Fall 2019 Anime Chart

Action & Adventure Anime

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="Azur Lane" synopsis="Our story takes place on a far-away, unknown blue planet where 71% of the surface is covered in water. One day, strange beings from another world known as ’Sirens’ appear. Humanity needs to rise up and fight against this threat, so they form four branches of a military known as Azur Lane..." url="https://honeysanime.com/azur-lane-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Action, Military" studios="Bibury Animation" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime color="blue" image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Black Clover" synopsis="There is a world where magic is everything. Asta and Yuno were raised by the church, and once they turned 15, they participated in a coming of age ceremony where they were awarded grimores that will raise their innate magic power. There, it is not powerless Asta who is bequeathed a grimore, but rather Yuno, who is given the Four-leaf Clover grimore. However, Asta, in order to prove his own power, and honor the oath that he made with his childhood friend Yuno, sets out with him in order for them to become the Magic Emperor!" url="https://honeysanime.com/black-clover/" alternate_name="" genres="Fantasy, Action, Adventure" studios="Studio Pierrot"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season" synopsis=" (The 4th season of Boku no Hero Academia.)

It all started with the news of the birth of a 'luminescent baby' in Keikei City, China. Since then, 'Paranormalities' have been discovered all over the world, but their cause still remains unclear. Now, we have entered the superhuman age, where eighty percent of the world’s total population are born with some kind of idiosyncrasy, known as a Quirk. While criminals and villains who use their supernatural powers for evil are steadily on the rise, there is also a society of heroes who use the very same Quirks to stand against and save people from villains and disasters." url="https://honeysanime.com/boku-no-hero-academia-4th-season-anime/" alternate_name="My Hero Academia" genres="Action, Adventure, Superpower, Comedy" studios="Bones" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Dr. Stone" synopsis="All of humanity was, due to a mysterious phenomenon, turned to stone in a moment. Thousands of years later...
Senkuu, a young man who is a scientist at heart who possesses a superhuman amount of knowledge, wakes up.

From the stone age to the current civilization, more than 2,000,000 years have passed.

Driven into a corner, Senkuu searches for his friends deciding to save the world!" url="https://honeysanime.com/dr-stone-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Sci-Fi, Post-apocalyptic, Adventure" studios="TMS Entertainment" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="Fairy gone" synopsis=" Formerly fairies, they are now weapons...

In this world reside fairies, beings who have a special power that resides in them, can possess animals. By taking out the organs of these possessed animals and transplanting them into humans, they can invoke the powers of the fairies themselves and fight. Using the fairies as weapons of war via controlling the soldiers within whom they reside, they are known as ‘Fairy Fighters’. After the long war has finally end, their role fulfilled, they had nowhere to go. Some became part of the government, some became part of the mafia, and some became terrorists. They each chose their own path to walk. " url="https://honeysanime.com/fairy-gone-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Supernatural, Action, Police" studios="P.A. Works" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Granblue Fantasy 2nd Season" synopsis="The second season of Granblue Fantasy.
Now to those vast blue skies, again...

Dreaming of the skies, a young boy who is aiming for the island of stars, meets a mysterious girl with blue hair who falls from the skies, herself. Their fates and lives became intertwined.

These two who head on a journey in the skies meet trustworthy allies, and at each area, they meet the Knights of the Skies. Avoiding the attacks of the empire and following a chance encounter with the star crystal beasts, the two’s bond grows stronger and deeper. However, their journey to the stars is a work in progress.

This boy and girl head to the next journey on their adventure." url="https://honeysanime.com/granblue-fantasy-2nd-season-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Fantasy, Action" studios="A-1 Pictures" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE" synopsis="It’s been two years since the legendary team Force, made up of Build Divers, saved the EL-Diver. The Gunpla Battle Nexus Online (GBN), which was the stage for that, was upgraded to allow for sensory feedback to allow users to enjoy a more realistic play experience.

However, there are Divers who don’t care about the new excitement the GBN can bring them and play with a different intention in mind. Hiroto is a Diver who plays alone, like a mercenary. Kazami is a wandering Diver who drifts from group to group, looking for somewhere to belong. May is a mysterious solo Diver and joins in Gunpla Battles all day. Parviz is an introverted beginner Diver who wants to play co-op.

