[10,000 Global Anime Fan Poll Results!] Father's Day Edition: Which Character Is the Best Father?

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I'm putting my money down on Ichigo from Bleach, he's such a heartthrob!

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I wonder how the list did compared to the Mother's Day list? Mom's are more popular after all.
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This one was expected to be a tough list, so the winner could be just about anyone. My heart wants to say Minato Namikaze.
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The results are in so let's see who everyone thinks the best father is on Father's Day!

Top20 - Top11

20. Kenji Ayase - Chihayafuru

0.8 %

Kenji is just as proud of Chihaya as of Chitiose this can be seen by the fact that he has made an album of both of his daughters' achievements by cutting every news which appears in paper about them. Chihaya is quite a lot surprised when she sees her father is aware of what is going in her life.

19. Kogoro Mouri - Detective Conan

1.4 %

18. Grisha Yeager - Attack on Titan

1.4 %

I think he is the best father because he acted accroding to he his son (Eren Yeager)'s needs. He was crying when he injected the serum in Eren because he knew he would die, but he remembered his moments with his only (Not really) son.
Sacrificed his own life so that Eren(who ate him) could receive his Coordinate and Attack Titan powers. Rebelled against the Marley kingdom so that the Eldians can be free. But he did a shit job raising Zeke, Eren's brother. Zeke turned against them and got them sent to Paradis Island where the anime takes place. He eventually became the Beast Titan.

17. Izumi Soujiro - Lucky Star

1.8 %

Best otkau father ever. 'Nuff said.
He lives with her daughter, Konata. An awesome father.

16. Spirit Albarn - Soul Eater

1.9 %

He's so protective of Maka~ it is very lovable to see him around (when he is not with the ladies)
Though he can be a womanizer and a bit of an idiot, Spirit is a dedicated father who is willing to admit his flaws.
He loves maka a lot
As a big as a perv as Spirit is

15. Kouhei Inuzuka - Sweetness & Lightning

2.3 %

Having lost his wife, Kouhei works hard in raising his daughter Tsumugi. He is a very caring father who always puts his daughter first before anything else.

14. Isshin Kurosaki - Bleach

2.7 %

His abs.

13. Ging Freecs - Hunter x Hunter

3.4 %

A dad worthy of anyone's respect! He made a path for you where you HAVE TO walk through but that path will also make you stronger. I can't decline if I get a chance to be his son.

12. Gildarts Clive - Fairy Tail

4.4 %

When he finds out that Conna (idk if that's how u spell her name) is his daughter he is all over her and every time he sees her he hugs her

11. Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z

4.4 %

First a huge bad character, then like 300 episodes later he sacrifices himself for the live of everyone... even the person he hates the most...

Top10 - Top6

10. Kawachi Daikichi - Usagi Drop

5.5 %


Even if his decision was on a whim, he worked hard to make sure he could properly raise Rin when no one else wanted her.
Daikichi is not the real father of Rin but he really took good care of her as if she were his own daughter. And then he got married to her -_-

9. Daichi Sawamura - Haikyuu!!

5.7 %


Hes a total dad to his team, Karasuno. He's responsible, keeps the team together, and just has that dad sense from him, you know?

8. Ryoji Fujioka - Ouran High School Host Club

6.1 %


I think so because her dad loves her to be her and lets her do a lot of things with her friends.
As he looks out for haruka (I think that's how u spell her name) and he is doing it alone as the mother died
He's hilarious and over protective.

7. Kirito - Sword Art Online

6.4 %


Because he is a person that cares about his loved ones, because he makes people smile and he is a good boyfriend.

6. Jōichirō Yukihira - Food Wars

7.0 %


Idk why, he just has this cool vibe
His skills in cooking.

Top5 - Top1

5. Shiro Fujimoto - Blue Exorcist

7.5 %


He may not be blood-related to them, but Shiro treated Rin and Yukio like his own sons and was willing to take a risk at giving Rin a normal life.
He wasn't a legit father but his actions were more than that of a father. He was like a friend, a brother and a father too.

4. Tomoya Okazaki - Clannad

8.0 %


A strict, but kind man. One who can funny, but serious in a time of need. He goes beyond what a good father does, proving to be a great parent and role model.
The best father I have ever seen in anime.

3. Igneel - Fairy Tail

8.2 %


Igneel, The Fire Dragon King, took it upon himself to adopt Natsu Dragneel, a human boy, as his son. Even though they were both completely different species, their love for each other was able to cross that boundary and then some. Igneel having taught Natsu everything from reading and writing, to learning how to use Dragon Slayer Magic. His love for his son was so great, that he risked disappearing so he could seal himself into Natsu's body, in order to try and replenish his life force to take down Acnologia. Another motive behind him doing this as well, was to prevent the Dragon Seed from maturing inside of Natsu, and turning him into a dragon. Natsu also equally loved his dragon father as well, putting himself on a personal quest to search the ends of the earth until he found Igneel again.

2. Minato Namikaze - Naruto Shippuden

9.7 %


I think he has always loved his son and he even protects him in the anime when he was born and when when he is revived and they are fighting in the great ninja war
Having a father who can understand you and will support you in your every decision while discouraging you from straying onto the wrong path is an awesome dad.
Sacrificed his life to protect his son.

1. Maes Hughes - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

11.5 %


Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes was undoubtedly a huge family man, and a military soldier, most likely so he could protect his family and country. More often than not, most likely so he could protect his family and country. More often than not, Hughes could always be seen raving about his adorable daughter Elicia, and his wife Gracia. He keeps pictures of them in his wallet, and is interrupting his comrades work to brag about his family. It's clear that he loves them dearly, even to the bitter end when he couldn't shoot the replica of his wife even though he knew it wasn't her.
A good doting father and husband, too!
He's such a doting father


Monkey D Dragon: One Piece

Although he left Luffy, he constantly thinks about him, and the viewers can tell he has a slight regret of letting Luffy live without a dad. Dragon was there to protect Luffy too, in times he was about to get injured.

Gol D Roger: One Piece

He gave up himself, so his son could live, he did everything he could to save Ace.

Inu no Taishō: InuYasha

Inu no Taishō is one of the most feared demons although he isn't like others who are always ready to annihilate humans. First and the foremost reason for this is that he never discriminates in Sesshōmaru and InuYasha. He knows both of them very well. He actually leaves correct swords to his sons which will be very useful to both of them in future.

Akio Furukawa: Clannad

A strict, but kind man. One who can funny, but serious in a time of need. He goes beyond what a good father does, proving to be a great parent and role model.

Sōichirō Kiryūin: Kill la Kill

Tried his hardest to save his daughter and protect the life fiber secret even when it leads to his death

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My lover took 2nd?! Noo! This can't be! Minato deserves #1 all the way!

honeys anime character
I know how you feel Bom-chan, poor Ichigo suffered a crushing defeat too.
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I'm pretty neutral with this outcome so congrats to those who voted and won! The best man won in the end I guess.
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We all hope you enjoyed this Father's Day edition poll! I can't wait to see what the next one is!