Fluffy Horde - PC Review

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Fluffy Addicting Goodness

Game Info:

  • System: PC, MAC, LNX
  • Publisher: Turtle Juice
  • Developer: Turtle Juice
  • Release Date: November 7, 2018

Who it Caters to

logo-Fluffy-Horde-Concert-500x289 Fluffy Horde - PC Review
When you think of evil, you usually have a pretty good idea of something horrific in your minds, right? Maybe you think about evil space aliens from another world or nightmarish beings straight from the minds of writers like HP Lovecraft. What if we told you that Fluffy Horde shows another sign of fear…small bunnies that come in waves of hundreds? That’s right, folks; Fluffy Horde might seem super cute—which it kind of is super cute—but it shows how terrifying bunnies can be when they reproduce and begin reigning down destruction on humanity. Similar to a RTS title—though on a 2D plane—Fluffy Horde is a unique RTS/puzzle game that really surprised us here at Honey’s Anime. If you want to know more about this cute and addicting title then continue reading as we review Fluffy Horde.

What to Expect

logo-Fluffy-Horde-Concert-500x289 Fluffy Horde - PC Review
Fluffy Horde is a hybrid indie game that is inspired by titles like Plants Vs Zombies, Starcraft/Warcraft and various tower defense games. Players must defend their lands from a rising bunny threat that will lay waste to their precious buildings and resources…even people! Fluffy Horde is sometimes a 2D RTS where you will create units to send out to defend/attack. Other times, Fluffy Horde is a puzzle game where you will need to use your noggin to figure out how to best deal with a situation like getting a princess across a dangerous bridge where a bunny armada waits to chomp—cutely—on her. You’ll never know what to expect next in Fluffy Horde and that is what makes this indie title so very unique and intriguing. Plus, dying from bunnies never isn’t cute…


logo-Fluffy-Horde-Concert-500x289 Fluffy Horde - PC Review
Once upon a time, there existed a shaman who wandered various cities in search of a new home to call his own. Fearful of the shaman’s incredible powers the shaman was unable to find an abode in any of the cities he entered which enraged him. Using his dark arts, the shaman created an army unlike any other to destroy those who have wronged him! What type of dastardly army did this powerful magical being create as his personal army? The one thing we didn’t expect…bunnies. Save your lands warriors as the bunny horde is soon approaching in Fluffy Horde!


logo-Fluffy-Horde-Concert-500x289 Fluffy Horde - PC Review
In the modern gaming era when we hear indie games here at Honey’s Anime, we tend to think of the usual roguelike titles or independent RPGs that mirror classic titles from yesteryear. Today though, we had one developer—in this case Turtle Juice—surprise us all by delivering a 2D RTS/tower defense title that involved a rather different type of enemy. Titled Fluffy Horde, this silly game uses mostly bunnies—though there are some other enemies thrown in to keep you on your toes—as your primary force to deal with and as ridiculous as that sounds we still went in wanting to see how this game played. Did Fluffy Horde make us go aww this is cute but boring or did we go aww this is incredible…and cute? Let us find out as we dive headlong into our review of Fluffy Horde for the PC!

Fluffy Horde takes players into a strange landscape where a shaman has invaded numerous lands to unleash destruction via his cute but oh so hungry army of bunny rabbits. Players assume the role of a defender for the town where they must outmaneuver the bunny army by killing them—awwww—before they either destroy an objective or a target is taken down. In the first few stages, Fluffy Horde might not do much besides placing banners down to attack specific areas—think of Starcraft or Warcraft—but later it diverges into an almost puzzle-like experience that takes themes from RTS games as well as old school tower defense titles.

The brunt of Fluffy Horde is going through various maps and accomplishing that map’s specific challenge. Often a challenge might seem simple—get a cow across a bridge to drink from a milk plant—but there’s usually a bit of a workaround to getting these goals beat and it’s not always so plain and simple. A lot of the maps in Fluffy Horde make players think a bit on how to best a challenge and possibly nab badges which act as sub challenges—like do the map in less than a minute or have a target not take damage—and that is where one of the biggest strengths exist in this cute title. Most challenges can be completed with just a bit of thought or looking at the map’s name and seeing the specific goal. You can always use the mini map down below or use the camera to look at the whole area and plan out what you’ll do ahead of time before even beginning the map.

Another concept we loved about Fluffy Horde is the variety of challenges in of itself. As we mentioned above, Fluffy Horde is a 2D RTS/tower defense game which seems like it might lead to repetitive gameplay but thanks to the developers mixing and matching these two gameplay formats we never felt like we were ever stuck doing one thing for too long. One map might have you protect a princess by buying archers or swordsmen and upgrading them as you go or you might have the same challenge but with an added caveat to only use sacrificial carrot dressed people—yes that’s a thing in Fluffy Horde—to get the princess to her party safety. Did we mention that Fluffy Horde is insane sometimes but in a fun way?

Lastly, we loved the music and voice work for Fluffy Horde as well as the pixel art designs. Fluffy Horde might not push your new graphics card to the max but the designs look sharp and truly have a heavy amount of creativity. The sound also works very well with addicting tunes and great voice narration that often made us laugh out loud while we played. Hearing people question why they don’t just eat the bunnies or listening to a princess complain about being hit by bunnies doesn’t get old and is a real treat overall. Fluffy Horde oozes with originality in every essence of the word and it goes to show you that indie games don’t always need to go with the molding they seem to love so much.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

logo-Fluffy-Horde-Concert-500x289 Fluffy Horde - PC Review
Honestly, folks, we can’t find much to say wrong about Fluffy Horde and that is a surprising thing. With hundreds of maps, challenges to overcome and different puzzles to deal with, Fluffy Horde never relies on one gameplay genre too long and that keeps it constantly feeling fresh and exciting. Puzzles often won’t make you rage but instead allow your mind to just think a bit about the challenge you’re facing and makes you feel intelligent when you realize ohhh that’s what I needed to do. We didn’t get an opportunity to test the multiplayer as of this review but we saw its an option that should keep Fluffy Horde going even after you somehow beat all the maps and nab the challenge badges from each one. In our opinion, Fluffy Horde is a game you definitely need to pick up and thus we give it our recommendation without a second of hesitation.

Honey's Pros:

  • Fun hybrid gameplay design that makes Fluffy Horde feel like multiple games in one package
  • Amazing sound with solid music and silly narration
  • Hundreds of missions and 400 badges to nab if you have what it takes to get them all
  • Great pixel art that makes every map, character and bunny look incredible
  • Hours of fun that seems to never die out

Honey's Cons:

  • Honestly, maybe just the fact that we lost hours of life without realizing it and yet didn’t care because of the fun we had

Honey's Final Verdict:

logo-Fluffy-Horde-Concert-500x289 Fluffy Horde - PC Review
There’s a beauty to Fluffy Horde that maybe we couldn’t fully explain in our review and that is at its core, Fluffy Horde is a fun video game. You’re going to probably die a lot on maps as you take on a new challenge or take on one of the several bosses in game but you won’t care about any of that. All you will care about is trying to learn how to beat the map, what mistakes you made and then fine tune your skills to nab the badges and beat maps faster and more efficiently. You’ll be doing this in Fluffy Horde all while you have a smile plastered on your face and that at the end of the day is what makes this indie title one of the most fun games we’ve played all year. Are you interested in Fluffy Horde? Tell us if you plan on buying it when it releases and what you think of it after you do. For even more game reviews, anime related content and tons of Japanese related material, be sure to keep stuck to our amazing hive here at Honey’s Anime.

logo-Fluffy-Horde-Concert-500x289 Fluffy Horde - PC Review


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