While each of them are lonely, due to a certain event that happens, another ‘Build Divers’ forms. What awaits these four is an experience that goes far beyond the GBN." url="https://honeysanime.com/gundam-build-divers-rerise-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha" studios="Sunrise" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="Keishichou Tokumubu Tokushukyouakuhan Taisakushitsu Dai nana-ka -Tokunana-" synopsis="2X19, Tokyo.

This was thought of as the peaceful era, however it was not as if there weren’t crimes. In adoration of the dragons of old, ‘Nine’ became a criminal organization which commits excessively horrible crimes in search of the dragon’s power. Their plan is to commit horrible crimes and change the current world." url="https://honeysanime.com/tokunana-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Action, Police" studios="TBA" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Mugen no Juunin: IMMORTAL" synopsis="This takes place in the Edo era, when samurai still existed…
There was an ‘immortal’ man who was said to have killed a hundred men. That man’s name was Manji.

Manji meets a girl named Rin who swore revenge on the one who killed her parents. Rin asks Manji if he would become her bodyguard in her quest for revenge. At first, Manji refused, but then he saw the image of his younger sister who died within Rin. As it would be dangerous for Rin to go at it alone, he decides to give her a hand. However, Rin’s enemies are a group of swordsmen who are members of Ittou-ryuu. It meant the beginning of a fierce fight to the death that would even catch up to the immortal Manji.

What is the ‘Blade of the Immortal’?
This series, which has sold over 5.8 million copies, was Hiroaki Samura’s first manga as a manga artist. The ‘Neo-era drama’ series depicting the journey of revenge with Rin and Manji is being re-animated as a complete version after 20 years of films and anime. Currently, all 15 volumes are being republished as a ‘new edition’. In addition, ‘Mugen no Juunin: Bakumatsu no Akira-’, which was named the official sequel, is being serialized by Afternoon." urhttps://honeysanime.com/mugen-no-juunin-immortal-anime/l="" alternate_name="" genres="Action, Adventure, Drama, Supernatural, Seinen" studios="LIDENFILMS" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="No Guns Life" synopsis="There exists a technology created by a company simply known as ‘body machine expansion.’ Through it, people are table to take a part, or the entirety, of their body and replace it with some sort of machinery. These beings, or cyborgs, are known as ‘Extends’.

Extends and non-Extends exist alongside each other in our society, and this leads to unending issues. That is where Juuzou Inui founded his business. He works to solve these issues as a fixer. You see, Juuzou himself is an Extend with a large gun in his head." url="https://honeysanime.com/no-guns-life-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Sci-Fi, Action, Seinen" studios="Madhouse" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Shin Chuuka Ichiban" synopsis="19th Century China. Our main character Mao Hsing Liu is the youngest boy in history to pass China’s most difficult chef certification. On the recommendation of his master Yu Shou and in order to expand his own information on cooking, he traveled all over southwestern China with his friend Lao Zhi and Mei Li Chou." url="https://honeysanime.com/shin-chuuka-ichiban-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Cooking, Adventure" studios="NAS, Production I.G." color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Shokugeki no Soma: Shin no Sara" synopsis="The 4th season of Shokugeki no Soma. Soma Yukihira, who has been honing his cooking skills at his family diner, “Yukihira,” all his life, enters a super elite culinary academy called “Totsuki Saryo Culinary Academy”. He improves as a chef through interactions with other chefs in and out of the academy, but everything changes when Azami Nakiri takes over the commander-in-chief position at the academy." url="https://honeysanime.com/shokugeki-no-soma-shin-no-sara-4th-season-anime/" alternate_name="Food Wars! 4th Season" genres="Action, Ecchi, School, Cooking" studios="J.C. Staff" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Tenka Hyakken: Meiji-kan e Youkoso" synopsis="A story of ‘swords and maidens’. After the end of the era of war and swords, a dawn of a new Meiji period begins. The maidens called ‘Mitsurugi’ who made history with professional swordsmen also abandon the world and start to live on their own. They embrace the ‘Oath of Hyakken’. However, three hundred years after the Battle of Sekigahara, a new evil foe threatens the world. There’s no way for a city of civilization that longs for peace to resist it. In an alternative version of the Meiji Era, the ones who gather are the swords who bloom on the battlefield, the well-known maidens who are the physical incarnations of ancient swords." url="https://honeysanime.com/tenka-hyakken-meiji-kan-e-youkoso-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Action, Drama, Historical, Martial Arts, Romance" studios="LIDEN FILMS" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Vinland Saga" synopsis="At the end of the first millennium, the Vikings exist. The strongest race known for committing every single atrocious act wherever they appear. The son of the strongest fighter of legend, Thorfinn, was raised on the battlefield from a young age, and now aims for the continent of legend, Vinland." url="https://honeysanime.com/vinland-saga-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Action, Adventure, Seinen, Historical" studios="WIT STUDIO" color="blue"]

Comedy, Romance, & Romcom Anime

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Africa no Salaryman" synopsis="The Savanna and the food chain have nothing to do with each other.

