From Samurai to Spiritualist - Learn More About Jobs in God Wars Future Past

What You Need to Know:

  • NIS America is back at it again, and this time they've shared some juicy details on the upcoming strategy RPG, God Wars Future Past and the jobs available!
  • In God Wars Future Past, each character can have 3 jobs: Main Jobs, Sub Jobs and Unique Jobs (which cannot be changed).We'll cover more in detail below. Be sure to check out the official God Wars website as well!
  • Main and Sub Jobs are split into three different categories:
    Physical Combat
    Recovery Support
    Offensive Spellcasting
  • As you progress further into the game through engaging in battles, your job points and level will increase.

    Job Points
    ・Allows you to purchase new skills specific to your Job.

    Job Level
    ・Increasing your Job Level makes your Job more powerful and unlocks more jobs on the job tree. You must meet a specific level requirement to unlock Intermediate and Advanced jobs.

  • Character Class Details


    The Samurai are an upgraded version of the Warrior and are best if used in close-range combat. If you prefer long-range combat, consider leveling up your Warrior to an Archer instead.


    The Spiritualist, on the other hand, is upgraded from the Magician and can unleash incredibly powerful attacks, but they tend to use a large amount of MP.

    GOD WARS Future Past - Story Trailer (PS4, PS Vita)

  • Explore the untold history of Japan with God Wars Future Past, releasing on June 20 in North America and June 16 in Europe for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita.

  • honey's anime character
    Kudos to NIS America for sharing all of this solid information. God Wars Future Past seems even more promising now, since we can upgrade our jobs, etc.

    honey's anime character
    Strategy RPG? Check. Cool design and inspired by Japanese mythology? Check. Well, looks like this one is good to go for buying.

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