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It’s all in the cards

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: Humble Originals
  • Developer: AP Thomson
  • Release Date: Feb 2, 2018

Who it Caters to

logo_x4_dark_bg-Fortune-499-Capture-500x250 Fortune-499 - PC Review
Fortune-499 is an indie title that screams comedy and fun. Players who love titles like Earthbound and Undertale will adore the themes and gameplay mechanics found in Fortune-499. With a comedic story that screams realistic issues and a simple but equally deep turn-based system, Fortune-499 is a very fun title. Ever wonder what a magical office worker’s life feels like? Now is the time to see in Fortune-499.

What to Expect

Fortune-499 is a turn-based RPG with some rather silly mechanics. Players will use rock, paper and scissor moves to take down their foes. Add to this the fact that you can manipulate the chances of your enemy throwing out a specific move and Fortune-499 reminds us of trying to outsmart a friend during a heated rock, paper and scissors game. With solid music and retro graphics, Fortune-499 will appeal to fans of indie titles without a doubt. See what the cards have in store for you in Fortune-499 for the PC.


logo_x4_dark_bg-Fortune-499-Capture-500x250 Fortune-499 - PC Review
Cassandra—but better known as just Cassie—is a tough working magical oracle in a big financial company. Recently, besides Cassie’s job almost being removed, the company is facing a bigger threat. Strange monsters have begun to invade the offices and now Cassie must use her magical skill to defeat them with a mixture of fortune telling and rock, paper, and scissors. Office life isn’t an easy one as Cassie would probably tell you. However, its about to get a whole lot more tough in Fortune-499.


logo_x4_dark_bg-Fortune-499-Capture-500x250 Fortune-499 - PC Review
Office workers have it rough. Not only do they have it rough with working on constant deadlines but they always have to prove their relevant in the workforce. That’s why when we heard of Humble Bundle’s recent game called Fortune-499 we laughed immediately at the premise of being an office worker with oracle powers. However, did Fortune-499 bring us joy while playing or did it feel more like working than playing? Here is our review of Fortune-499 brought to you by Honey’s Anime.

Fortune-499 has players taking the role of Cassandra—simply as Cassie for most of the game though—who is an oracle working in an office environment. Terrible monsters have seemed to taken over the office and Cassie must use her strange fortune telling powers to take down these foes. On paper, Fortune-499 seems like a generic RPG but there are some rather unique ideas that are utilized. Cassie is a fortune teller/oracle, right? Thus, that is her main strength in Fortune-499 and you’ll understand what we mean in a moment.

In battle, players control Cassie who uses rock, paper, scissors to fight her foes and we mean literally. Cassie uses these three attacks but with the inclusion of oracle cards as well. The card-based system is where Fortune-499 becomes different from other turn-based games. Cassie’s cards can manipulate the outcome of the enemy’s turn in battle such as the chance of your enemy throwing scissors out next or even rock/paper. Every card has different components such as making the chance of rock greater or even giving you MP back when they are drawn. This element can make Fortune-499 a bit too reliant on luck at times—not only because you don’t always know what cards you’re going to get but also because enemies don’t always throw out what you predict—which in turn makes it a bit annoying during some battles but it also keeps battles fun and fresh. Later in Fortune-499 you will get other abilities like magic attacks, buffs to your individual attacks and even the ability to hide cards from your enemy’s sight which makes the pacing of the game never feel too repetitive for too long.

As far as exploration goes, Fortune-499 isn’t very complex. Players are usually in the office in random areas either fighting or talking to NPCs. We do love that the main hub of Fortune-499 is an office where you level up via your salary and using said money to go to the gym and enhance your skills. It really feels like a stab at bigger corporations but in a satirical way. Cassie will occasionally go out with friends, get drunk and even struggle with some annoying bosses/coworkers. If you know the office workplace environment then Fortune-499 will make you laugh as it might feel almost like your daily grind. Just minus the monsters and magical battles.

Graphically, Fortune-499 isn’t anything super impressive but it works for what it is. Very reminiscent of old-school JRPGs like Earthbound or even Undertale, Fortune-499 works as a simple title and that’s why we won’t say anything bad about it visually. Musically though, Fortune-499 has an incredible soundtrack with some of the boss battle themes being truly awesome. Use headphones during these sequences as you’ll be jamming out while trying to figure out what to throw out next, maybe a rock or maybe just use some magic skills.

If we had one major complaint about Fortune-499, it would be the odd save system. While Fortune-499 is a short title—4 or 5 hours short—saving in game feels random. There were times where we’d quit the game being halfway through an area and when we load up all our progress was lost. After a while, we assumed it was that Fortune-499 only saves in the beginning and the end of an area but still we kind of wish we’d known that ahead of time. A few times we even quit after beating a boss and found ourselves back in the beginning of the area which sometimes could be truly frustrating.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Quirky and satire filled games aren’t too uncommon in the modern gaming world and Fortune-499 is a prime example of this but in a good way. Fortune-499 is a fun and short RPG with a lot of rather unique ideas sewn in. While Fortune-499 isn’t perfect with some flaws being an overly luck-based turn-based system and a very odd saving system, at the end of the day Fortune-499 is a lot of fun in a small package. We loved seeing Cassie’s responses as well as her coworkers and the idea of a magical world within a Fortune-500 company was truly cool. Is it worth the $12 monthly subscription fee? If we keep seeing unique titles like Fortune-499 on top of the other hit games with the subscription fee than yeah, it’s worth it.

Honey's Pros:

  • Satire filled dialogue
  • Nice twist on rock, paper and scissors
  • Interesting take on real world with a fantastical one
  • Clever level up system

Honey's Cons:

  • Overly luck-based RPG mechanics at times
  • Idea of subscription fee might not be for everyone

Honey's Final Verdict:

logo_x4_dark_bg-Fortune-499-Capture-500x250 Fortune-499 - PC Review
Fortune-499 is very reminiscent of titles like Earthbound or even Undertale. With simple art, simple mechanics and a silly/outrageous story, Fortune-499 appeals to those who love indie games like it. Do we think it’s perfect here at Honey’s Anime? No, but Fortune-499 does a lot right in a short 4-5-hour title and that is the definition of a solid game. Fortune-499 is a truly fun experience and if you’re looking for a nice entry way into the Humble Bundle Monthly package it might be a good incentive. What are your thoughts on Fortune-499? Tell us down below and for all your gaming reviews and article needs be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

logo_x4_dark_bg-Fortune-499-Capture-500x250 Fortune-499 - PC Review


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