Florida Supercon 2019 - Post-Show Field Report

sign-Florida-Supercon-2019-Post-Show-Field-Report-capture-667x500 Florida Supercon 2019 - Post-Show Field Report

Until this year, Florida Supercon had been known as GalaxyCon and held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. GalaxyCon has formerly been known as Super Conventions, but recently changed all of the Supercon conventions to GalaxyCon following the sale of the Miami Supercon convention to ReedPop, which kept the name Supercon. Reedpop officially acquired Florida Supercon in March 2019. For the first time, Florida Supercon was held in Miami Beach, Florida in the newly renovated Miami Beach Convention Center from July 4th-7th. Florida Supercon primarily focuses on comic books, TV shows, and anime.

Like other major conventions, Florida Supercon boasts a huge artist alley and exhibitor area for your shopping pleasure. When you inevitably get tired and hungry, there’s a dedicated area for food and rest on the ground floor as well as food stalls scattered around on the second floor with more areas to relax at. Feeling like you need a drink? Florida Supercon’s got you covered with their own beer garden!

While there are tons of people going to this con, the convention center is so big and open that it hardly feels like there are as many people there are Florida Supercon says there are! There’s a ton to do at any given time, and this field report will tell you all you need to learn to get the most out of Florida Supercon!

Basic Info:

WEBSITE https://floridasupercon.com/
Established 2006
Length of Event Four days, Thursday-Sunday
Location Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Dr. Miami Beach, FL 33139
Cost A Deluxe Pass for all 4 days is available for $110. Single day passes vary in price depending on the day, with Saturday being the most expensive at around $50. Supercon offers discounts of up to 50% off if book super early during specific times, so keep an eye out for them!

Hotels Supercon lists many hotels on their site, some offering shuttle buses and some without. However, with the convention being held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, there are tons of hotels within ten to twenty minutes walking distance.

Company/Event Message for Fans/Attendees

Join us on an adventure through your favorite fandoms! Florida Supercon is not just another Comic Con. Florida Supercon brings celebrity guests, comic book artists and writers, well-known wrestlers, professional cosplayers, and much more to Miami every single year for the biggest pop culture party in Florida. If you’re a fan of sci-fi, anime, comic books, movies, cartoons, or just pop culture in general, we want to hang with you! Plus don’t miss our specialty show features dedicated to cosplayers, kids, gamers, wrestling fans, and much more.

What to Expect

The Fourth of July fell on the first day of Florida Supercon this year, so it could have arguably worked in the convention’s favor for many exhibitors and artists as most people were off work. Still, Saturday and Sunday ended up being the busiest days with people coming in from all over dressed in cosplay, looking for hot merchandise deals, and excited to attend all the panels Supercon had to offer. While this is a very family-friendly con, prepare yourselves and any children with you for seeing some skin and various shenanigans.

sign-Florida-Supercon-2019-Post-Show-Field-Report-capture-667x500 Florida Supercon 2019 - Post-Show Field Report

One very important thing to note is that there’s NO on-site parking for Florida Supercon. You’ll either have to find a hotel within walking distance (which is easy to do and highly recommended) or park in an off-site garage and either walk to the convention or catch a shuttle from one of the designated lots. Be warned, the shuttles have a very specific time schedule, so be sure to plan accordingly!

While cosplay is a huge part of conventions, Florida Supercon brings it to a whole other level with cosplay wrestling. If cosplay and wrestling aren’t your thing, then check out one of the many afterparties or raves going on in and around the convention center. Not into parties either? Lots of con-goers are always looking for more people to add to their one-shot DnD campaigns or tabletop games. No matter what you’re into, there’s something for everyone!

What to Bring in Order to Enjoy the Event

Snacks and Water

Bring lots of water and some food. While Florida Supercon offers a HUGE variety of food stalls both on the main floor and second floor, it’s always good to have something on you. Water can be a bit overpriced, so bring a bottle of water or two as there’s not really a place to refill your own bottle.

sign-Florida-Supercon-2019-Post-Show-Field-Report-capture-667x500 Florida Supercon 2019 - Post-Show Field Report

sign-Florida-Supercon-2019-Post-Show-Field-Report-capture-667x500 Florida Supercon 2019 - Post-Show Field Report

Cash, Cards, and Hand Sanitizer

Most of the tables selling things at Florida Supercon had card readers available. However, make sure to keep your cards and money secure to prevent theft. With so many people touching nearly everything, you’ll want to keep your hands as sanitized as possible, too, so hand sanitizer is a con-must. Besides, you don’t want to go home with a horror story about how you caught something during your fun weekend at the con because you didn’t wash your hands enough, right?