This is a comedy about the sweat and tears of African office workers who are Japanese corporate slaves☆

Lion, Toucan, and Lizard are three people, or animals anyway, worked for major companies in Africa and are now spending their days weaving their wild rants and eccentricities together to break through Japanese society." url="https://honeysanime.com/africa-no-salaryman-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Comedy, Slice of Life" studios="HOTZIPANG" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Ani ni tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! 3rd Season" synopsis="This is the 3rd Season of Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!

This web manga has been read over 500 million times in China and is now headed for an anime adaptation! A violent younger sister kicks and hits her idiot older brother!? Sibling Love! Romance! Gourmet food…? This school comedy has all of these in it." url="https://honeysanime.com/ani-ni-tsukeru-kusuri-wa-nai-3rd-season-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Comedy, School, Slice of Life" studios="Imagineer Co. Ltd" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai 2nd Season" synopsis="In order to get a recommendation letter for university, Nariyuki Yuiga, a third-year high school student, is left in charge of helping to tutor two beautiful geniuses named Fumino and Rizu. These two girls appear to be flawless, but it seems that they have unexpected worries that they are harboring... On top of that, he also now has to help out Uruka of the swimming team...!?" url="https://honeysanime.com/bokutachi-wa-benkyou-ga-dekinai-we-never-learn-2nd-season-anime/" alternate_name="We Never Learn" genres="Romcom, Harem, School" studios="SILVER, ARVO Animation" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy" synopsis="That’s right, I’ve awakened!
Mizuki Hijiri is a high school student who transferred to Minakami High School halfway through the school year for certain reasons. There, Mizuki was destined to meet the Hero Club, a group of unfortunate boys who suffer from chuunibyou, or adolescent delusions of grandeur. For some reason, Mizuki gets caught up in the Hero Club’s activities and she can’t keep up with their antics as their nonstop delusions unfold and she’s at their mercy as they run amok! She has no time to be tired!

‘...How strange. And all I wanted was a peaceful high school life…!’

The fantastical slapstick comedy of the chuunibyou school begins, featuring Mizuki, who just wants a peaceful high school life, and the boys who suffer from chuunibyou!" url="https://honeysanime.com/chuubyou-gekihatsu-boy-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Slice of Life, Comedy, School, Reverse Harem" studios="Studio DEEN" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="High Score Girl II" synopsis="This is the 2nd Season of High Score Girl.

The high score girl is my journey to meet a girl better than myself at games.

‘What’s a polygon? Can you eat it?’ The arrival of the heyday of good old-fashioned 2D games was 1991.

In a corner of an arcade rampant with salarymen, delinquents, and otaku, she sat there quietly and coolly. This 90’s arcade romcom is told through the eyes of the main character, Haruo!" url="https://honeysanime.com/high-score-girl-ii-2nd-season-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Game, Comedy, Romance" studios="J.C. Staff" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="Null & Peta" synopsis="The genius girl, Null, loses her sister in an accident, but it’s okay! Using her knowledge, she succeeds in creating her beloved sister, Peta, as a robot!

However, isn’t Peta who’s been revived as a robot a little bit different from how she was before? This is a slapstick comedy between the younger sister, Null, and her older robot sister, Peta!

‘Sis! You’re not plugged in!’" url="https://honeysanime.com/null-and-peta-anime/" alternate_name="" genres=" Comedy, Slice of Life" studios="Shin-Ei Animation" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae Dake ka yo" synopsis="Question time: What would you do if you were invited to go on a date by a girl you liked?
Followup: What would you do if the cool beauty Cosmos-senpai asked you out? What if it was the cute, childhood friend, Himawari? What if both of these beauties asked you out?! Of course, you would rush to meet them where they asked you. Then when you get there, the ‘thing’ they want to talk about is..." url="https://honeysanime.com/ore-wo-suki-nano-wa-omae-dake-ka-yo-announces-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, Romcom" studios="CONNECT" color="blue"]

Fantasy & Supernatural Anime

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Assassins Pride" synopsis="Nobles who possess a special power known as ‘Mana’ are responsible for protecting humanity in this work.

