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    In episode 7 we got to see Genos go all-out, but still not quite live up to his mentor, Saitama.

    We also got to see the public turn against Saitama, and him screaming back at them in frustration. Who knew he had such a high voice?

    Does anyone who's only seen the anime think that anyone will ever show up who can beat Saitama?

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    After watching the 7th ep, I have a feeling it will be more about Saitama making a name for himself just so he can become a super hero. Of course, not caring about the fame/praise, it doesn't really seem like it's really living up to the hype as of now. There is definitely more comedy than action but just by a little.
    I've also come to believe that Saitama is somewhat of a bum. Lol I also have this weird feeling when the excitement arrives that Saitama has met his match, he'll win of course and then that's that. As one of the most OP characters in anime now, I don't see how anyone can defeat him so I'm like, meh!
    It's a good show, but it's not great! IMO

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    In my opinion episode 7 of 'One Punch Man', was amazing. From the ranks behind threat levels, trash heroes, aftermaths of the meteor of City Z, Saitama's development, and Genos' going all out. Firstly, the way they did the sibling heroes public stunting, it really disgusted me, the reason for that is because, the way the sibling tank top brought people in order to reduce Saitama to quit was so well done it made me click my tongue and have a face of disgust. Also, the way the citizens reacted to what Saitama did with the meteor also made me feel more disgusted, the reason for that is, everyone survived, that's what matters at the end of the day, if someone ever complains about materialistic things I would say what Saitama would say "Blame the Meteor.

    If I have a prediction, if Saitama would meet his match, it probably be on the level threat of God (or beyond). The way they did the rankings was pure genius, Tiger (lives lost), Demon (a city lost), Dragon (more than one city lost), God (threat to humanity). The reason why it has to be god is because we already faced the the 3 ranks below it. That's why if Saitama were to meet his match it would have to be the level threat of God.

    Bonus paragraph:
    The way Genos and Saitama was developed as characters, really made me tip my hat, Genos going full out on the meteor and Saitama stating the reason why he wanted to be a hero really was beautifully done, and makes you pay more respects to them. Genos being backed into the corner by the meteor, and saying "How can I say I tried if i don't go all out", was honourable and always reminded me "even if your up against a wall, push back till you drop". Saitama's heroes statement, "I am a hero for fun" really reminded be of dreams should be fun.

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      sorry for like the longest response, this episode really had my head rolling in ideas, and encouragement XD

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        Nice response. I think it was perfect. I'm personally liking the series more for the comedy ATM, but everything you said I can completely understand. I'm watching a lot of series this season and a few of them are hero themed out have the elements. So, I guess I was being biased of the fact that it isn't so different from the others. But the OP-ness, character development, and visuals are pretty good. I do like that. I believe it is one of the best this season, I think people really hyped it up way more for me than what is happening. I will absolutely watch it till the very end, in hopes that I am wrong about assumptions, because I want to be "blown away".
        Thank you again for sharing your response.I hope we can have more constructive conversations in the near future.

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