The Con’s App

The last thing we at Honey’s recommend is getting the Florida Supercon app. It’s easy to see the schedule for each day and to add what you want to do to your own schedule for easy access. Forgot who that one guy is at that one panel? The app’s got you covered with additional information about who all the guests are and some of their career highlights! Plus, all of the times for things are in the app and it’s updated instantly every time something new comes up. You’ll never be left in the dark with this on your phone!

What to Do While There

There are tons of things to do at Florida Supercon with many events focused on either superheros, anime, cosplay, wrestling, or all four! Since it’s Miami, there are tons of clubs and after-parties once the con is done for the day, but we’ll be looking at what there is to do between 10:00 a.m. when the con opens to about 6:00 to 8:00 at night.

Anime Screenings: This is an easy way to take a breather and get away from all the hustle and bustle on the floor. Anime screenings, as well as trivia games, are hosted daily for roughly one to two hours at a time. There’s a wide variety of genres and you’re sure to find ones you love! Some highlights include Samurai Champloo, Dragonball trivia, Summer Wars, and Anime Opening Jeopardy.

Game Rooms: Whether you’re learning to play or playing to learn somebody, Florida Supercon’s got you covered with a ton of gaming mediums. Enjoy open games like D&D, console freeplay, and Exploding Kittens. Veterans can show off their skills in tournaments for Tekken, Rocket League, and Mortal Kombat. Con-goers young and old will enjoy checking out all the different games offered at Florida Supercon.

Panels: These are what most con-goers live for. In addition to the panel Q&As by celebrity guests, there are also “How to” panels, trivia panels, discussion panels, and so much more. Not all of them are moderated either, so keep an eye out for which ones you can be a bit more personal with the guests in. Most of the panels of Florida Supercon didn’t have lines forming before showtime, but it’s still a good idea to get there early! There’s also only one area to go up to the second floor so if the panel’s on the other side of the building, be sure you’re prepared to walk!

sign-Florida-Supercon-2019-Post-Show-Field-Report-capture-667x500 Florida Supercon 2019 - Post-Show Field Report

What to Do While There/What is Available

There’s a dedicated area for cosplay called “Cosplay Central” in Florida Supercon. There are also tons of panels and workshops targeted specifically for cosplayers and wannabe cosplayers.For those looking for great backgrounds to do photoshoots, backdrops and props are easily found here! On top of that, Florida Supercon brings in some cosplay pros to talk to and get tips from.

What’s really special about the Florida Supercon cosplay scene is that there are so many types of showcases. There’s a runway costume contest, a kids costume contest, a “late night” contest, the huge Supercon Costume Competition, and the masquerade costume and performance competition. Con-goers of all ages can show off their stuff and even win some cool prizes and cash!

sign-Florida-Supercon-2019-Post-Show-Field-Report-capture-667x500 Florida Supercon 2019 - Post-Show Field Report

sign-Florida-Supercon-2019-Post-Show-Field-Report-capture-667x500 Florida Supercon 2019 - Post-Show Field Report

sign-Florida-Supercon-2019-Post-Show-Field-Report-capture-667x500 Florida Supercon 2019 - Post-Show Field Report

Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling

Do you like cosplay? Do you like wrestling? Do you like people cosplaying from all over the mutiverse and bringing it in a wrestling match? Then you absolutely CANNOT miss this event! It’s a fantastic experience where con-goers can watch characters like Deadpool throw down with Jessie and James from Pokemon in a wrestling ring. Florida Supercon staff is on hand so these cosplayers can go all out to their heart’s content!

Final Thoughts

Florida Supercon is the largest convention in South Florida. Not only is it the largest, it also has people coming from all over Florida and out of state to meet guests and check out all the panels. Reedpop’s a big name in the convention industry, too, so if you’ve been to one of their cons before, then you mostly know what to expect here! However, keep in mind that it *is* Florida, so be ready to let loose and have fun all four days of the convention!

Did you go to Florida Supercon this year? What did you think of it being in the Miami Convention Center? What was your favorite thing you did at the convention? If you didn’t go, would you like to next year? If any Con-goers or wanna-be Con-goers have any questions or things to add about Florida Supercon, leave a comment down below!

sign-Florida-Supercon-2019-Post-Show-Field-Report-capture-667x500 Florida Supercon 2019 - Post-Show Field Report


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