize in a game. Gravediggers can summon small beasts with their power and Merchants can increase the amount of gold—which is Fable Fortune’s mana system—earned per turn. Then like the Fable games, there is a good/evil system that gives classes unique powers to make for some rather interesting game changers mid match. Fable Fortune also incorporates a quest system to perform various goals for more gold or to even cause your hero to change their good/evil allegiance. It might sound like a lot to take in but Fable Fortune is easy to learn but with a lot of room to master.

Now you might be wondering what types of matches are actually available in Fable Fortune? Well, that’s where Fable Fortune takes ideas from other games we mentioned above. Players can go solo against various opponents or go online to face off against enemies in events that change randomly. Here, players can team up with others to face off against the computer in different difficulty settings for a chance to earn more card packs and to level up your classes. It might feel overly simple but we love how events constantly change with different opponents to fight against and new challenges to overcome. Plus, with Fable Fortune being free to play now, we had no problems finding people to play with online which was a bit of an issue we faced when initially reviewing the Xbox One version.

Fable Fortune also shines in one other aspect and that’s the card list. Card games are made and broken based on how many cards players can use and gain. Fable Fortune has hundreds of different cards to unlock and all feel pretty interesting. We also love that Fable Fortune doesn’t skimp with how many card packs you gain as we constantly gained new card packs even if we lost numerous games online. We wish you luck in gaining the cards in Fable Fortune. As of right now we can see players taking quite some time to nab them all.

Finally, let’s talk about the graphic and music of Fable Fortune. Fable Fortune might be card orientated now, but clearly the developers Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic made sure to keep the image of Fable alive in Fable Fortune. Every card’s design and the OST of Fable Fortune scream Fable and we appreciate that being fans of the franchise ourselves. We wish there was a bit more animation in the cards themselves but it’s a card game and we don’t expect it to have amazing animation. Fable Fortune works visually and musically which is all that matters in our minds.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

FA-1-Fable-Fortune-capture-560x315 Fable Fortune - PC Review
Fable Fortune still impresses us whether it’s on the Xbox One or the PC. The fun card game focus might turn off fans of the adventure orientated Fable but if you consider yourself a fan of Magic: The Gathering or any card game for that matter you’ll be right at home with Fable Fortune. Now that Fable Fortune is free to play, more accessibility means even more players online to go up against and we had no problem finding co-op games with players online in comparison to the rather sparse Xbox One version. Fable Fortune still feels like a clone of Magic: The Gathering but we forgive it as it has just enough to be considered original. We don’t have a doubt it our minds you folks will enjoy Fable Fortune and should go download it on your PCs whenever you can!

Honey's Pros:

  • Amazing art design
  • Numerous cards to use
  • Deep card-based systems to learn
  • Co-op is quite enjoyable
  • Still retains that Fable feel

Honey's Cons:

  • Mirrors Magic: The Gathering a bit heavily
  • Matches can either be extremely fast or very slow

Honey's Final Verdict:

FA-1-Fable-Fortune-capture-560x315 Fable Fortune - PC Review
Card games can either be tons of fun or just end up being repetitive and dull. That’s not the case with Fable Fortune however. While it mirrors games like Magic: The Gathering and or Hearthstone a bit heavily, Fable Fortune feels unique as it keeps the Fable franchise alive via the art, presentation and even card list. Now that Fable Fortune is free to play, we can see it becoming even bigger than it was on the Xbox One a while back and we’re quite happy to see developers Mediatonic and Flaming Fowl Studios get some much-needed players. What are your thoughts on Fable Fortune? Have you played the Xbox One version and are now happy to jump onto the PC version since it’s free to play? Tell us below and for all your gaming reviews and article needs be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

FA-1-Fable-Fortune-capture-560x315 Fable Fortune - PC Review


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