Meet Melida Angel, a girl who is a noble herself and attends a school where other nobles in possession of ‘mana’ attend. While she is here, she actually doesn’t have the power of mana and is unique. Kufa Vampir is dispatched as the private tutor in order to witness her power. His orders are simple, if she has mana, she’s fine. However, if she does not, she is to be killed.

In a society where power is everything, Melida’s hard work goes unnoticed and Kufa needs to make a tough decision..." url="https://honeysanime.com/assassins-pride-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Fantasy, Drama, Seinen" studios="October 2019" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Enen no Shouboutai" synopsis="All of humanity is terrified...

It has become commonplace that humans now suddenly burst into flames becoming monsters of flame known as ‘Infernals.’ They cause insurmountable amounts of destruction while being part of the ‘human combustion phenomenon.’

The mission of a special fleet of firefighters is to stand up to the fear of flames while understanding this mysterious phenomenon and save humanity.

That is when Shinra Kusakabe, often just referred to as ‘demon,’ enlists. His goal is to become a hero and fight against Infernals with his colleagues!!" url="https://honeysanime.com/enen-shouboutai-fire-force-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Supernatural, Action" studios="david production" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Fate/Grand Order -Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia-" synopsis="The final fight which Fujimaru and Mashu will challenge others against, begins now." url="https://honeysanime.com/fate-grand-order-zettai-majuu-sensen-babylonia/" alternate_name="" genres="Fantasy, Supernatural, Action" studios="Clover Works" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="GeGeGe no Kitarou 6th Season" synopsis="Welcome to the current era, somewhere around the 20th year of the 21st century, where humanity has completely forgotten about the existence of youkai (demons).
There are phenomena frequently occurring that science cannot explain, and adults are running around in confusion as rumors fly wild.
A 13-year-old girl named Mana has decided to do something about it and writes a letter and puts it in the youkai mailbox. Who appears in front of Mana with the clip clop sounds echoing of his geta (Japanese wooden clogs) is none other than Kitarou of GeGeGe." url="https://honeysanime.com/gegege-no-kitarou-6th-season-anime/" alternate_name=""Kitarou of the Graveyard genres="Fantasy, Horror, Comedy" studios="Toei Animation" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="pet" synopsis="There were people who had the ability to dive into the human brain and manipulate memory. Our power has been used in the underworld for things like cover-ups and assassinations. However, the power that broke humanity’s spirit eroded their own minds at the same time. So, they protected their fragile and dangerous minds by chaining themselves to one another. And so, out of fear and resentment, they were called ‘pets.’" url="https://honeysanime.com/pet-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Thriller, Seinen, Supernatural" studios="Geno Studio" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode Oracle" synopsis="This is a new anime that is a spin-off of the Phantasy Star Online 2 anime that aired in Winter 2016. The story will cover the first three episodes of the original game and include an original story as well." url="https://honeysanime.com/phantasy-star-online-2-episode-oracle-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi" studios="Gonzo" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Mairimashita! Iruma-kun" synopsis="Iruma Suzuki is a good-natured young man who cannot turn down any request. That’s when one day, he becomes the grandson of the king of hell, Sullivan. Iruma is well-loved and doted upon by this demon, but starts to attend the demon academy where Sullivan is the head of the board.
While continuing to hide the fact that he is a human, Iruma-kun wishes to live a peaceful school life, but for some reason, he’s always the center of attention.

