Farming Simulator 18 - PlayStation Vita Review

Box-Art-Farming-Simulator-18-Capture-300x383 Farming Simulator 18 - PlayStation Vita Review

Farming goes portable

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive, Intergrow
  • Developer: Giants Software
  • Release Date: Jun 6, 2017

Who it Caters to

Box-Art-Farming-Simulator-18-Capture-300x383 Farming Simulator 18 - PlayStation Vita Review
Farming Simulator 18 gives players the ability to live the life of a farmer on a more portable experience. Players will find Farming Simulator 18 giving them the ability to use over 50 vehicles based on real world equipment from real world companies such as Fendt, Valtra and Massey Ferguson to name a few. You are also given the ability to raise cattle such as cows for their milk and sheep for wool all to be sold in game for profit using dynamic stock prices. Thanks to a large open world, players will find themselves buying land to increase their fields and areas of ownership becoming great and wealthy farmers. Farming Simulator 18 gives players the truest feeling of what it would be like to be a modern day farmer in modern day America.

What to Expect

Box-Art-Farming-Simulator-18-Capture-300x383 Farming Simulator 18 - PlayStation Vita Review
Farming Simulator 18 returns to form once again offering a huge amount of farming options for players to immerse themselves in the farming life. Players will plow fields and cut grass in order to harvest and plant various crops such as canola, corn and newly implemented sunflower. Thanks to simple controls, almost anyone can pick up and play Farming Simulator 18 with no need for much knowledge in the agriculture world. With a myriad of different vehicles and equipment, no one play style is correct meaning a players can truly become farmers in whatever way suits their tastes. If you’re a fan of the prior Farming Simulator games, then Farming Simulator 18 will be sure to not disappoint.


Box-Art-Farming-Simulator-18-Capture-300x383 Farming Simulator 18 - PlayStation Vita Review
Farming Simulator 18 has no story, you yourself make your own. Players are granted the feeling of what it would be like to plow fields and raise cattle all while playing on the go or at home. Your mission is to raise a booming farmland by selling your grown crops and resources for profit. Thanks to a very deep and enriching amount of options, players can enjoy the farm life they wish to strive for. Farming Simulator 18 gives players the control over their fields to become the ultimate farmers.


Box-Art-Farming-Simulator-18-Capture-300x383 Farming Simulator 18 - PlayStation Vita Review
Farming Simulator 18 allows for a wide bevy of gameplay types. As players are thrown into a world they are given access to several machines that allow them to begin the process of making profits from land crops. As time goes on players will gain enough income to purchase more land and even more equipment ranging from tractors, harvesters, mowers, and more. Thanks to the sheer amount of items that can be purchased, we here at Honey’s Anime never felt like we were forced to take a linear path in our rise to becoming wealthy farmers. The only real issue was that some of the equipment were explained in a more simplified manner, but it wasn’t too hard to learn from trial and error.

Looking at the controls for Farming Simulator 18, one can tell that Giants Software really made sure to take the usual PC experience of the Faming Simulator games and make it viable for a handheld port. On the PS Vita everything from menus, checking markets for rising prices and driving around controls wonderfully and feels smooth. Usually when games that have so many options go from PC or Console ports to handheld versions, they lose out somewhere in depth, but we here at Honey’s Anime didn’t see any of that aside from smaller detail like leaving the tractors and walking around. While obviously not every little detail of the PC versions of Farming Simulator have returned on Farming Simulator 18 for the PS Vita, what is missing is unnoticeable thanks to the care of incorporating so many options in such a small sized game. Farming Simulator 18 plays and feels great on the PS Vita version.

Graphically, Farming Simulator 18 isn’t going to blow anyone away however it still impresses thanks to a lot of the detail that went into the equipment and world visuals. Animals, environments and the various vehicles all have just enough detail to feel satisfied. While there could have been more effects and some more detail to make the various environments feel more alive, there’s just enough for a portable version of Farming Simulator as a whole. The PS Vita is capable of boasting some impressive graphics and while Farming Simulator 18 may not push those limitations, at the end of the day thanks to some clever designs choices, the world feels alive enough to warrant enough immersion. With a simulator game like Farming Simulator 18 immersion is the most important trait for longevity.

One of the weakest elements of Farming Simulator 18 is the audio quality. Music will begin to wane on the player after the first few hours, and you’ll find yourself muting the game to listen to your own music. The same can be said of the lack of strong audio from the various tractors and world environments. Honestly, nothing sounded that powerful and we’ve heard real plows going off and mulchers and compared to the real world sounds it leaves much to be desired. Is it a deal breaker by the end of the day? The answer to that is no. However, we wished for a bit more strength in the audio department.

Lastly let’s talk about Farming Simulator 18; one possibly polarizing element is the audience it’s aimed for. Anyone who wishes to venture into a simulator game needs to understand that this a very niche market. Players who enjoy Farming Simulator games love the feeling of buying crops, planting them, and selling them which is perfectly understandable. However, if this sounds repetitive to you then you probably will dislike Farming Simulator 18. This isn’t a game with a story to tell or with cut scenes, this is meant for those who wish to just relax and enjoy the farming simulation elements. There are games that exist that make farming elements a secondary to storytelling or other gaming elements but if you want a straightforward simulator that focuses only on farming then Farming Simulator 18 is right for you.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Box-Art-Farming-Simulator-18-Capture-300x383 Farming Simulator 18 - PlayStation Vita Review
Overall, Farming Simulator 18 is an impressive simulator game especially in comparison to its PC versions before it. While there are some weak elements in terms of audio and visually, it’s not that impressive, Farming Simulator 18 makes up for that with other great elements. Solid controls, very simple interface and sheer volume of things to do to make the ultimate farmland will keep people playing Farming Simulator 18 for some time. This is a great game for those who just need to relax and unwind thanks to its portable nature. We can only believe that there will be plenty of reasons to make a Farming Simulator 19 in the future but until then, Farming Simulator 18 will keep you busy.

Honey's Pros:

  • Very Robust Farming Simulator
  • Plenty of Ways to Play
  • Impressive Graphics
  • Fun and Addicting Gameplay
  • Portable Experience

Honey's Cons:

  • Some aspects poorly explained
  • Aimed for a niche audience
  • Weak Audio

Honey's Final Verdict:

Box-Art-Farming-Simulator-18-Capture-300x383 Farming Simulator 18 - PlayStation Vita Review
Simulator games are a hard sell to be honest. Most of these games only have a set audience because they are simulators aimed to give the player the feeling of what they are playing. Farming Simulator 18 allows you to truly feel the farming world and life and we here at Honey’s Anime are very impressed by that. If you’re a huge fan of the genre and of Farming Simulator in general, you will not feel your money wasted with this latest version. Let us know down below in the comments if you’re psyched to play this newest version of Farming Simulator and or if we convinced you to try it out. As always we hope you’ll stick around to Honey’s Anime for more great gaming reviews and articles.

Box-Art-Farming-Simulator-18-Capture-300x383 Farming Simulator 18 - PlayStation Vita Review


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