Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Experience

Fanhome-Naruto-Set-560x299 Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Experience

Hello and welcome! We’re here to present our experience with Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden figure set. What we received is a 6 figure set and each pairing of figures you’ll receive with this set comes with a fully illustrated magazine and an exclusive gift. The magazine you receive with each figure is specifically for the figure as each one has unique and wonderful character bios that cover their lives in the series, their techniques, a poster as the centerfold, Episode Guides, and information about the world of Naruto. We also received a huge poster that is filled with quick facts about Naruto Shippuden and has a visual list of some of the figures part of the set. These are really nice additions to have that come with the figures but we know you folks, want to know about the figures themselves. Without further adieu, we hope you enjoy our review of the Naruto Shippuden figurine collection.

First, Fanhome looks to be a subsidiary of the parent company, DeAgostini US, a distributing and manufacturing company that handles collectibles in the form of vehicles and now figurines. Fanhome covers a wide range of figurines and other pop-culture accessories. We are going to cover their anime category with the Naruto Shippuden figure collection.


Fanhome-Naruto-Set-560x299 Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Experience

To start things off, we have the packaging. Upon arrival, everything was nicely packed and didn’t have any signs of wear or tear. The box packaging for the figure was also nicely designed and fitted well with no room for movement. To continue, the plastic casing used seems a bit thicker than normally seen in some figure packaging. While the plastic seems more viscous, it does provide more stable security for the figure when in transit to its next destination. It doesn’t have a recycle mark on it so we’re not sure if it can be recycled or not. This is the same for the box so we can assume all of this goes in the trash. When opening the plastic casing to take the figure out, the plastic snaps open from its locking mechanism very easily and is a sign of relief as we’ve had experiences where the plastic casings’ closing mechanism is really hard to pull apart.

Although, when you are taking the figure out of the box, the casing can come loose easily as well. We know this because Itachi came flying out by accident when we grabbed a part of the casing that popped open. After all, the locking mechanism wasn’t strong enough.

Sculpt and Design:

Fanhome-Naruto-Set-560x299 Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Experience

Now, moving on to the figure’s sculpting and design overall. We’ll go ahead and start in the order the figures are numbered for this series release from Fanhome. Starting with Naruto from the Shippuden series, the figure looks very nice and has Naruto in a pose performing a jujitsu move. The stance itself for Naruto in this pose looks great but every time we go back to looking at it, for some reason, the left leg seems a bit off… It is a little longer than it should be or it doesn’t look proportionate to the other leg but this is a particular pose for Naruto so maybe it is just us?!

The level of detail is very nice but when paying much closer attention, we have noticed there are some areas where the separation of parts being molded together wasn’t smoothened or some areas had excess molding protruding out a little. This was especially in the hands and hair areas of the figure. As for the coloring/painting, it was passable for the price, except in some areas where we noticed only two things: the hair color seemed like it only had one coat of paint on it and wasn’t as vivid as other parts of the figure. If it isn’t the paint, maybe it is due to the second thing we noticed. In some areas of the figure, such as clothing, showed some gloss but others were straight matte, with no gloss whatsoever. This gives off the impression that it was unfinished but it could very well be on purpose to have that realism. Maybe a little perfection is all that is needed.Some colors did run into others areas where it shouldn't be as well.In small doses.

Other than that, the figure was great overall and the only gripe we have is that the hands could’ve been done better when compared to other figures on the market but that is the only thing.


As for the articulation of the figure, it is s stationary piece where no motion is allowed or needed to enjoy the figure. With that, its durability is of thick plastic and while it does have some bend, it is stable and won't break easily. The figure comes with a stand and fits nicely with the figure. In checking the stability of the figure without the stand, it is great and shows little motion or rocking when banging on the surface it is resting on. So it is good to know that you don’t need the stand if you don’t want to use it.