Elite demons pick fights with him, rare demon-girls are in attracted to him, and Iruma-kun even finds himself in the crosshairs of the strict student council president. As each problem confronts him, he overcomes it with his inherent kindness!" url="https://honeysanime.com/mairimashita-iruma-kun-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Supernatural, Comedy" studios="NHK" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Nanatsu no Taizai 3rd Season: Kamigami no Gekirin" synopsis="This is the official 3rd Season of The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai).
The current era is that of one where the world of humans and the world of those who are non-human have not been separated. With great and terrible power, revered by many, and sometimes feared by the population, the Holy Knights protected the Kingdom of Liones. The princess of the kingdom, Princess Elizabeth, just one person, has stepped out of her country on a journey searching for some certain people." url="https://honeysanime.com/nanatsu-no-taizai-kamigami-no-gekirin-the-seven-deadly-sins-wrath-of-the-gods-3rd-season-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Ecchi" studios="Studio Deen" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Raidant 2nd Season" synopsis="This is the 2nd Season of Radiant.
Seth has dreams of becoming a cool mage in the future. He undergoes special training every single day to help him defeat monsters known as Nemesis that fall from the sky daily. However, it’s not going very well and his troubles continue. He causes problems for the people of his village and gets scolded by the parent who raised him, Alma.

Then one day, a giant nemesis attacks the village!

Seth wants to exterminate the root of all nemesis and save the world. So, he sets out on a journey to find the rumored land ‘Radiant’ where the nest of the nemesis is." url="https://honeysanime.com/radiant-second-season-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Fantasy, Adventure" studios="Lerche" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="Z/X- Code Reunion" synopsis="Gates to another world, called ‘Black Points,’ suddenly appeared all over the world. The exact moment the gates opened, this world was connected to five different worlds.

Around that time, other worldly beings called ‘Z/X’ from yet another world put each world’s prestige on the line and a fierce battle unfolded. Unfortunately, humanity would become involved in this battle as well.

...Time moves on and the season is now spring. The long-running battle between Z/X and mankind has finally settled down after a ceasefire treaty between mankind and the five worlds, and the existence of Z/X is now commonplace. Azumi Kagamihara had fallen ill in her childhood, but her life was saved thanks to the technology from the blue world. After waking up from a long sleep, she goes to a certain school with her Rigel, a Z/X from the blue world who becomes her partner. " url="https://honeysanime.com/zx-code-reunion/" alternate_name="" genres="Fantasy, School, Sci-Fi" studios="Passione" color="blue"]

Ecchi & Harem Anime

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="ValxLove" synopsis="The only beings here to drive back the demons that threaten humanity are nine Valkyries. There source of power is love from a single high school student, Takuma Akutsu. Takuma doesn’t get along with others and lives a lonely life. Thanks to him saving one of the Valkyries, he is now going to become the lover of these nine sister Valkyries and assist them in protecting humanity from demons. The way he helps them, is by making love to these Valkyries! Takuma forms a pact with these nine sisters and they all come to live with him. They have to overcome all sorts of missions as he teaches them how to fight. This is his fight to prove that love can save the world!" url="https://honeysanime.com/val-x-love-ecchi-ikusa-x-koi-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Supernatural, Harem, Comedy, Ecchi" studios="Hoods Entertainment" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="XL Joushi" synopsis="‘If you’re looking for the rare XL size… we have them right here!’
Saki was introduced by a friend to become a monitor for the XL size of a certain product. But she doesn’t even have a boyfriend, so it’ll be impossible…! As she drowned her sorrows in alcohol one night, her boss, Mr. Sudo, took her home and happened to see the products! She told him it wasn’t what he thought, but then he revealed a secret about himself… Now, she’s going to monitor her boss that she fights with like cats and dogs, and on top of that, he wants to master *all* the different sizes…!? He can’t be serious!" url="https://honeysanime.com/xl-joushi-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Romance, Ecchi, Josei" studios="Magic Bus" color="blue"]

Idol & Music Anime

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="Actors -Songs Connection-" synopsis="Located in the seventh school district of the huge academy city group, Thrive Central, is Tenshou Private Academy.

Although Saku Otonomiya has some troubles after transferring in, he feels comfortable with his new, important friends after interacting with them in the quirky singing and archeology clubs.

After meeting the seemingly unfriendly, but good-looking Sousuke Kagura and the elusive Uta Outa who says crazy things, he learns about the enjoyment of music.

They cry and laugh, and even sometimes get into fights.

It’s during these casual everyday things that Saku notices an unprecedented change in himself…

This is the story of the ACTORS' youth as they try to live it up every day." url="https://honeysanime.com/actors-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Idol, School, Slice of Life" studios="Dive" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Kono Oto Tomare!" synopsis="Tokise high school’s koto music club is on the verge of being abolished.
All that is left is the club president when a delinquent young boy visits along with a girl who is a genius with koto music.

