Forward Is the Only Direction We Have to Take – No. 5, Vol. 1 [Manga]

But Why?
  • Mangaka : Matsumoto, Taiyou
  • Publisher : VIZ Media
  • Genre : Sci-Fi, Seinen, Psychological, Thriller
  • Published : July 2021 - Ongoing

In a far distant future, most of the Earth has turned into a barren land of desert. To maintain peace and prosperity among the public, the Rainbow Council of the Peace Corps is formed. However, their best member of the team, No. 5, a top sniper and leader of the No. 5 platoons, has gone rogue. With that, every other Rainbow Council member is out to hunt him down along with his mysterious companion, Matryoshka. The real question would be, why did No. 5 betray the Council?

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

This series is something. The artwork Matsumoto displayed in this work is odd, but in an exciting manner that made us think this is a western style of manga, but it is not at the same time. The story, world-building and the concepts the characters discuss could be related to things we experienced in real life. Before we get into the review, can someone select Mambo No. 5 from the jukebox back there? No? Okay, fine, we will begin.

Why You Should Read No. 5

1. Za Warudo

We know this isn’t a JoJo series, but hear us out. The way Matsumoto drew this world is super intense, in a good way. The darkness, lighting, shadows, dirt and animals make it feel like they are drawn traditionally with different sets of brush strokes, for each one of them gives life to the characters, objects, and surroundings.

2. Building Blocks

The story felt a bit confusing at the starting point making us wonder as to where the story was heading. But as you progress the story, pieces of information begin to fit each other one by one and makes the pacing feel just right and how the world works will all make sense to you.

3. Tactical

The way No. 5’s fight against other numbers of the Council are logical and sound if you think about it. Every other number, along with their followers, are specialized in certain areas. We have witchcraft, animals, strength, marksmanship and everything else. Despite that No. 5 has gone rogue and trying to kill members of the Rainbow Council, he still possesses the discipline to not involve or kill civilians, so mad respect to this character.

Final Thoughts

No. 5 is an exciting series that reminds us that other art forms can be used to express the story the author has in store. Nature and the world has a lot to offer to provide guidance and provide profound, meaningful life advice to appreciate the things we have. The reason behind No. 5’s actions remain a mystery for now, but such efforts could be due to the hidden agenda the council has in mind. If you like a sci-fi setting that took place in a post-apocalyptic desert world where an ex-professional sniper gone rogue to hunt other members of the council while having a vacation(?) with his companion, you might like this one.

Number-Five-manga-354x500 Forward Is the Only Direction We Have to Take – No. 5, Vol. 1 [Manga]


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