Fanhome-Naruto-Set-560x299 Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Experience

So, we’d like to mention, this is a review of a set of figures that are all part of Naruto Shippuden which include Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Orochimaru, and Itachi., besides Naruto, of course. Figures that come with accessories like weapons or other items are only Sasuke—who comes with his katana. Orochimaru comes with snakes but they are attached to him permanently.

Overall Quality:

Now, to discuss the overall quality of all the figures, we do have some things to say and we’ll go in the order they are numbered as a set.

First is Naruto, this figure was pretty nice overall and while making our points, it is one of the better figures out of the set.

Next is Sasuke, the figure itself is nice but there are some areas that you cannot unsee once you notice them. Around the chest area, there is some separation between parts connecting his chest and the Yukata and a separation on the head with his hair. The last thing about the Sasuke figure is that…it doesn’t really look like Sasuke?! It is close but we feel his chin is a bit rounded and not as pointed as it is in comparison to other figures and images from the Shippuden series—he almost looks like a Disney character.

Fanhome-Naruto-Set-560x299 Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Experience

Moving on, we have Sakura, who happens to be the best-looking figure out of the set with very few marks of error—there was one area that had a very small excess of adhesive visible with two connecting pieces and in one or two areas, there were coats of paint that were a little off regarding the base color, but that was pretty much it, overall. We did notice one part of the figure was a bit off. The wrist area of her hand visibly shows the connector piece of the arm indicating it did not fit properly during the application of the adhesive.

Fanhome-Naruto-Set-560x299 Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Experience

For Kakashi, he was also pretty good! Very few spots of error like his face where some colors were bleeding onto each other and a spot or two where some color was scrapped off ever so slightly. Overall, Kakshi was pretty good.

Fanhome-Naruto-Set-560x299 Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Experience

For Orochimaru, he was another pretty good figure to come out of the set. There were only two minor things: one was a small spot with a worn-out-looking area of color/paint and the other was Orochimaru is the only figure that cannot stand on his own without a base, and this is mainly due to his pose which is awesome as heck! One last thing but we think it added to its awesomeness, was that Orochimaru’s right foot is slightly off the base on which he stands. That’s it.

Fanhome-Naruto-Set-560x299 Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Experience

Last, we have Itachi. One of the most iconic characters from the series. Itachi is unfortunately a special case. Overall he looks good but this particular figure we got had a pretty bad paint job. Mainly with Itachi’s Akatsuki yukata. There were visible areas that needed one more coat of paint and the person who did the white lining of the clouds on the Akatsuki yukata, made it look like a third grader was painting it. Other than that, it was still a very nice figure.

Fanhome-Naruto-Set-560x299 Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Experience


Now, the pricing for the set compared to what we experience here in this review article does seem like maybe it is worth the price but due to our experience, maybe not?!. When you go to the website, they have a subscription payment option, only, where you will receive 3 packages containing the set we received for review. Each figure is marked at $14.99 and when you are checking out and going through the process, it never really gives you the option to see the grand total until after you confirm payment…which is interesting.

With each figure at $14.99 and we received 6 figures total, that is about $90 to $100 US dollars—although, they did have one figure at a discounted price for the first purchase to total $4.99 for that one figure. If each figure were just as good as Sakura and Orochimaru, we’d immediately say this is worth it but with all the minor errors, we’d have to say that it is a bit pricey but these things can easily be fixed and may have already been fixed but as of this review, this is our experience.

Final Thoughts

After we had some time with these figures and going through our thoughts, we can say that this set of figures is great and if they can iron out these minor points aforementioned, then we think Fanhome will be around for a very long time.

This concludes our experience with Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection and if you want to check out more from them, make sure to follow their social media accounts. And make sure to follow us on social media too, so you can be in the know regarding our posts about news, reviews, and other things otaku culture here at Honey’s Anime.

Fanhome-Naruto-Set-560x299 Fanhome’s Naruto Shippuden Figure Collection Experience

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