Enen no Shouboutai 2nd Season (Fire Force Season 2)

Enen-no-Shouboutai-manga-1 Enen no Shouboutai 2nd Season (Fire Force Season 2)

Enen-no-Shouboutai-manga-1 Enen no Shouboutai 2nd Season (Fire Force Season 2)

Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou


Action, Supernatural, Shounen

Airing Date:
Summer 2020

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David production

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All of humanity is terrified... It has become commonplace that humans now suddenly burst into flames becoming monsters of flame known as ‘Infernals.’ They cause insurmountable amounts of destruction while being part of the ‘human combustion phenomenon.’

The mission of a special fleet of firefighters is to stand up to the fear of flames while understanding this mysterious phenomenon and save humanity.

That is when Shinra Kusakabe, often just referred to as ‘demon,’ enlists. His goal is to become a hero and fight against Infernals with his colleagues!!

The story continues with the battle between the fire brigades and the mysterious man who operates behind the scenes, Joker, along with the "Evangelist".

Kusakabe Shinra finds out that his young brother, Shou, has been abducted by the cult organization White-Clad, a mysterious group led by the "Evangelist" which members wear white clothes and look for those who don't turn into Infernals even with the bugs implanted. Kusakabe tries to save his brother, but he fails.

Soon after, Shinra learns from Leonard Burns, the captain of the Special Fire Force Company 1, the truth about the fire happened 12 years ago.
The "Demon Infernal" at the scene of the fire was Shinra's mother, and after being interfered with by the Evangelist's Flame, Shou was awakened by the Adolla Burst and taken away.

Shinra struggles to know more about the Adolla Burst and Adolla Link to find a way to turn back into a human from being an Infernal.

Characters & Voice Actors

Shinra Kusakabe: Gakuto Kajiwara

Shinra is a third-generation ability user and a second-class firefighter. After joining, he is assigned to the 8th Special Fire Brigade. When he was a child, he lost his family due to his own abilities in a house fire. Ever since then, whenever he is nervous, he has a weird smile on his face. This leads others to tease him and call him ‘demon.’ He becomes a firefighter in order to become a hero who saves others. He can generate flames from his feet allowing him to fly through the sky as well as deliver powerful kicks.
Arthur Boyle: Yusuke Kobayashi

Arthur is a third-generation ability user and a second-class firefighter. He joins with Shinra too and is assigned to the 8th Special Fire Brigade. He fights with Excalibur, a sword that has no blade, but rather emits a plasma blade from its shaft. He calls himself the ‘King of Knights’ and maintains a chivalrous attitude. He’s been a classmate of Shinra’s since they were in training together, but for some reason, he does not get along with Shinra.
Iris: Mao Ichimichi

Iris is a nun from the Holy Sol Temple who belongs to the 8th Special Fire Brigade. She has a vital prayer which becomes the repose of souls for those whom become Infernals. She is an angel amongst the weirdos of the 8th Brigade. She has a chest of sizeable proportions.
Maki Oze: Saeko Kamijou

Maki is a second-generation ability user and a member of the 8th Special Fire Brigade. She’s a first-class firefighter. She’s ex-military and excels at martial arts. She appears cool, but loves girls talk and is a tragic beauty obsessed with romance. She hates it when the topic turns to muscles and loses control over her actions.
Takehisa Hinawa: Kenichi Suzumura

Takehisa is a second-generation ability user and the company commander of the 8th Special Fire Brigade. He’s ex-military, cold, and dry. His fire generator ability allows him to adjust the explosive power of the gunpowder inside his guns. His tough hazing makes the newcomers fear him. His unique characteristic is that he has a flair for hats. He founded the 8th Special Fire Brigade with Akitaru.
Akitaru Oubi: Kazuya Nakai

Akitaru is the battalion commander of the 8th Special Fire Brigade. He is an average firefighter and is not an ability user. Due to not being one, he uses his honed, muscular body to fight. He is like an older brother to the members of the 8th Special Fire Brigade and looks after them well. He is the head member supporting his squad. He loves to work out a bit too much. Akitaru refers to his workout schedule as ‘something that goes beyond bodybuilding but is close to it.’
Tamaki Kotatsu: Aoi Yuki

She admires the hot-blooded Rekka, once a member of the "Evangelist", but before she knows it, she gets involved in Rekka's artificial infernals case. As a result, she is taken under custody in the Fire Force Company 8. She is considered by herself and the others as a "lucky pervert" that makes unexpected sexy scenes.
Victor Licht: Daisuke Sakaguchi

He is the first scientist who was assigned to Company 8. He had been sent by Haijima Industries to spy on the Special Fire Force Company 8, but his true goal is to obtain the right knowledge, and he's willing to side with both Company 8 and Haijima if that's what it takes. It seems that Joker had been in contact with him before.
Vulcan Joseph: Taku Yashiro

He is the engineer for Special Fire Force Company 8. After being saved by Shinra and the others from the attack of the Evangelist, he has been working as an engineer developing new types of equipment by using his technological knowledge.
Lisa Isaribe: Asai Ayaka

A woman who was covered by Vulcan and lived with him. She is a spy sent by Dr. Giovanni, the captain for Special Fire Force Company 3, and a member of the "Knights of the Ashen Flame". After reconciling with Vulcan, she becomes a member of the Fire Force Company 8.
Joker: Kenjirou Tsuda

Joker is a mysterious man who knows about Shira’s past. He’s mysterious and just randomly pops up all over the place. He often blocks the way of Shira’s Fire Brigade.
Shou Kusakabe: Maaya Sakamoto

He is Shinra's brother and was thought to have died in a fire 12 years ago, but he was actually abducted by the Evangelist. He has become the leader of the "Knights of the Ashen Flame" and has lost his memories about Shinra. He is a Third Generation pyrokinetic that is able to reduce the heat that causes the natural expansion of the universe to slow down the flow of time and stop the movements of his opponents through the Adolla Link.
Haumea : Eri Kugumiya

A member of the Evangelist. He is a Third Generation pyrokinetic that is able to convert heat into electricity and manipulate his opponents with electrical signals when the Adolla Link is used.
Inka Kasugadani:

A member of the Evangelist and a Third Generation pyrokinetic who canthat is able to detect ignitions and explosions from the flow of thermal energy, and see visions of the future through it. After being noticed by the Evangelist for her Adolla Burst, she refuses Shinra's invitation to join the Evangelist.

Other TitleFire Force Season 2
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "SPARK-AGAIN" by Aimer
  • Ending Song: "ID" by Cider Girl
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Atsushi Okubo
  • Director: Yuki Yase
  • Series Composition: Gakuto Haijima
  • Character Design: Hideyuki Morioka, Yoshio Kosakai
  • Animation Director: Hideyuki Morioka, Yoshio Kosakai
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Original Illustrator: Atsushi Okubo
  • Music: Kenichiro Suehiro

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