This story of the sound of koto from each student all come together to tell this story of youths at an academy." url="https://honeysanime.com/kono-oto-tomare-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Shounen, Slice of Life, Music" studios="Platinum Vision" color="blue"]

Isekai Anime

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku you desu!" synopsis="Seven high schoolers were involved in a plane accident. When they open their eyes, they are in another world full of magic and demi-humans. In this sudden development, they are confused... because there is nothing to do! There’s no electricity, so they build electrical plants, and by just working away from home, they take control of the economy of a major city. It appears they can do anything they set their minds to after liberating the people suffering under an evil government by fighting with them." url="https://honeysanime.com/choujin-koukousei-tachi-wa-isekai-demo-yoyuu-de-ikinuku-you-desu-anime/" alternate_name="High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World" genres="Isekai, Fantasy, Drama" studios="project No. 9" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Hataage! Kemonomichi" synopsis="The strongest masked wrestler: Kemona Mask.

Bathed in cheers from the crowds, Kemona Mask is here to defeat his long standing rival, MAO. The gong has just rung to start the championship match! At least... that was what was supposed to have happened..." url="https://honeysanime.com/hataage-kemonomichi-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Isekai" studios="ENGI" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="Honzuki no Gekokujou ~Shisho ni Naru tame ni wa Shudan wo Erandeiraremasen~" synopsis="Urano Motosu is a girl currently living in modern day Japan. The day she was supposed to start a job at the library, the one thing she’s ever wanted, she passes away.

Still harboring angst for wanting to read many more countless books, she wakes up to find herself in another world as the young girl, Maine. She has a small body, but retains all of the knowledge she had from her previous life." url="https://honeysanime.com/honzuki-no-gekokujou-anime/" alternate_name="Ascendance of a Bookworm" genres="Isekai, Fantasy" studios="Brain's Base" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Shinchou Yuusha ~Kono Yuusha ga OreTUEEE Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru~" synopsis="Ristarte is a useless goddess that has been directed to help save a world that is on super hard mode. She succeeds in summoning Seiya, a hero who is broken beyond all reason, but he’s a bit too cautious...?
‘Give me three pieces of equipment: one to wear, a spare, and another spare for when I lose the first one.’

Not content with stockpiling items to the point that it’s borderline abnormal, he trains constantly alone in his room to max his level and challenges basic slime enemies with all of his strength! Thus beings the tale of salvation for this world brought about by a unique hero and the goddess he drags around." url="https://honeysanime.com/shinchou-yuusha-kono-yuusha-ga-oretueee-kuse-ni-shinchou-sugiru-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Isekai, Fantasy" studios="WHITE FOX" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Sword Art Online: Alicization" synopsis="While deepening his friendship with Eugeo, Kirito is searching for a way to logout of this world. All the while, a certain memory begins to slowly return from the depths of his mind. That memory is of Kirito and Eugeo during their childhood, running about hills and fields––––the problem is that this is not a memory that originally existed. Furthermore, in that memory, there was the figure of a young girl with blonde hair together with Kirito and Eugeo." url="https://honeysanime.com/sword-art-online-alicization-arc/" alternate_name="" genres="Action, Game, Fantasy, Sci-fi" studios="A-1 Pictures" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Iittayo ne!" synopsis="Misato Kurihara, a high school girl who was a bit of a prodigy, was reincarnated in another world after a certain accident.

The one wish she had for her new world was…
‘I want to make friends like everyone else and live a normal life.’" url="https://honeysanime.com/watashi-nouryoku-wa-heikinchi-de-tte-iittayo-ne-anime/" alternate_name="Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!" genres="Isekai, Fantasy, Comedy" studios="Project No.9" color="blue"]

Mystery & Drama Anime

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Babylon" synopsis="‘Living is good.’
What do you do when the time comes to overturn that common sense?
Mado Nozaki’s shocking work that’s known as ‘readable strong poison,’ is finally getting its long-awaited anime!

‘That revelation is quietly visited.’
The Tokyo Prosecutor's Special Prosecutor, Zen Seizaki, discovers a strange document while chasing down a pharmaceutical company's fraud. What was left on it was an odd blood stain that was mixed with hair and skin, and the letter “F” that filled the entire paper. Following the line of investigation, he visited a witness, but there was an unbelievable scene.

At the same time, a new independent municipality called the “New Area” was created in the western part of Tokyo. As Seizaki pursued the mystery of the incident, a huge conspiracy gradually began to appear." url="https://honeysanime.com/babylon-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Drama, Thriller" studios="Revoroot" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Chihayafuru 3rd Season" synopsis="I don’t want to give up on my dream of becoming the queen or my future dreams, either!
I spent my whole life waiting for this moment.
In the summer of her second year of high school, Chihaya and her friends, along with her younger club members in the Serizawa High School Karuta Club, went to Nationals. In the team division, they beat the invincible Fujisaki High School and won their first victory. In the individual divisos, Taichi wins the B division and Arata wins the A division." url="https://honeysanime.com/chihayafuru-3rd-season-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Slice of Life, Sports, Drama" studios="Madhouse" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="Kabukicho Sherlock" synopsis="On the east side of Shinjuku Ward, in the center of the city belayed with extreme disorder, the area of Kabukicho spreads under blinking neon lights. The lights are powerful, but darkness is thick. There, in the darkness where evil lurks, deep in the back, the light is on for the Nagaya Detective Agency.
The Nagaya agency is run by Mrs. Hudson, has its own tendencies and matches up well with the shady environment. There, a highly ambitious and clean-freak detective and the deceptively charming sisters that make up the agency. And, if you think that there’s an old, wannabe police detective, ‘Anchan’ is there as he’s been excommunicated from the yakuza. Finally, there is their star act: a genius detective who loves Rakugo, Sherlock Holmes." url="https://honeysanime.com/shinjuku-ku-kabukicho-pipecat-kabukicho-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Mystery, Drama" studios="Production I.G." color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Psycho-Pass 3rd Season" synopsis="‘Justice’ opens up a new world. Set in the near future, where a huge surveillance network called the Sibyl System digitizes people’s souls to maintain people's security. In this changing world, Inspection and Enforcement officers have guns called ‘Dominators’ which calculates people’s Crime Coefficients to follow people who have a ‘potential’ to commit a crime before they actually do. This anime, which will be the third season of the original TV animation series ‘PSYCHO-PASS’ which started in 2012, will focus on the story of two new Inspectors. Arata Shindou and Kei Mikhail Ignatov are Ministry of Welfare's Public Safety Bureau Inspectors seeking the truth in a changing world." url="https://honeysanime.com/psycho-pass-3rd-season-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Mystery, Drama, Fantasy" studios="Production I.G." color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth" synopsis="An independent investigation agency that handles drug-related cases is made up of those cut out for the job, regardless if they’re part of the government or not, such as drug enforcement officers, criminals, intelligence workers, celebrities, and those from wealthy families. Rei Izumi is a newcomer to Matori and is appointed to the position of member scout for ‘Stand’ candidates. She was waiting for a member who was selected as a candidate when an unsolved case ties a mystery drug with the conflict between two rivalry organizations who have different views on justice. What’s the truth they’ll find?" url="https://honeysanime.com/stand-my-heroes-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Mystery, Romance" studios="M.S.C." color="blue"]

Slice of Life Anime

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Bananya and the Curious Bunch (season 2)" synopsis="This is the second season of Bananya.

A strange kitty cat that hides in a banana - that’s Bananya!

No one has ever seen the part of him that’s covered by the banana peel… He goes about his days being mistaken for a real banana. When there’s no one around, he likes to play in secret and play pranks! He loves playing and sweet snacks! His dream is to one day become a fashionable chocolate banana!" url="https://honeysanime.com/bananya-and-the-curious-bunch-season-2/" alternate_name="" genres="Comedy, Slice of Life" studios="TMS Entertainment, Gathering" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="BEASTARS" synopsis="A world in which carnivores and herbivores co-exist.
Eating meat is considered a serious crime. At the famous boarding school, Cherryton Academy, students are being killed and consumed as “eating crimes” are occurring. As the academy is being drawn into unrest, a strange humanoid wolf and member of the drama club, Legoshi lives a quiet life in contrast to his massive body and sharp fangs.

However, one day, Legoshi meets a small female student who is a rabbit named Haru. This shakes his heart to the core." url="https://honeysanime.com/beastars-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Drama, Shounen, Slice of Life, Supernatural" studios="Orange" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Houkago Saikoro Club" synopsis="Miki Takekasa is always alone. The poor girl doesn’t really get along with her fellow classmates and is always introverted. This was her everyday life. Then one day, she meets her innocent classmate, Aya Takaya, the class representative, Midori Oono, and the German transfer student, Emilia. Though board games, MIki forges deep bonds of friendship and starts to move forward ever so slightly. Her everyday life that she took for granted, is now going to turn into something special." url="https://honeysanime.com/houkago-saikoro-club-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Slice of Life, Game" studios="Liden Films" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="UraShimaSakataSen no Nichijou" synopsis="School life… That irreplaceable time that everyone only experiences once. If you become someone popular in class, then it’s obvious that everyone would become jealous of you and want to be you.

Transfer student Urata was trying to decide how to make his brilliant high school debut as he nervously tried to open the door to the classroom when… it happened.

The ones who blocked his way in were his fellow high school students Shima, Sakata, and Senra! Are they enemies, allies, or what…!?

The thrilling and exciting story of transferring to a new school is now kicking off…!
"url="https://honeysanime.com/urashimasakatasen-no-nichijou-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Slice of Life, Idol" studios="GAINAX Kyoto" color="blue"]

Sports Anime

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Ahiru no Sora" synopsis="Sora Kurumatani is a short boy that will never be good at basketball.
When he was in middle school, he was never allowed to be a member of the starting team due to his height. He decides to enter into Kuzuryuu High School (Nickname: Kuzu high) where he has hopes of joining the basketball team. However, the team is more or less on the verge of being abolished and he’s not really able to play basketball there at all.

Still, Sora is very passionate about basketball and while bumping heads with his fellow members, they all grow together. Constantly facing crisis after crisis, just how will these basketball team members rise this time...?" url="https://honeysanime.com/ahiru-no-sora-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Drama, School, Shounen, Sports" studios="Diomedia" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Diamond no Ace Act II" synopsis="Second-year student Eijun Sawamura has finally made his debut at the Spring Senbatsu Koshien. He only has one goal: to be the best! The famous school marches towards resurrection. The steady advance of the Seidou high school baseball team starts now!" url="https://honeysanime.com/diamond-no-ace-act-ii-ace-of-diamond-act-ii-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Sports, Shounen" studios="MADHOUSE" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="Hoshiai no Sora" synopsis="A boys soft tennis team on the brink of being abolished. Where should these boys be going, each with their own thoughts and desires?" url="https://honeysanime.com/hoshiai-no-sora-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Sports, Slice of Life" studios="8bit" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='' title="Kandagawa Jet Girls" synopsis="This is a world where jet ski racing has become a major sport. Two people form a pair and ride a single jet ski with one person operating the jet ski, known as a ‘jetter,’ and one person attacking with a water gun, known as a ‘shooter.’ Rin Namiki’s mother was a legendary jetter and Rin also dreams of becoming a jet ski racer like her, so she leaves her hometown island and comes to Asakusa, Tokyo. There, she meets Misa Aoi, a beautiful cool girl, and they become partners. Together, they gradually deepen their bond as they race against their rivals." url="https://honeysanime.com/kandagawa-jet-girls-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Sports, Ecchi" studios="TNK" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Levius" synopsis="The ultimate form of martial arts that fuses the human body with machine: Mecha Boxing.

Having lost both is father and his right arm in the war, our protagonist is a lonely young boy named Levius whose mother is in a vegetative state. Using his prosthetic arm, he dives into the world of Mecha Boxing where the ultimate form of martial arts is created through a fusion of the human body and machine. He goes on to develop his skills as a young fighter." url="https://honeysanime.com/levius-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Action, Sports" studios="Polygon Pictures" color="blue"]

[unit_upcoming_anime image='BLack-Clover-5th-Cours-Visual-225x350 Fall 2019 Anime Chart' title="Rifle is Beautiful" synopsis="Range: 10 m
Diameter: 1 m
Capacity: 60 bullets
Competition Time: 45 minutes

The stiff jacket is worn on your body, and there’s a competition that’s much more straining on your mind and soul than it appears would be:

The Beamrifle Competition!

It would be nice if people knew about it, but because no one actually knows about shooting as a sport, it’s rather difficult, but she’s still going to aim for the world competition!" url="https://honeysanime.com/rifle-is-beautiful-anime/" alternate_name="" genres="Sports, Slice of Life" studios="Studio 3Hz" color="blue"]